Top 10 Ghanaian Rappers Of All Time…Do You Agree?

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I find the list below very ridiculous. It’s not only hilarious but very disappointing especially concerning the placement of few of the rappers on the list.

Sometimes you cannot fault others for their opinion on something because everyone seems to have one. Like a politician once said in Ghana ‘Any idiot can go to court’, it’s the same way any ‘person’ can get up to put out such a list.

According to the maiden edition of the LYNX TV, below are Ghana’s top 10 rappers of all time. I wish Ghanaians can be told of the criteria for such selections; you just don’t get up and throw out just anything to the general public.

Ghanaians ought to know the measures used in determining who are the best rappers in Ghana. A selection based on mere sentiments should not be accepted or condoned.

You can disagree how you want but then let’s have your list. If you ask me, most Ghanaian will concur and think along with me that Lord Kenya should be somewhere in the top 3 and not where he’s placed in the list below.

10. Lord Kenya

9. Asem

8. Trigmatic

7. EL

6. Edem

5. Tinny

4. Reggie Rockstone

3. Obrafuor

2. Okyeame Kwame

1. Sarkodie