Top 10 Ghanaian Rappers Of All Time…Do You Agree?


I find the list below very ridiculous. It’s not only hilarious but very disappointing especially concerning the placement of few of the rappers on the list.

Sometimes you cannot fault others for their opinion on something because everyone seems to have one. Like a politician once said in Ghana ‘Any idiot can go to court’, it’s the same way any ‘person’ can get up to put out such a list.

According to the maiden edition of the LYNX TV, below are Ghana’s top 10 rappers of all time. I wish Ghanaians can be told of the criteria for such selections; you just don’t get up and throw out just anything to the general public.

Ghanaians ought to know the measures used in determining who are the best rappers in Ghana. A selection based on mere sentiments should not be accepted or condoned.

You can disagree how you want but then let’s have your list. If you ask me, most Ghanaian will concur and think along with me that Lord Kenya should be somewhere in the top 3 and not where he’s placed in the list below.

10. Lord Kenya

9. Asem

8. Trigmatic

7. EL

6. Edem

5. Tinny

4. Reggie Rockstone

3. Obrafuor

2. Okyeame Kwame

1. Sarkodie


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    1. @27cдгibre(Ф_ф), I prefer your list to this bogus one. Reggie is the grandpapa & he introduced hip life & twi rap into Ghana so how can a whole grandpapa not even be in the top 3? Some of these people haven’t even lasted for 10 years & yet they’re in the top 3? They should rename their list current hot rappers not best rappers of all time. Lord Kenya’s songs are classic & he should be in the top 3.why did they leave out nanamom, tblaze and promzy of vip?

      1. @Susie, and gyedu ambolley should be on the list because he’s always said that he started rap way back with simigwa etc. It’s true though cos I remember way back when we were kids, he used to sing ‘atw3r abroba’ etc. and all these tongue twisters which is more rap than a lot of these modern ‘kids’ can sing

    2. @27cдгibre(Ф_ф), fuck it… these are mainstream wack rappers.. the real creative underground rapper are way better than any1 on this shitty list..
      fuck with @kojo_cue

  1. i agree with you on this one. i like each and every one of them because they all have their own style. but the fact that you did not include samini is not fair. samini is one of the respectable rappers in Ghana so his name should have been on the list.

    1. @ICEICE, what have you been smoking tampe or what lol, samini is a dancehall artist not a rapper even though he has been compared to prince and diddy in the past

      1. @Dr.miyagi, you have all the rights to view your point of view. but do not insult me please. the fact that i said what i said has nothing to do with me smoking anything. watch your manners. you dont know me so do not insult me by any mean.

        1. @ICEICE, oooh i am shaking, where is your humour, and you call that an insult? Didn’t you see the LOL if not go back again and read it slowly again okay even if I don’t know you so what who and what are you and what will you do? Don’t start anything you can’t handle okay and stay in your lane and behave yourself cased closed

          1. @Dr.miyagi, i can handle you very much. if you want to be disrespectful, oh then trust me i can be really nasty. shut the fuck up and stay in your lane. you the hell do you think you are. i dont give a royal damn who you think you are. bring it on. you good for nothing living animal.

    2. @ICEICE,samini is a good musician but not a rapper.
      my list will be 

  2. twiaaaaaaaa i reserve my comments abt whoever made this list anyways imma correct it 

    10. Okyeame Kwame

    9.  Asem

    8.  Gasmilla

    7.  Bradez

    6. Paedae

    5. Lil Shaker

    4. Yaa Pono

    3. Opanka

    2. El 

    1. Sarkodie

    1. @MATVELOUS, you got a good list but I think you should have ended with

      1. sarkodie,
      2. Opanka
      3. O. kwame
      4. Yaa Pono
      5 bradez
      6. 7.Asem
      8. Trigmatic
      9. Yaw Siki
      10. Sway

  3. @miyagi no obrafour on your list. How any I can see everyone has a different list even some of you didnot even mention lord kenya that gc wanted to be third.

  4. @miyagi no obrafour on your list. How any I can see everyone has a different list even some of you didnot even mention lord kenya that gc wanted to be third.

  5. @miyagi no obrafour on your list. How any I can see everyone has a different list even some of you didnot even mention lord kenya that gc wanted to be third.

    1. @rain, I haven’t really listened to Obrafour tacks so its hard for me to put him in. My list but I did hear that he was a good lyricist

    1. @ikd, your funny papa we shouldn’t mess up the list but its seems like you just raped it how are you going to put paedae on number 4 while he sounds more like a robot when he is rapping take that robot that used to be in “doctor who”

  6. damn dis really radiculous… who’s EL, trigmatic , asem and de rest  and how many hit have they made to stand above the rap proffessor himself….LORD KENYA

  7. who did this apuuuuuuuuuuuuut))))))))))))))) Asem and El should even be in top 20
    1.Okyeame kwame
    2.Lord Kenya
    5.Reggie Rockstone
    7.Stone (bradez)
    8.Yaa pono
    10. captain planet

  8. it means u guys are erasing )komfo) kwadae’s name from gh muzik industry ryt?God is watching
    lets value good rap.anywae this is ma list.
    1.reggie rockstone
    2.)komfo) kwadae
    6.lord kenya
    7.okyeame kwame
    8.captain planet
    sumone shld buy me a toffee, 4 a great job done

  9. am surprise at the person who made this list.   Seriously, i don’t know what the person is talking about.  Am surprise I didn’t cylover, azigizar, scientific, jay so, x.o. senavoe and the likes

  10. i think he is not a ghanian he or she i s from cambodia,all the same here is my list.lord kenye,regie,obrafour,sarkodie,tynii,okyeame kwame,

  11. This is bullshit! What is sark doing @ no. 1. He’s gud but dfntly no no. 1. And what is asem, trig, e l, edem doing on the list?. This is a joke. The author is dfntly a latter day saint listener of gh music.

  12. Some ppl on this board are funny paaaa..When they say Rappers, I’m really embarrassed to see some of you guys missing wakye,talia,yoko gari k3 fufuo all together  in one plate (RnB, Pop and Dance-hall kind of artists all miss together). i wont be surprise if some ppl comment before they read the article on this forum.(#Stomachdirectioncommentors). Secondly the writer and some of you are confuse with the word “All Time” Lebron of Miami Heat is not even considered as All time Best..Best currently  but not “All Time Best” yet..So some of you mentioning Sarkodie and all those coming up artist ,they best at what they do currently but not “All Time Tag” on them yet. With that said, my list                                                 Obrafour                                                                                                                                                                             Reggie Rockstone                                                                                                                                                           Lord Kenya                                                                                                                                                                       Okyeame Kwame                                                                                                                                                             Tinny 

  13. The realest list shud have been

    1. SARKODIE- The first ghanian to actually break international boundaries with twi. His mike tyson punchlines, twista flow and sarcasm. The rapper who can fuse hiphop with azonto. The only who raps for u to say huh.

    2.OBRAFOUR- The raps osofour. His pae muka and asem sebe are the best hiplife albums of all time. The only rapper who can rhyme with proverbs. His rich rhymes and metaphors. His talib kwali like story telling. Hes the fusion of nas and krs 1.

    3. Okyeame Quame- The rhyme papa. His rich story telling and longevity in the game. The rap doctor who can dissect and inject poetry with rhymes/

    4. Reggie Rockstone- The Grand papa. The founder of hiplife. The comic story teller.

    5.Lord Kenya-The 2pac synergy flow man. The best stage craft of all time. Serious punch line.

    6.Okomfour Kwadee-The best story teller of all time. the only rapper who can really paint vivid pictures with words.

    7.Tinny- Aletse kankpe. The only Ga rapper who broke ethnic boundaries with Ga. Fusion of street terms with hip hop.

    8.Edem- Like tinny, broke ethnic boundaries with ewe. Hardcore hip hop rapper. Displayed His versatility with Ghetto Arise.

    9.E.L-Co-founded the azonto genre with sarkodie. Go hard hip hop rapper. listen to the reminder ft. scientific

    10.Captain Planet- Murdered every song. Real real assassin.

  14. this list is quite funny.I don’t think Asem is better than lord kenya, or wait….is it because L.K has ended his play in the game.hmmm…for me this’ll be my top 10.
    1. Sarkodie.
    2. okyeame kwame.
    3. Obrafour.
    4. Reggie.
    5. Lord Kenya.
    6. Tinny.
    7. okomfour kwad33
    8. Stone(Bradez)
    9.. Edem.
    10. captain planet(4*4]

  15. Well if am to arrange this list according to my own view point, I think reggie rockstone, lord kenya, okyeame kwame,obrafuor, tinny, sarkodie, edem, asem, trigmatic, El

  16. Whoever compiled the list got it absolutely wrong. In as much as Lord Kenya deserves to be in the first three,I think there are some names on the list which don’t deserve to be on the list, for God’s sake not even in a top fifty or hundred…. EL, Trigmatic, Asem, Edem all do not deserve a place in there…. The problem with Ghanaian rappers is consistency…. If you take a look at the list, you could only count a few who have been or were consistent over a period of time…. Names like , Okyeame Kwame, Lord Kenya, Obrafour, Sarkodie and Reggie Rockstone come to mind in that regard… In my candid opinion, lack of consistency makes it very hard to consider making a list of top ten Ghanaian rappers of all time…. May be top five would be more appropriate…. And I think Kontihene, Kwaw Kesse, and to a larger extent, Okomfo) Kwaadee also may see this list and laugh it off…