Celebrity Tweet Photos Of The Week: Juliet Ibrahim Goes Blonde, Jackie Appiah In Curls & It Is Official, Yvonne Nelson Needs Some FOOD!

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Juliet Ibrahim Blonde1
Juliet Ibrahim

Do anyone find Yvonne Nelson sexy or pretty? Can some of you guys get her some real food-some horse meat won’t be bad. It seems she has lost touch with reality and the earlier she checks herself, the better…We are just saying because she kinda look like someone from the movie AVATAR!

This week, several of our Ghanaian attention seeking celebrities continued with their photo tweets…Check our favorites out below


Juliet Ibrahim Blonde

Jackie Appiah Hair

Nadia Buari1

Nadia Buari2

Yvonne Okoro1

Yvonne Okoro2

Juliet Ibrahim Blonde

Yvonne Nelson1



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  1. not feeling juliet, this curls is not new on jackie’s head and its not neat either ,okoro is fabulous, nelson do need food indeed,and if the other is NADIA then you have a problem, is this the only pic that you can show of her ´? I WONDER WHAT JACKIE WILL LOOK LIKE IN THESE YEARS LIKE NADIA’S.

  2. Jackie appiah if been beautiful is a crime i won’t waist noo more time to report you to the American FBI

    Nadia buari you are looking soo nice in your teen pic

    Yvonne okro you are on point (;

    Juliet ibrahim what is this???

    Yvonne Nelson we are not acting HORROR MOVIE HERE

    1. @27cдгibre(Ф_ф), True u said that right about Jackie.Miyagi, come and see oo, come and see proper beauty.I hope u ve taken off ur glasses so u can see clearly this time around?

        1. @Dr Miyagi,I can sell all my property for Jackie. Juliet is looking good. As for the two Yvonne’s they are ugly. And okoro head is really huge Damn 

  3. aww, I loved Juliet’s curls before she died them blonde! she looked better with the darker curls. Yvonne looks too skinny, like I always say she didn’t use to be fat but just had the curves most black guys like so why did she change? Yvonne Okoro’s face is exquisite

      1. @Lucy Lu, lol in love paa! this is serious. She’s really beautiful but I guess I’m just not feeling her weave in this picture. I think she’s a natural beauty & so she looks best when her hair is simple (like in perfect picture).


  5. juliet looks good ba i think she is better with the dark hair..
    Okoro looks gud…
    jackie Appiah in curls..yes?so?shes always had this weave! and [email protected] Nelson..did she cut her hair?infact where are her friends?I think this is the time she needs them the most and if they think this is nice and are encouraging her, then they are bad friends paa..cos weide3 3ny3!

    1. @maka aa maka, not forgetting nadia buari..wab3y3bi!look at dem shades!!lmaaooo..i bet shes gonna sue you guys for putting this up!

        1. are you sure nelson doesn’t have any sickness? Okoro to is old cargo. Trying everything to get there but it’s not working. Find your own creativity okoro and stop copying The Queen of the screen, your not her and can never be her. I’m sure you know who I’m talking about

  6. Juliet “trying to stay relevant” Ibrahim- davvi seller
    Nadia” why” buari- just why 
    Jackie “yam legs” appiah- every day seems like a “throw back thursday” pic with you change up your look abit
    Yvonne “secretly hungry” nelson- eat a few big macs pls
    Yvonne “to much fake eyeslashes, can barely see” okoro- nice and simple
    And I’m out thnk you

  7. some of u CAN TALK AYYYY … GUY GUY tins nkoaaaa … what is wrong with Yvonne nelson ??? is she dying ??? ADEN NA MOY3 SAB3 SAAA ??? kokonsah tins nkoaaa . home girl making her money .. how much r u ppl making ????? ayy asem paaa ni. instead of u ppl to mind ur business KMMTT .. must evry1 b fat ? if she wants to b slim NTIII D3N?? u ppl shud GEROUT

  8. so with all the supposed money she’s making YN can only buy 14.5pound dresses? aaaa 
    jus search on asos.com .. river island dogtooth bodycon

    1. @boom,and what’s wrong with asos.com I shop p there as well dude if you got running stomach go and shit it out and stop writing trash 

      1. @Dr Miyagi, cheap boy. Are you gay? Why do you like doing stuff meant for girls? Your a pussy. Go and work. Leave the forum for the women. Punk ass

      2. @Dr Miyagi, i did not say shopping at asos is bad (learn to read)… all i said is: “is that all she can afford?”..   she’ll probably turn around and claim she got it for “1000$”

  9. I luv u Jackie and you are soo beautifu but it will be nice if you could change your hairstyle.Yvonne Okoro, you sure look good.For some reason, I think Juliet looks good.

  10. I don’t know why people are saying that YN needs food, there is absolutely nothing wrong with her she looks good as for Juliet not feeling your “Somalian alien forehead” at all yvonne Okoro looks good, 

    1. @Dr Miyagi, she looks gud buh the,weight loss has become a tad bit too much . Dis is anorexic things plus I think she’s loosing her curves

      1. @hey,do u know what and how anorexic looks???? u ppl dey BORE papa… u jus open ur mouth and start firing like machine guns…. obi p3 s3 oy3 slim aaa wei so so efa mo ho b3n? 

    2. @Dr Miyagi, i like Yvone N. no matter how she looks, it’s just that i miss her previous look….never knew she had cut her hair…

  11. sum ppl r just been plain dumb here ..especially boom …even Justin Bieber shops at primark…so what the heck is wrong with Yvonne shopping from asos.. so if she likes sumtyn she shudnt buy it cox it dont cost a fortune? plain stupidity u got goin in ur head. (oh n how pathetic can u be to actually do a research on where she got her dress from..lmao..saddoo)and Yvonne looks good…not every one wants to be fat or curvy or whatever u call it…whtever makes her happy is what she does not what ya’ll bubble heads wants her to do… jackie always luks good..

  12. Yvonne what is really going on in your life i could not recognize the girl i use to love everything about her before please who ever is advising you should be sacked atonce.

  13. So GC, are you telling us that all pics of Jackie are on point? Guess what? I have seen some ugly photos of Jackie and really good photos of Yvvone so matter what you say about YN, she is still the N# 1. She is beautiful and SEXY and you 😛

  14. I agree with you. all she needs to do is to loose weight.jackie the queen of beauty. Yvonne nelson is sick , making her face wrinkled.