LIFESTYLE: How Much Fidelity Do you Require? Would You Put Your Partner to The Test?


I am sitting in the canteen at work having a bowl of cereal before the day starts. It’s just about 7 am so I have a few minutes before the bank opens and consumes me.

I hear Vera asking for me downstairs, my heart skips a beat but I know she will find me so I patiently wait.  Its only a matter of seconds before I hear her feet on the stairs but when she got in and through the room to land a hefty slap across my face, I do not remember! I am taken aback but I smile and twist my jaw back in place.

Obviously Chris had confessed our little tango. But was it my fault? You see, two weeks ago Vera and I talked about cheating spouses and she swore her man could/would never cheat on her come what may.

In fact, by her description, he could rival the pope in piety. I asked if we should test him and stop arguing unnecessarily. She said yes!

Suffice to say, I did go, succeed and bang him out cold. I intended to take my time before mentioning it to Vera though. Somehow I believe she found out.

First of all, I had like to ask how faithful you are personally. Is that a safe question? Are you a staunch exclusive lover or a liberal one?

Because when it comes to my opinion, I always say, if he ain’t got a ring on it yet, neither of you has a right to stress each other through upholding stifling morals. I mean, why tell a person how, when and with whom to use their very own bodies? Just because you are renting their lives for a bit of time?

How!? Most relationships last a few months or even years and still end. So once there is no formal commitment, why let yourself be locked down and out of exploration…you just might even find better matches.

Just because a man or woman is dating you for awhile, you now want to control their life?  It is sheer wickedness to be so possessive of another person. Life is short you know and you intend to spend it in physical servitude? Ok wait; do you think my mind is overly warped? Do please tell!

And would you hold your partner to a test of faithfulness? What if they fail, who will you lay the blame on? Does it make them bad because they failed?


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