Dear GC Readers, My Husband Wants Me To Quit My High Paying Job To Become A Full Time Mom…What Should I Do?

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pregnant blackwomanDear GC Readers,

I have a big decision to make which is causing some serious issues in my marriage. I am very ambitious and hardworking and have worked so hard to get to my role as senior accountant in my company.

My husband of 2 years now wants me to give up my job to look after our first child that we are expecting this June. He says we were blessed to have the baby as we have been trying for sometime and he feels I should concentrate on being a mother.

We never discussed this and it did not cross my mind to do so. Though we both earn a good living (he is a partner at his law firm) I feel he’s putting so much pressure on me.

Also there are talks of a more senior position coming up in the near future which I have my eye on. I have many friends who juggle family life with high powered jobs so why not me?

I tried to get him to compromise and suggested home help like a cleaner and a nanny as we can afford it and he said no and that is my job.

When I confided in a friend she told me point blank not to try it as I will be reliant on him and will loose my independence going to put my handout and beg for money and I know this is true because my own mother went through this and it was degrading to watch.

When I spoke with my mom she explained that the asking for money and lack of independence was worth the sacrifice of being there for me and my two other sisters who are also successful and settled. So now I’m confused….

What should I do?



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  1. Partner at a law firm???, are you by any chance uk-based, if yes, please help a sister ooooooh as I am hunting for a training contract and it’s so hard  to find one without any connection.. (sad face!!!!!)

    Coming back to the issue, for some reasons I don’t think that you should just quit your job, just to be a full-time mother.  My mum had my brothers and I and was still very successful and committed to her profession, she had nanny to help her and I think she still did a wonderful job, looking at us now

  2. First of all, it’s your job. It’s what you need to do to make good money. And let him act macho, but inside he’s enjoying all the money that you are making. Come on, a lot of women these days make WAY more money than men. Even ten times more. And there are men who are actually stay at home dads while their wives go to work and bring home the bacon. You shouldn’t quit your job just because your husband doesn’t like it because you’re making more money than he is. It’s money, we all need it. And it seems like a good job. Besides, you are not about to cheat on him. It’s your job so you have to keep it professional. It’s not like you’re a hooker or something. Good luck and best wishes to you

    You can go on maternity leave than day care until the child is ready for school. Remember your husband opinion is his opinion, and opinions are, by definition, never wrong. He doesn’t like it. He is entitled not to like it. And you are entitled to do things your husband doesn’t like as long they’re not illegal, immoral, or harmful.

  3. Sandra i tink u should nt quit ur job……….now ur hubby can mak a lot of promises to u dat …he will be responsible for al de bilss, sch fees and many more……….but remember as woman u cant ask him for everytin u may need…..if u quit ur job nw……it would be easy for u guys ………..but in de future u will regret everytin……nd if care is nt taken , u might even cal for a divorce cus de child wil by al means grow ….nd ask urself if ur hubby can do everytin for u nd de child …..pls nava quit ur job