Trust Africans To Copy…From ‘Real Housewives’ To ‘Basketball Wives’, We Now Have ‘Lekki Wives’ A New Nigerian TV Series

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Lekki WivesWhen it comes to creativity, it seems Africans are dead fishes. All we do is wait for someone to come out with a concept, then adopt it badly and mostly mess it up with our own twist or incompetent.

I am yet to find anything original on the multiple TV channels we have on all these African cables. If the storyline of our movies are not stolen, we will be caught forcing to sound like someone else (fake accents) and adopt to the identity of others.

What is so good about any of these reality TV series which have taken over American TV networks (mostly watched by black people) to the extent that we have to tap into these concepts and copy them?

Though ‘Lekki Wives’, a new TV series to hit Nigerian TV screens is said to be scripted, I am sure you can easily point out where it was ‘stolen’ from. I wouldn’t be this much disappointed if we steal the best TV shows from other countries, rather we always seem to go for the wrong ones.

‘Lekki Wives’ stars Adaora Ukoh, Chinonso Young, Katherine Obiang, Kiki Omeili and Keira Hewatch and it is written, produced and directed by Blessing Effiom Egbe for B’Concept Production.


Synopsis Of “Lekki Wives”
They move up the ladder in leaps and put the meal on the table…
They hop on and off countless beds and enjoy the upside of being trophy wives…
Now, they must together experience the price of change while finding ways to hold their own…

Here is how ThisDay pop culture columnist describes the lead charcters of “Lekki Wives” – The rich and domineering Miranda played by Adaora Ukoh, Lovette (Kiki Omeili) the carefree housewife who flees her poor home for greener pastures; the wannabe Uju (Catherine Obiang); Peace (Keira Hewatch) the ex-prostitute, and Cleopatra (Chinonso Young) the trophy wife.
Different homes, diverse experience, one location.

Season 1 of “Lekki Wives”

  • In this season of Lekki Wives, We follow the lives and conditions of 5 women living and working in the “Highbrow” Lekki Axis
  • The women will portray very significant issues trending in Lekki and will bring to fore the very many troubles and lifestyles of Lekki residents.

Check out the preview below

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  1. Guys, it is not a copy. I have watched 4 episodes and it is far from copy. The only copy I see there is the title but even that isn’t a copy if you reall think about it. Never judge a book by its cover