PHOTO: Yvonne Nelson’s Attempt To Define ‘Sexy’

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Yvonne Nelson

Not sure what to call this photo…A quick glance makes it seem sexy but then when you pay more attention, it begins to look tacky…

As a lot of people say, there is a thin like between sexy and tacky. For you, where does this photo fall?

Yvonne Nelson


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  1. Yvonne Nelson you have 3 months to like a rejected object WTF …this the time we have to contribute here to buy you some food.

    1. She is sexy as hell. do u know how much people pay and time they put in to get into this size and shape. u guys should stop hating on her. she is beautiful and she has the right to look anyhow she wanna look without u guys judging her.. To me she look better that Jackie Appiah

      1. @kwaku, Thank you ooo.. If this is a pix of JZ’s Wife they will all be dancing without music!!
        Fakers! remember in theater or arts, every picture carries a story!
        Tara Banks is not this fat yet she sells NY JUST DO YOUR THING THE WAY YOU KNOW HOW!! Haters!!

    2. I think she is beautiful. People in the western world pay a lot of money for personal trainers and gym membership just to get to that size.. This is the definition of healthy these days people. I guess u like them fat girls in Gh lol. She has the right to look anyhow she wanna look without u guys judging her. Mind ur own business folks

  2. I like Y.N but honestly am getting tired of her new look. I dont find this picture s.e.x.y. Hw3 ne nan s3 jot (her leg looks like cigaratte)

  3. The right title for it should be “albino chimpanzee really trying” what she need is Vitamilk. The smell of regret, poverty and deprivation.. in a can.

  4. So Yvonne, what at all was wrong with your previous weight that you had to drop all this weight? it doesn’t suit her at all! she was never fat why did she go on this drastic weight loss? I mean she just used to have lots of nice curves. I wish someone close to her would advise her to eat & gain back all her beautiful curves cos this look aint good koraa.

    1. @Afia, My dear she will stop at a given point Ok. She may be up to something. In Her recent movies she’s not this thin nor yellow or cammery or white you name it. Too much effect of editing or pix / photoshoping.. too could be part of it.

  5. hmmm…im even short of words. she mentioned sumwhr dat she always try to luk n dress her age…i dnt knw if dat includes bleachin…excessive weight loss or exposin her flat unattractive boob in a photoshoot dat mkes her look lyk sum drawing by a ten-year old on a piece of paper. what is dis????…i dnt knw d exact thing goin on wif dis gal…she rilli needs to b adviced. maybe she was bullied n made fun of whiles growin up…cuz it seems she has serious self esteem issues..personally i think she’s struggling…for wateva reason…i dnt knw yet. maybe she thinks lookin tinny n anorexic wud mke her stay relevant to men….dis gal needs help o…someone shd help her. Meanwhile…dis pix can b anything but Sexy or Nice.

  6. we all wanna be happy if getting skinny n a lighter skin is what makes a happy den who r u to tell her otherwise…jeezzzz all u all hatin on her shud concentrate on ur imperfection not hers…

  7. i beg u people shuld let her be……..she has a family…….so let dem advice her…… u guys want to tel me dat, since she started her slimming course, no family member has ever seen her een………..maybe dey r happy wth wat she’s doing……….nd besides she owes no one an explanation…………..but to me she luks lik saman tw3tw3n ( ghost)

  8. Some people hide in their little corners n judge others. She has her life to live so live yours n stay outta her b’ness. 

  9. Watching these comments make me so sick to be African Caribbean originating from Africa. This is one of our sisters up there, If he was white everyone of you all would be bowing your black foolish ass but someone our colour our creed is doing something positive and all you could do is share negativity …urrrrr i wanted to come to Africa to see my roots but I change my mind after seeing this shit …Aficans would always be at the bottom because they fail to accept what makes you get to the TOP

  10. A lot of haters up here. I think u look fab gal, as long as u healthy, do u. I love your new look. Being fat is not healthy so please let’s not judge, to each his own.

  11. Yes there are alot of haters on this site, its Sad ….i am a photographer and would work with this girl anyday , I understand you prefer thick girls and there are wonderful Big bone women out there but this is not one and she is just as amazing. I am proud to see such an amazing site coming out of Ghana …