J & J…Who Would You Rather?

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Juliet Ibrahim And Jackie Appiah
Juliet Ibrahim And Jackie Appiah

So we have J & J (Juliet Ibrahim and Jackie Appiah) sitting side by side and the question that pops up is; who would you rather?

Which of the two would you rather… kiss, meet, kick, love, bang,punch, slap, insult,watch in a movie or whatever you are thinking?


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  1. leave juliet alone ,she is hapily MARRIED .she needs no one to kiss her bang her except the hubby .she is not ready for divorce ,leave her out of that.

  2. Jackie please!!! At least we all know jackie and Nadia attracted viewers from their movie beyonce. I love both Jackie and Nadia… Juliet is just not good. You just want people to insult the poor girl huh? Why such a comparism if i may ask?