Did President Mahama Disrespect The Black Stars By Saying ‘I’m Glad I Didn’t Go’ To South Africa To Watch Their Match Against Burkina Faso?

President Mahama_opt

Personally, I do not find anything disrespectful about what the president said and as a human being like all of us, he would have been extremely embarrassed if he had gone to South Africa purposely to watch the Black Star’s defeat.

The defeat coupled with the bad officiating which was over generous to the Black Stars would have left President Mahama embarrassed at the stadium.

Why then are certain Ghanaians angry about the President’s statement – ‘I am glad I didn’t go’?

President Mahama, in a speech he delivered during the relocation ceremony of the seat of government from the Osu Castle to the Flag Staff House on Thursday, stated that he was glad he did not go to South Africa to watch the Black Stars play against the Stallions of Burkina Faso.

The President said, “I know this morning we are all heartbroken by our unfortunate defeat by Burkina Faso in the African Cup of Nations yesterday night – my Vice was there yesterday evening to watch the match and I don’t envy him, and I’m glad I didn’t go.”

I think the President was more than right not to have gone out there to waste taxpayers’ money in order to see that terrible performance from the Black Stars. At least he saved himself the embarrassment and saved us all some money too.

Do you think there is any element of disrespect in the president’s statement?


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