What Are Your Top 5 Favorite Ghanaian Songs Of All Time?

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Daddy Lumba-Legends & Legacy Ball3

Yesterday, we looked at the best Ghanaian movie you have ever watched. Interestingly, many of us seem to share a certain movie as the best we have ever seen.

Since we all love Ghanaian music-be it high life, hip life, afrobeat or reggae, we have decided to ask for your top 5 favorite Ghanaians songs of all time…

By this we mean those songs that you never get tired of listening to. Those songs that anytime you hear them, you jump onto the floor and ‘boggie’ your heart out. I mean those songs that fill you up, hit you musically and give you that musical joy.

It can be a ‘classic’ like my all time favorite by Daddy Lumba ‘Aben Wo Ha’ and it can also be contemporary like Sarkodie’s ‘Borga’. Whatever it is, please share with us your top 5 Ghanaian songs of all time and why are they your favorite.

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  1. 1. Kojo antwi- bome nkomo de

    2. Kojo antwi – odo maayea

    3. Nana Tuffour- sikyi medley

    4.kaakyire kwame appiah- soroku

    6. Daasebre Gyamena- Obaa Ben ni

    These are my 5 op ones cause I grew up with them my dad always use to play them if some people are wondering why I haven’t got Lumba in Their than my answer is I have never been a fan of La cream,la bleach,la cancer,la hospital, la operation,la die,la hell fire.

    1. @Dr. Miyagi Atopa, hahahahahaaaaa lol, but dont you think that apart form all the (La’s) that you dont like, Lumba delivers anytime he releases a song or an album? I dont like all the (la’s) that you mentioned but i like his songs though…he knows what he sings and he sings what he knows

      1. @Eaglebabe, hahahaha ok there was too much (La) but bleaching and trying to look like God knows what can lead him to All the (La) I have mentioned if he is not careful

          1. @Eaglebabe, I’m happy I put a smile on your face, from now on dont even mention Lumba’s name any more but La…Man

    2. @Dr. Miyagi Atopa,lol!u always make me laugh wid ur comments!i cme here mstly to read ur comnents ad dat of ur cood friend 27calibre..

  2. mine are as follows….
    1. Kojo Antwi – Pour some sugar
    2. Daddy Lumba – menseida
    3. Dr. Paa Bobo – Comfort
    4. Kwabena Kwabena – Bibini
    5. Samini – Trigger

  3. Hi GC staff, I just read a story somewhere that, Jackie Appiah is dating a Nigerian guy call Michael Bobby odobo. how true is that? could you guys verify the authenticity of the story and post it here? Thanks

        1. @King kweku Quincy, so what? jackie is spotted on 4 different occasion with Michael Bobby Obodo
          allot of website have written an article about it after her divorce with her husband etc nothing is confirmed yet why would GC want to post something which is classified as rumours being spread around

          1. @Dr. Miyagi Atopa, what haven’t we see on GC. they’ve posted a lot of articles that are supposedly rumors here so why is this different? we have seen a lot of controversial articles posted here already so Jackie Appiah’s story will just be one of them. GC is actually meant for stories like this. Jackie Appiah is considered a high profile celebrity so let the controversy begin. Lol

          2. @King kweku Quincy, i agree with you, but remember you have been visiting GC for sometime now you should know that when it comes to Jackie they don’t joke about unless they get the real facts before they post anything about her

  4. I dont think I have top 5 music I like almost all of the music of some musicians they are

    01,kojo antwi

    02,Dasebre Gyamina

    03,George Darko


    05,kwabena kwabena

    I like almost all of their songs

  5. I am a huge fan of kojo antwi, i love this song ” ade3 pe3na” ( not sure if i spell it right) but love that song
    Nana tuffour, castro, kwabena kwabena, Becca.

    1. @foxy, foxy let her be if miss bankye wants to chop and wine and dine with a naija man than let her enjoy out of all the GH man out there she really had to go for him I’m just waiting for her to make a mistake