Love & Relationship: Dear GC Readers, I Am In Love With A Married Woman…

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worried black manDear GC Readers,

It may sound silly to you that I have fallen in love with a married woman. I am sure by this time you are upset with me or telling me to get lost. But it would only be fair if you read my story and understand how I got myself into this mess. I do know it is a MESSS, but  that is when you are thinking logically,remember love follows no logic.

I am a 31 year old man studying for a professional examination and as such, I visit the library 3 or 4 times a week to study.

About 5 months ago, I was joined at the Café next to the library by a pretty woman who I will later know her as Matilda when I was taking my 30 minutes break.

She told me she is studying for the same examinations and quickly, we started sharing our fears and challenges in relation to the pending examination.

Actually, I was far ahead of her in relation to the exams syllabus and when she asked for assistance, I agreed.

From that day, we met 3 times a week to study at the library and had breaks together. Most times, we will grab bottles of juice from the Café or just have a walk around the park to refresh our minds.

She was beautiful and since I was taking interest in her, I occasionally asked about her family (hoping to know if she was married or not). She kept telling me she has been so focus with education, hoping to become an accountant and as such, has had no time for men.

She kept saying ‘it is all about me and my studies for now’.

To cut 5 months story short, we started sleeping together-mostly after studies at my apartment. She told me at the right time, she will let me visit her house.

She never told me she was married or have any kid. In fact, I only learnt through my sister’s friend who knows this woman from her church that she is married to their junior pastor and has 2 kids with him.

I did not know and she did not tell me so I believe I have not done anything bad.

But my problem is, I have fallen so deep for this woman. I just can’t stop thinking about her. I have not been picking her calls and I just don’t know how long I can avoid her…

What should I do?

From: Stephen A./USA

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  1. My dear try and find ur own woman n 4get about this whore…. i call her whore becos she shouldn been fornicatin with u cos she is married.. this is a big sin in the eyes of God… God may punish u if u continue to sleep with some1s wife… What God has join together……. No man should do wat????? yoooo …. if u were suppose to be de husband, wat ll u do if u find out sm1 has been fuckin ur wife… plsss dont get blind

  2. Stephan A, Your future FUTURE is too bright for you to get stuck STUCK with nonsense. Cut out the Nonsense and wait for the “Promise” I always say that a couple that “PRAYS”to “TOGETHER” understands the POWER of UNITY! If you want to protect your HOME…start by getting on your KNEES together seems like this lady has no self respect at all and to me your waisting your time, if she is married cheat on her husband outside her marriage (with you) than who knows that Zebra might do it to you as well my advice to you is this is 2013 “LET IT GO” you can do better

    I rest my case

  3. I dnt blame Stephen in the first place, cus the lady didn’t tell him she was married. Osofomaame paaaa? Wat has the world turned into? Those supposed to direct us to God are rather diverting our path to God!
    The guy shd be bold and step his foot down and walk out of that affair. Who knws he might not be the only one she’s been sleeping with. #osofomaame…….smh

    1. @KA NE WU, I co-sign cause there are temptations everywhere to lure a man into sexual sin. even in church! He must fill himself up with God’s word to overcome them!

  4. i think this guy is lying and the story has been fabricated. period. How can she come with you, walking outside in the public with you, leave her family and be without all the time and nothing came up as a hint for this guy???