Music Fans Tell Richie Of Lynx Entertainment: You Are Gradually Fading In The Music Industry!

Richie & Eazzy
Richie & Eazzy

Music producer, singer and CEO of Lynx Entertainment, Richie Mensah heard the unexpected when he asked fans on his Facebook page their New Year’s resolutions.

Richie had earlier told his fans that his New Year’s resolution is to be more active on Facebook and Twitter. He then asked them to list their New Year’s resolutions.

” Welcome to 2013..My resolution is this year I’m gonna be more active on facebook n twitter…let’s start chattin…what’s your resolution” – Richie wrote.

One of his fans commented; ” U ar gradually fadin in da music industry!” . (You are gradually fading in the music industry).

Another fan who rather seemed more serious about her words hilariously wrote that her New Year’s resolution is to unlike his (Richie’s) Facebook page and ‘unfollow’ his Twitter accounts because he is ‘fading’. She wrote; “To unlike ur fcbuk page and also to block u on twitter cuz u fading!” .

It may be recalled that artists like O. J. Blaq, Eazzy and Asem who were once part of the ‘Lynx Family’, the record label managed by Richie which made them famous have all left the label, casting doubts on the artists management prowess of the label.

Asem has now established his own record label, ‘Wobedatem Records’.  Ever since these major artists parted ways with Lynx, Ghanaian music lovers haven’t heard much from Lynx Entertainment and Richie himself.

Apart from the New Year’s resolution, Richie also listed his favorite things in the year 2012 though he refused to disclose his ‘favourite girl in 2012’. See the list below.

My Favourite Things 2012

fav song…Mirror…Lil Wayne ft Bruno mars!!
fav song gh….Good Girls Gone bad..D3..maybe I’m!!
fav song UK…Antenna….Fuse ODG!!
fav album…Unapologetic…Rihanna!!
fav movie…Avengers!!
fav tv series….Suits!!
fav football team…still Manchester United…obviously!!
fav football match….Man U vrs Chelsea…3-2…hehe…lol!!
fav footballer….Cristiano Ronaldo…sorry Man U fans!!
fav food….Chicken shawarma!!
fav hangout….3121(Tantra)!!
fav drink….Absinth…shhh..its a secret tho!!
fav dance…Gangnam style…lol…its too funny!!
fav beat…Jump…Rihanna!!
fav phone…Samsung Galaxy S3!!
fav book…didn’t read any…oh chale…technology!!
fav game…Batman Arkham City!!
fav music video….Gangnam Style…PSY!!
fav gal….I’m neva tellin…Hehe!!
fav actor… Hugh Jackman!!
fav actress….Scarlet Johan!nson!!
fav colour….Black…obviously!!
fav sayin…Experience teaches the fool, but the wise learn from the mistakes of the foolish!!


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9 thoughts on “Music Fans Tell Richie Of Lynx Entertainment: You Are Gradually Fading In The Music Industry!”

  1. Richie you are stupid to bring Chelsea fc in your stupidity list aboa boy,kwasia man,nantwi MUUU.
    Concentrate on your fading career and leave Chelsea alone … Any time I meet you one on is a war or endless FIGHT

  2. I don’t know why ghanacelebreties always reports the negatives about lynx and not the positives if lynx was that bad how come becca has signed for lynx entertainment and how come gc hasnot reported this news.


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