AZONTO VS GANGNAM STYLE: Which Of These Has The Staying Power?


We all know that dance is a universal art. Different types of dance forms have evolved over the years ranging from Crunk, Shuffle, Harlem shake, Crip walk, Popping, Locking, Break dance and the likes.

We have also had countries and sect of people come up with their own dance moves. However in recent times, the two most popular dance moves which seem to have taken over the global scene are our evry own Azonto and Gangnam Style.

Personally, I think the Gangnam has a larger audience than Azonto even though critics say that it is a rip off of the Azonto. Whatever the case may be both dance moves keep cashing and drawing in hundreds and hundreds of lovers to it, through tutorials and parody videos all over the internet.

I have heard some people say, like all dance moves come and go the Azonto- Gangnam style is just a phase or era.  Hmm, is that true?  I know some are itching to make your pick based on one queer reason or another but wait a minute below is something brief on the dance forms you should consider before you make your decision.


Originally from Ghana, this dance is the fever that has dominated club, parties and tutorial videos all over the internet. According to Wikipedia, the dance “incorporates complex co-ordinates body movement and non-verbal communication in a rhythmic fashion in very few one-two timed steps. Just like most African dances, knee bending and hip movements are rudiments to dancing it. The dance has effectively evolved from a few rudimentary moves to embrace depictions of ironing, washing, driving, boxing, grooming, praying, swimming, and others.”

Most people say that the dance gained world wide audience from Sarkodie’s tune, You Go Kill Me‘which has over 1,320,420 Youtube views. However, ODG Fuse’s ‘Azonto‘  with 7,633,146 Youtube views, which shows you how to do the azonto steps has pushed the dance beyond far borders.

Watch U Media Films’ Azonto – Fuse ODG Feat. Tiffany below…




Out of the most unlikely place like South Korea comes a new dance that is steadily taking the world by storm. Korean singer, PSY has popularized the dance Gangnam style.

Gangnam style seems to be taking the winning prize as the most viral dance video. Though the moves are funny and cheesy, the video has gotten a total of over 1 Billion views on youtube. The dance is performed by doing a comical horse riding dance and footsteps. It also involves swinging an arm in circles over one’s head while still doing the leg movements. The dance video has gained popularity over the online community and is still growing by the second.

Now, let’s face the fact, one of these dance moves will certainly outlive the other. In your honest estimation, which of these dance forms has the staying power? Is it the Azonto or the Gangnam Style? Which do you love?

Watch PSY’s Gangnam Style below



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  1. Azonto all day.Reasons are
    *Am a ghanaian and love everything Ghana
    *Azonto has got a certain finesse to it rather than gangam style.
    *Azonto cuts across all ages but Ganagam style has an unwritten age limit.Grown ups dancing azonto is cool and fun.Grown ups dancing gangam style comes off as looking immature.
    If a world leader was to dance azonto or gangam style which will come off as more unsightly??
    *Azonto doesn’t put to much stress on the body but gangam style can leave u feeling tired

  2. I don’t think Ganagam will last it toke him a decade or two to learn the dance and come up with something like that soon it will be over Azonto has added all kind of new moved to it even though I am not really a fan of Azonto I prefer “electric slide”

    1. @Dr. Miyagi Atopa, electric slide paaa?? eeeiiiiii hmmmm…anyway, i have tried to learn the supposed gangman dance but i cant ooo, i dont know why. it is too jumping jumping for my liking and it looks to boyish for me…i dont like it, the originator himself might forget the steps soon…

      1. @Eaglebabe, hahahaha he should have named it gangnamgayham useless dance dude is 100% gay can’t even watch it for a few seconds but you need to try the electric slide kinda old school before I was born but dance is so on point or the forbidden dance

  3. azonto all the way. azonro is a communicating dance. You can dance azonto and have fun while communicating with it at the same time. ganagam is just a stupid dance to me,its just not that strong of a dance to stay on for a while. 6months from now no one whould even remember how to do the ganagam dance. but with azonto, its there for life.

    1. @ICEICE, you think so. I think gangnam has staying power based on the large audience it has oo. Yoo let’s wait and see. Interesting topic,finally a break from the norm. GC please we want fresh stories

  4. azonto evolves everyday and every evolution bring its set of unique excitement. Gagnam style??? Maybe in a gymnatic class.

  5. Azonto all the way…. first time hearing about this Ganghan dance…….seriously how u gonna compare this dance to Azonto. I know Azonto is doing it big at T DOT ( Toronto)

  6. I dnt see beyonce ever doing gangnam style buh ders a high possibility we might see an azonto move in one ov her videos
    after all dat gangnam style has jx two moves
    azonto?? Can i even count de moves

  7. Imagine you fools talkin abt azonto,azonto is not even known in nigeria,talkless africa,they give you an inch,you take a mile,you idiots,what is azonto,dance wizkid publicised,see the way u say worldwide,who told you its seen worldwide,ghanians abroad r dancing it,not whites abroad,they dont even know if the silly dance exist,senseless dance,senseless nation,you dont deserve to exist,i really hate when i hear the word worldwide,you must be totally mad,idiots.

    1. Fokin idioooooot who invited you here if Azonto is not popular than why did one of your artist feat it in one of his video And why is p-sqaure trying to mix it with those monkey dance you guys do and when we talk about country niigeriA is the last place we will think off mumu chimpanzee your hear making noise are you a fire brigade worry about who colour tv’s are giving birth to black and white tv’s instead of making noise here albino [email protected] d boss,

      1. @Dr.Miyagi, oh Doctor calm down don’t mind that one he is not cultured. I won’t respond to him if I were you. Mamani is bitter, please lets talk about better things and let him wallow his pain.

        1. @Adams, please leave my bro to deal with the kidnappers ,dealing with kidnappers is not a problem for him !


    2. @Mamani d boss, my friend what is your own. You are just jealous because your alanta or alingo or whatever you Naija people call them ain’t go no way. Shame on you!