State Of The Nation’s Address From My Lenses…Why Ghana Is Politically, ‘Entertainmently’, Fashionally & Economically Crippled

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Copying is a trademark of Ghanaians, from atrocious dressing to atrocious entertainment. Since we as a nation have taken the bold decision not to be creative in some areas of development, why don’t we be just as bold to copy what will develop a nation? Comparison is in line with copying, so I’m allowed to compare, isn’t it?


When it comes to politics in Ghana, it is very disheartening. Many politicians talk and react to issues like they have never stepped foot in a classroom, and the unfortunate thing is some of them are well traveled and very educated.

Who is a President/politician accountable to? Where does his responsibility lie?, His family, coffers or people who elected him into power? Does an MP even know what is happening in his constituency?

Politicians were humiliated (and some even jailed) just for claiming some expenses in the UK (pardon me for using UK). In Ghana, who questions thoroughly where and what monies are used for?

Everything done or said is firmly planted on tribalism. If you say anything, either you’re a Ga, Ewe or Ashanti, one cannot even express a point without being attached to a tribe. Instead of allowing appropriate authorities to deal with any issues regarding politics and politicians, excuse me to say, jobless people who are waiting on the government to feed and clothe them wait outside wielding weapons (just yesterday), to beat who?

A word can jeopardize someone’s political ambition in the West, but in my dear Ghana, unfortunate words are traded each day. Politicians make promises and overlook what the nation needs most.

Some media houses make it worse by given certain politicians vibrant platforms to call people names. I may be in the dark, but do we have a Communication Regulatory Body in Ghana?


We are now into reality TV shows, no problem! Since that idea was copied from the West, why don’t we put a proper entertainment structure in place as they also have? MUSIGA is doing wonders with the music industry, I cannot say the same about the Movie/Theatre with confidence.

Just a handful of people (two if you ask me), are really striving to make the Movie Industry worth anything. Do we even have a proper Actors, Directors, Scriptwriters and Producers Guilds? (I’m not taking about the same people crippling it with trash movies), I mean proper associations or unions, whereby, all the Actors and Actresses who are day dreaming of going to HOLLYWOOD belong.

What is MUSIGA doing so right, that the others are getting it completely wrong? Is it the leadership or lack of vision?


Thankfully, there is no dress maker in Ghana anymore, we now have Fashion designers. Since we are copying the West, why don’t we learn that a designer can sue you if you ‘steal’ his/her design? One idea and the whole lot will flood to that gate! What happened to uniqueness?

While one is creating this, the other can create another thing, and then the market will be beautifully bigger with a difference. Very soon, every designer will be their own consumer since every is producing the same thing.


Teaching Entrepreneurial and Apprenticeship in Tertiary level will go a long way to help. As Africans, we are always brought up with the idea of getting qualifications to work in some office. Nobody taught us to study and become our own boss. People going into entrepreneurship will go a long way to deflate the number of people seeking employment. The attitude in Ghana is; my job equals my qualification!


When I came to England to continue my education, I don’t remember my mother paying my fees in cedis! My point is, why should a country which has its own currency be charging fees in dollars! I may be wrong, but undermining your own currency is definitely going to devalue it. Everything is dollar! It is even fashionable to tell someone that ‘My child goes to a dollar charging school’.

Finally, waiting for this political party or that political party to come into power before you become well-off is the language/attitude of a lazy man. ‘If NDC was in power, if NPP was in power………all the time’.

Young able bodied men sitting around for ‘their’ government to come into power, before they put their God-given talent into good use? Why don’t we for once ask ourselves “What can I do for my country”, instead of asking “What can my country do for me?”


Don’t even start me off!

We like to copy the West when it comes to their way of life, dressing and blindly copy what they even find disgusting to do. So while copying, let’s admire and copy the things that have put them where they are. Instead of copying what will develop the nation, we copy the useless things which add no value to our existence.

How long can we go like this as a nation? What have you observed from your lenses too?


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  1. Hmm, mr writer is fighting a good cause, but sound like someone who likes fighting. LOL! My issue is always the dollar system. Accepting some currency as your own is an indirect way of saying mine is worthless. truly, who is a politician accountable to? Nobody, chop make I chop is all they know. My favourite part of the article…………Language: don’t even start me off. cool down mr writer!

      1. @Dr. Miyagi, seriously, he sounds like someone who will love the boxing ring. But he is speaking great sense though…………in an aggressive way!

  2. Hmmmmmmm asem b3ba d3bi. I thought i was the only one thinking that way. how i wish every citizen of my beloved Ghana will read this article and turn a new leaf. We are all responsible for what is happening in this country, we don’t need to wait for the politicians or government to clean up all this mess we need to get involve to build this nation.

    1. @Esi, When i read it, that was the same thing that came to mind. paste it on a billboard for all to see, with a boxing glove beside it LOL

  3. You have spoken…u are soooooo right…just to add, the way these politicians insult themselves on radio and even in parliament, is disgusting…listening to them on radio makes one wonder how they got the position they have now…true talk though

  4. hmmmmmm i was rather focusin on the pic… loo k at Sandra with long weave… she doesn loooks good… so it better short weave.. cos long does not fit her

  5. As much as I agree with the content of this article, and as a Ghanaian who lives in North America, I think Ghana will not change. The way we are back home is what makes the culture. We all see what is bad about us but it is equally what makes us a group of people.

    1. @Sally, that explains why even politicians, entertainers, etc. who have been exposed to the western culture are still deep into the Ghanaian attitude because that is what will make them survive in their careers in Ghana. You just need to know what the culture is calling for and act accordingly.

  6. ok, i don go with chris on issues wen it comes to picking on people ba one fact z wen it comes to national issues he z very objective,i love this piece,it got me thinking,ba the thing is these sense should be inculcated in the very young ones who r up n coming cuz for the older people there is no ope.

  7. i agree with you on this article especially regarding paying in dollars for mostly everything in Ghana, i live in the states and find it very interesting and funny when people are proud to actually send their kids to schools charging in dollars, actually i have a friend who always lets me know she is paying in dollars for her kids education, for this reason my kids are in a school that i pay in cedis lol. I remember i was at a restaurant in Ghana and run out of cedis, i was very surprised when they said i could pay in dollars because i was ready to leave anyway.The point is we should be proud as Ghanians and stop copying the western culture, believe me i live here and its not worth it. Ghana has a lot to offer.