OBS: When Was The Last Time You Had To Cut Your Hair? A Chinese Woman Hasn’t Cut Hers In 11 Years & She Now Has 6ft 7in Locks

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Chinese Woman With Long Hair

When was the last time you had to cut your hair and how long is it now? A Chinese woman-Cen Yingyuan (44 years) hasn’t cut her hair for the past 11 years and her locks now hang at 6ft 7in long.

What has she been eating I asked myself…

If a Chinese can grow such long hair in 11 years, then should they would be taken over the booming weave business soon. Instead of the popular Brazilian hair, we would be bombarded with Chinese hair and the good thing is, it would be very cheap-affordable for all…LOL

If you do not know how long 6ft 7in is, let me try to explain it to you. Cen Yingyuan stands 5ft feet tall and 6ft 7in hair means unless she ties up her tresses her hair trails on the floor as she walks.

I am already jealous but I pray we do not have to turn to Chinese weaves since they will break in 4 days.

Chinese Woman With Long Hair1



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  1. so if the one on her head is this long, den i don’t want to imagine the one down der……eish……but this woman is something o….

  2. lol, I’m sure some ladies are praying that she cuts her hair so that it can be made into human hair weave. As for this long hair even 8 people can use it on their head oh! lol