PHOTOS: Beyonce Delights In Showcasing Blue Ivy

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From BeyondGossip.Com

Set to air this evening, the image of one year-old Blue Ivy was apparently leaked getting a rare moment of Beyonce as mother as oppose to entertainer. Beyonce opens up about her pregnancy, those conspiracy rumors and miscarriages. Regardless of our thoughts on the matter, Blue Ivy is adorably cute no question.

I will say I am all but biased when it comes to expressing my opinion on Beyonce. I think Blue Ivy is super cute but why the drama and baited breath over Blue Ivy being showcased to the world. Beyonce you had a baby it’s a beautiful wonder to share with the world so why wait a year and do it a documentary…for maximum attention and impact I guess!

I just hope that baby doesn’t become a cash cow. Beyonce is notorious at hiding Baby Blue from the world…which is why I ask why now?

Source: BeyondGossip.Com

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  1. How is the baby a cash cow? they barely ever show her photos, nor did they even opt to sell the baby’s photos when she was born like the way most celebs do

    Plus reviews from the movie screening I read, say Blue isnt the focus of the documentary, she is barely in it
    Anyways she is soo cute, she looks like jay z from the nose down and beyonce from the nose up