OBS: Canadian Official Dies At Golden Tulip Hotel After Hot Sex…He Couldn’t Take The Hot Black Girl?

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Read below for what Daily Guide is reporting…

A senior official of the Canadian government was confirmed dead last Wednesday in Ghana, while on official duty.

Sources told Daily Guide the official, 54-year-old Dawell Prokopetz, who was lodging at the plush Golden Tulip Hotel in Accra, allegedly died after a hot session of sex and drugs at the prestigious hotel.

The deceased Canadian official was said to have died at the Nyaho Clinic at the Airport Residential Area in Accra where he was reportedly rushed to in an unconscious state after an alleged overdose of cocaine, liquor and sex.

Sources told Daily Guide that the night before he met his tragic death, the Canadian was seen on close circuit television (CCTV) cameras chaperoning two beautiful girls separately into his hotel room. The two girls were said to have spent an hour each in the official’s room.

The Canadian High Commissioner, Trudy Kernighan, confirmed the high profile death to Daily Guide last Tuesday in a telephone conversation. The Airport Police Station’s District Commander, Superintendent Aduhene Banieh, also corroborated the tragedy and told this newspaper that a coroner’s inquest had been conducted on the corpse; but he was not forthcoming with additional information.

The Canadian official was part of a team of powerful government and business delegation from Canada led by Edward Fast, the Canadian Minister of International Trade and Minister for the Asia-Pacific Gateway, who recently arrived in Ghana and had high level interactions with senior officials.

The delegation visited President John Dramani Mahama and a number of Canadian interests in the country.

The delegation’s successful infrastructure and extractive-sector trade mission to key sub-Saharan countries was marred by the embarrassing death. Incidentally, the trip was the first for Minister Fast to Africa this year.

Dawell Prokopetz was said to be a senior official in charge of higher education in Canada.

Official Silence

It was believed that the incident really rocked the Canadian High Commission in Ghana. The High Commission had rushed to 37 Military Hospital upon receiving the report of the official being rushed to the hospital but after combing all wards they could not find Dawell before they were informed that he had rather being sent to Nyaho Clinic.

Its initial reaction was to blame the Golden Tulip Hotel for negligence, but after the hotel provided hardcore evidence as captured on the CCTV camera, the Canadians relaxed their stance, sources told Daily Guide.

Golden Tulip officials were tightlipped on the issue, citing a confidential pact with the Canadian High Commission.

It was believed that several hush-hush meetings had been held between the Golden Tulip Hotel and the Canadian High Commission. Sources told Daily Guide that the last of the series of meetings was on Friday, February 1, 2013.

All attempts to get further details from the High Commissioner yielded further stonewalling.

According to Canadian High Commissioner, they would keep the details of the tragic event close to their chests to “protect the privacy of the individual concerned and hence we do not release details of the individual involved”.

Madam Kernighan however disclosed that a full-scale investigation had been launched as Ghanaian and Canadian officials tried to unravel the circumstances leading to the bizarre death.


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