Chris Brown Did Not Show Up For The ‘Hope City Project’ Official Unveiling & Sod Cutting After Taking $1M?

Chris Brown
Chris Brown

Africans seem to have a lot of money these days to waste and western celebrities who love to take the piss are in to help us spend this money.

I have had several e-mails seeking my opinion on the Chris Brown having been allegedly paid a whopping $1million to come to Ghana to be part of the official unveiling & sod cutting of the multimillion ‘Hope City Project’, which would be followed by a mega concert by him.

I’ve ended my reply to these emails which mostly came from radio stations and other Ghanaian entertainment critics with the statement; This will not be the last time an African or African based company would spend such big sum of money that a lot of African countries sometimes go out to seek as foreign aid on a western entertainer.

We’ve got a lot to throw out there and these western celebrities know how to take them and still take the piss out of us.

The piss take has just started and until Africans begin to place substantial value on our local talents and stop taking the piss out of them, foreign talents would continue to take our cash whiles we put up with their shoddy attitude.

Chris Brown was supposed to arrive in Ghana early Monday morning to be able to attend the sod cutting ceremony alongside the President of Ghana-John Mahama, GhanaCelebrities.Com has learned.

The sword cutting and unveiling of the ‘Hope City Project’ took place yesterday with the President in attendance and Chris Brown missing. In fact even a day after the above event, Chris Brown is still not yet in Ghana (at the time of this publication 11:00am, 5th March).

From our source in the organizers camp, Chris Brown was contracted to make appearance at the all important unveiling ceremony alongside the President as well as stage a mega concert tonight.

Several radio station interviews and press conferences which are customary held prior to any mega concert in Ghana were scheduled for this morning with the headline artiste-Chris Brown.

A Yfm presenter even tweeted last night entreating listeners to tune in this morning to listen to an interview with Chris Brown. These pre-concert interviews have not materialized since Chris Brown has not even arrived yet.

The question should not be; Is Chris Brown worth being paid $1million to perform or spend less than 24 hours in a third world struggling African country which sometimes go about begging for such sum in foreign aid?

The answer to the above question is obvious and as such the question should be; when would this piss take end? If by our own misplace of priority we are ready to spend huge amount on foreign artistes, at least can’t we be given what we paid for?

I guess the answer is; why must you be given something when you do not even know what you want. Now, let the piss take continue…Beyonce is waiting for the next cash to be thrown at her.

Let’s hope Chris Brown shows up and also hope he performs for at least an hour.


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33 thoughts on “Chris Brown Did Not Show Up For The ‘Hope City Project’ Official Unveiling & Sod Cutting After Taking $1M?”

  1. it serves them right.will be happy if he doesnt show up at all.we have electricty problem that money cld have helped the governtment to better things or better still our local arts will have benefitted greatly but we always choose these people and they disappoint us in the end……………………….3y3 d3 paaaa # tongue out#

  2. This is why Africa will always be poor. We go about begging for 1 mill to help kill malaria and when we have some home, we give it to people like Chris Brown who will not even honour their part of the bargain. Are just stupid or cursed? He is going to use to buy motor bicycles whiles we could have used it to built class rooms down here

  3. Chris Brown is getting 1 Million to perform in Ghana nonsense, aden odwonso Hennessey anaa or is he there to wash people sins away absolutely nonsense . All the money these organisers waste on those artist can wipe away our third-world poverty issues who is this “Chris Goat”

    • @Dr. Miyagi, close ur kenke smellin mouth. rem ur stupid rantins about kim comin to nig? hold ur big black head wit shame. copy cats

      • @joy, Looking for attention, you cant compare a 45 min visit with a two hours gig At least he came and sweat for the Milli but people with “expensive weave can never cover the effects of a cheap brain” I’m sure at your age your boobs have already observed eternal rest & Full time sleeping mode. Yet you’re are talking nonsense “Aunty Joy , I’m sure the devil is weeping for you

        • @Dr. Miyagi, thunda fire u nd ur generatn. This show’s aim wasn’t achieved unlike d one kim was invited to. this case is nofin but a watery akamu case. the devil is rejoicin bcos u re goin to join him.FU

          • @JOY, aaaaaw its paining you right huh “Joy” or “Ble Ble” hahahaha If ur teeth is Yellow like a danfo bus, Respect yourself & Buy some Colgate Cause you Need Serious Deliverance!!

    • @Dr. Miyagi, shut your low life up or i will call on some bacterias which live around your slimy self to put an end to your stupid life!!!,or you say chris goat?if not for poverty what the fuck is a million dollars,this people buy buggati worth a million dollars so shut the flying 4ck up and keep your lowlife impoverished third world orientation/poverty all to yourself,gosh,your generation will remain slimy,i still hope for the day i get your twitter or facebook,damn,i will so murder you brutally,it cost a 100 dollars to get to ghana

      • @We all, lol your such a hilarious person what are you fighting for hahaha don’t let your own words backfire on you

      • @We all, a lot of tyms it just break my heart when we r making costructive discussions and lowly educated f-o-o-l-s who has no biz chips in Eeeeuw!
        Ghana as we speak needs to or is lacking COMMON ELECTRICITY SUPPLY etc. Such monies can help in a long run in generating an alternative. This is our concern. They can use this concert to generate funds towards finding help for our nation.

        Ghana is gradually becoming a cursed Nation, as with the likes that has been blessed with oil. Please make sense as u contribute.If Dr. Miyagi insulted you or anyone, u have reason to bark back. pls bring intellegence here, you never know who will be reading ur post. And stop portruding your lack of knowledge!

        Why must u always treat whenever you post? hmm.. am believing that not every Nige-rian is a terroist but Every terroist is a N-i g- rian. You always talking abt Muder MUDER Pls Ghanaians are not blood drinkers so stop talking like a killer!

        • @naadu, please can i have your twitter or facebook,hightime you joined your despondent parents in hell,impoverish despondent bovine,sanguinary irritating bastard from a large village called a country.

          • @We all, o really, come, send me urs first so i can forward mine to you! gaint killer TUNDER scartter any ELECTRONIC DEVICE U touch!!
            B-A-S-T-E-R D!! SON OF A gun!!

  4. @OP, haba! “sword cutting”? What’s that pls?
    On a more serious note, it’s basically the fault of the same media people condemning this. When R2Bees pulled out of @ concert in which they were offered GHC10000 and PSquare were paid $200000, people were saying “R2Bees should reach PSquare’s level before they demand the same amount”. Now is it because Chris Brown isn’t African?
    Woe to all of you media personalities who promote American and Nigerian music for nothing and ask for payola from your own. Aren’t you all seeing the effects now?

  5. LOL, Some foolish Ghanaians were criticizing a Nigerian PRIVATE outfit for paying $500k to kim kardashian for a 45 minutes appearance on a Valentine’s day show. Oh well,Chris Brown has reportedly being paid $1million by a GOVERNMENT BACKED company (for a NATIONAL event) and he’s not even shown up as at this morning.
    Now I know that whenever Ghanaians criticize Nigeria for anything, it’s PURELY because of jealousy.  looooooool. I pray he shows up eventually though,or else some Ghanaians will die of shame.

  6. LOL, Some foolish Ghanaians were criticizing a Nigerian PRIVATE outfit for paying $500k to kim kardashian for a 45 minutes appearance on a Valentine’s day show. Oh well,Chris Brown has reportedly being paid $1million by a GHANAIAN GOVERNMENT BACKED company (for a NATIONAL event) and he’s not even shown up as at this morning.
    Now I know that whenever Ghanaians criticize Nigeria for anything, it’s PURELY because of jealousy.  looooooool. I pray he shows up eventually though,or else some Ghanaians will die of shame.

  7. This right here is stupidity above high level. In this current situation we have in Ghana,no sense-able human-being suppose to be thinking of lashing a million dollars (hoping no tax paying money went into that) on some crazy artist like Chris. A joke.
    Do you think Chris could come to South Africa or any credible country late like he did here? Wise up Ghana.

  8. @joy, hohohohohohohhohoohoh,are you kidding me,hahahahahahahaha,this lowlives are really funny,the president declares a one week holiday because of chris’d arrival and tells the nation to mark the day of his arrival,to be celebrated annually in ghana till the end of time,hahahahahaha

  9. this is crazy..who the f$$k came up with the idea to invite chris brown to ghana..seriously 1madafuckn million for wat?? there’s a lot of singers in ghana who can run the same concert chris is being paid for, plus if they wanna go international there’s so many worthy singers not chris brown..i’m not surprise they even invited Amber Rose 

  10. Wise up Africa the world is watching this nonsense that is going on in your country. This is money that could be spent in areas that it’s well needed. Hello!!!!

  11. May God forgive some of the Ghanaian who paid for this guy Chris to come to Ghana…instead of you to invite gospel singers like Don Moen, CeCe Winans, and others rather they went and invite someone who is part of the illuminati look at the tattoo on his neck….why must you invite someone who does not have faith in God …..someone who belongs to the devil Satan….may God forgive you producers ….i hope that mistake will not happen again …we need preachers to come and bless my country God and not satanic may the blood of Jesus blind them all .

  12. @naadu, hehehe,right huh?now ima show you why we raised ghanians and why ghanians will be our protege till the end of time,you think that because you are not unveiling your twitter or facebook acct,i cant get you?oh,did you forget that you use an email address to comment,do you know that i can get your email write now?,do you know that i can trace you from your email,ohhh god,i will get you and my dear i swear i will slash you throat,i say this things and you take it as joke,just give me a few days,you cant delete your comment so you cant stop me from hacking the website to get your email,you ont know the force of death you are playing with,same goes to migayi,since i couldnt get your twitter or facebook,i will get your email,it will be your end…. Lekwe twale twale,no baga can stop me,no ghanian week suffering police can stop me,im on your case,its crazy how i will leave my country to your country just to kill you,but it cost chicken change and i will show you how crazy i am…..hmmm,me when they login gc twitter acct,i just they wait the next time them talk anything bad about naija make i deactivate the twitter acct,na small thing,both that lowlife inferior bast ar d when them they call chris,na small small,e go join the list

  13. $1 million dollars ke? Nkwasia sem akwa kwa – Nsemfo eni Eshi sem kwa. Chris Brown? WTF is Chris Brown.

    Whether its alleged or not – i wont pay this hienna of a crack addict a $1 to perform. Stop praising these Illuminati idiots and letting them be your children role model.

    You voted a corrupt president who stole the votes, you currently dont have any lights, water and petrol and gas prices are way up high, 6 yr olds are still hawking on the streets, women are dying at korle bu during child birth, all our roads are fcked up in all 4 corners of the nation, and then you are going to pay a million dollars to this demonic Illuminati idiot who doesnt even have much time to live with his heroine addicted self and his Illuminati punching bag girlfriend.

    africans and our fcked up priorities. Sometimes i wish the british colonials never left cos even if they stole and chopped our monies and gold  none the less they will make sure infrastructure is in place cos they will be using it to and they like nothing but the best.

    HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY MY A$$ – MSCHEWWW. I have no hope for my nation Ghana anymore and to think we were the first africans to gain independence from the british 57 years ago today March 6th. Dont let the media fool you, yes middle income earners have risen but that is only 2% of the population, 98% of the population are suffering and if you are wealthy and will turn a blind eye to this then i feel sorry for you.  With this type of president who stole votes sitting in office, we are doomed. This bull shyt is going on in too many African countries not just ghana. I have said my peace.

  14. This is why Africa is still a joke to many. Americans would NOT even pay a million dollars to see Chris Brown do a concert!!!!! He is notorious because of his violent acts but a premier name in MUSIC he is NOT. Africans have been duped yet again. People need to stop putting westerners on pedestals. African promoters would not pay their own home grown artists such inflated fees, so why are they paying top dollar for a C List Rnb singer with a blemished public image?? PATHETIC.

  15. @We all, forget these chimps. Rememba what gorilla naadu said”ghana is becomin a cursed nation”. They are just strivin too deligent to b fools. HIGH FIVE TO WE ALL


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