MUST READ: Tsatsu Tsikata, One Of The Best Legal Brains In Ghana To Lead President Mahama’s Team of Lawyers Against NPP

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Tsatsu TsikataSome of us mentioned that, when the going becomes tough, people like Tsatsu Tsikata would be called to lead the President Mahama team of lawyers…

Tsatsu Tsikata is one of the best lawyers (if not the best legal brain) Ghana has even produced.If you do not know him, maybe this short info will give you an idea of the sort of brains he has…

Tsikata gained admission into the University of Ghana, Legon at the age of 16, where he obtained an LL.B First Class degree at the age of 18 years. Only one other 18 year old had completed a degree programme at that time.

He then won a post-graduate scholarship from the University of Ghana to Oxford University where he again obtained first class honours in Bachelor of Civil Law which is equivalent to a master’s degree at other British universities.

Things will definitely get interesting…

Anyway, read below for more

Via CitiFmOnline

It has emerged that one of the top notch lawyers of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Tsatsu Tsikata will be leading President John Mahama’s team of lawyers to contest the New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) petition at the Supreme Court.

Mr. Tsikata will be joined by other lawyers including Tony Lithur, former Chief of Staff, Nana Ato Dadzie, and Domnic Ayine who will be part of the NDC’s own legal team seeking to join the NPP’s petition at the court. 

The NPP is contesting the 2012 Presidential election results which saw the Presidential candidate of the NDC, President John Mahama emerge as the winner of the elections.

According to the NPP, the elections were rigged in favour of the ruling NDC with the help of some Electoral Commission Officers.

The party has since filed a petition at the Supreme Court to contest the Presidential election results. 

A Deputy Finance Minister, Fiifi Kwettey who disclosed the team of lawyers on Citi FM’s News and Current Affairs programme, The Big Issue stated that the NPP is bound to lose in court because their case is lacking logical flow. 

He quoted Mr. Tsikata as saying; the NPP’s petition is factually empty, legally pathetic, poor in arithmetic and poorer in logic.

“It takes people who have absolutely unprecedented probity in arithmetic to come out with fact that Ledzokuku had 67,000 for President John Mahama when the whole world knew that John Mahama had 53,000. It will come out with similar once for other constituencies and later on run away from it.”

He added that there is evidence of poor in arithmetic in the petition the NPP filed at the Supreme Court because “how many people voted in Ghana? They came up with 14 million people.


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  1. This guy will pocket allot of money if they appoint him cause he is one hell of a dangerous lawyer NPP better have some good evidence and a team of lawyers i see him as the moskovich of Ghana


    1. @lilyy, look @ u, the NPP is always making the NDC look clueless in court…..girl! this is the NPP we’r talkn abt here, and they are some bad arrzes trust me…….they’ll make Tsikata look like a kid @ the park chasing a floating balloon…….#YOU GO SEE K3K3#

  3. Where was he (Tsikata) when Joe Gartey made him look like a small boy in court for causing financial loss to the state in the then GNPC case which led to him in prison until he was given presidential pardon by the Kuffour administration. Hahahaha if he (Tsikata) knows law pple understand n are Law themselves. Grow up pple …… Lol

  4. Hahahaha i have always said ndc are a bunch of jokers clowns and comedians, when was the last time this ex-convict represented a client in court? You call an ex-convict who made ghana lose millions of dollars thru his own stupidity a brilliant man, then what do they all JAK who made ghana obtain a grant over 540mil from mlc? Please meet us in court, n stop talking trash outside court.

  5. I was wondering if Tsatsu Tsikata actually got admission into Legon at the age 16 at that time when one has to spent 5 years at secondary schoos ana another 2 years at Sixth form. So he started secondary school at the age of 9? Somebody should help me to understand this. At what age did he start school and whcih schools did he attend before going to Legon?

  6. @honey thnx, he was in Mfantsipim school @ age 9 (but d age mmm) even though we love our school sometimes we regret having him as an old boy.

  7. tsatsu runs away from impending election petition at supreme court. says respondents have a slim chance of winning,considering the magnitude of evidence brought against them.. true or otherwise ?

  8. Nation Decliners Congress as the abbreviation denotes is the ryt party for people who wish to hold phd in criminology. u won the case cos we knw what the ndc’s are capable of doing if nana addo hadnt lets go. so dnt be proud of stolen glory