PHOTOS OF THE DAY: Lydia Forson In Weave, What Do You Think?

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Lydia Forson1

Actress Lydia Forson has successfully created an identity with her short natural hair and as a black woman who has resisted the many Brazilian and Mongolian weaves which has taken over our markets, I am sure she has saved herself a lot of money and pride.

Currently in South Africa to star in South African Tv series-Scandal, Lydia Forson will be acting under those hot weaves to perfectly fit her role or character…

What do you think about Lydia Forson in weaves…Do you prefer her natural crazy girl looks?

Lydia Forson2

What she is known for…

Lydia Forson
Lydia Forson




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  1. Well she looks good with the weave but i like her best in her natural hair. To me, it doesnt really matter what she does with her hair, she’s among the few actresses that i like no matter what.

  2. She looks nice in both hair, but natural is always better. I don’t mind wigs except that some people just over wear it, and that isn’t good. She is pretty regardless.

  3. She’s cute but too fat damn.. Has she seen Jennifer Hudson’s pictures lately? girl friend get your fat a>>s>>s on the threadmill and shed some pounds.