PHOTO OF THE DAY: Eazzy Says ‘ I Am A Baddest Girl’

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What else can she be saying in that photo apart from ‘I Am The Baddest Girl’ in the game?

If you are wondering where she appeared this way, it was at the backstage of the December2Remeber Concert!

Sassy Chic


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  1. what is this?? yvonne nelson…. so Ghana have started showing off their tummies?? hmm i dont fine the picture attractive koraa… not cool period

  2. i hate to see some african women trying to be what they are not. calling yourself the ‘Badest’ what would you really gain from it. useless girl. look at her, like a fucking prostitute.

    1. @ICEICE, she just try’n hard to be like rihanna, you see how ………….she can be. She has no aim in life, God will get on judgement day.

  3. Seriously is dat shorts or slacks cos da camel toe is a no no no,eassy shld be dressing her age n leave dis for da teenage performers

  4. I agree that the picture is from December2remember put she never said she wa the baddest girl all she said was that she was falling in love with her short hair why are you guys always fabricating stories and it so sad that some of you commenters always fall for GC stories wise up for once instead of miss judging her for no reason

    1. @Dr. Miyagi Atopa, U r ryt… i saw this ryt on fb that she is fallin inlove with her shot hair…@ GC nowadays i dont trust u ppl…… mtcheww

  5. smh, sometimes i just cant with gc…she is say she is in love with her short hair and Ghanaians wear clothes worst than this so yall need to let her be, mmmtwwww

  6. De scars on her legs’ not appealin’ koraa, she shd cover up. Why show such ugly legs if u kno u mess’d it up already…. by de way, was she raised in de ZONGO???

    1. @nasakza, she was raised by your Chimpanzee clan, nonsense than you must be from Togo with your ugly grasshopper legs

  7. she’s hot…n for d illiterates who cant read well…dat pix was taken back stage…means she used it to perform…i dont knw if u guys expected her to wear kaba n slit to perform…her legs r perfect n her skin is well toned…n to all those who think havin a scar on ur leg is a crime, well atleast we now knw hw boring ur childhood was! keep it up gal…u rock!

      1. @Dr. Miyagi Atopa, good morning dearest, i flew from home to my office and it was wonderful….lol. I miss you dear, have u abandoned me??

        1. @Eaglebabe, mama eagle you need to teach me how to fly so I can fly to you as well lol, miss you too you know I can and will never abandon you

          1. @Dr. Miyagi Atopa, aaaaawwww thats sweet…dont worry i fly to you and take u with me to where i am, then i will teach you to fly alone back to ur hood, but if u get some by force landing on de way, then that one u will be on ur own…hahahahaaaaa lol

  8. @tina, so other gh girls dress worse than this so its ok for her to also dress like this. hmm some people so shallow minded. go and look at the meaning of akatasia* ( meaning cover yourself hide lol) so she as a celebrity can use her status to influence those gh ladies who dress indescently. thank u

  9. if you wish to be the typical african then start dressing up with plantain leaves cos all these contemporary dressing is not our culture………………………SKINPAIN

  10. there some pple in ghana hu aint clean bt dey judge like dey were jux sent from heaven, esp. those hu hide behind their computers n phone to comment on issues like this. whether she claim she is the baddest girl or not she rock more dan u hu is either hiddin ur talent or probably u dont ve 1. u dont nid to ve a smooth skin to show off ur body. is all abt high self esteem and self confidence so if isbecause of jux one or two spots on ur legs or whereever u r always coverin urself wit kaba n slit be there! wondering if some of u understand the meanin of SHOW BIZ!