MORE PHOTOS: Jackie Appiah, Genevieve Nnaji, Shirley Frimpong Manso, Omotola Jalade Ekeinde, Karen Igho & Others At AMVCA Cocktail Party

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Jackie Appiah And Genevieve Nnaji
Jackie Appiah And Genevieve Nnaji

Star actress Jackie Appiah was the only Ghanaian actress courtesy her nomination in the ‘Best Actress in a Drama’ category from the movie ‘Perfect Picture’ to be present at the Cocktail party for the inaugural edition of the AfricaMagic Viewers’ Choice Awards, held last night in Lagos-Nigeria.

From the Nigerian’s movie industry known as Nollywood were crème de la crème of their industry.  They include legendary Joke Silva, wife of actor Olu Jacobs, Omotola Jalade Ekeinde, Oge Okoye, ‘Anchor Baby’ star Omoni Oboli, Genevieve Nnaji and several other upcoming actresses. Karen Igho, 2011 winner of Big Brother Africa’s Amplified Edition was also in attendance.

And Director-Shirley Frimpong Manso & her man (Producer) Ken Attoh were there too…

As promised, GhanaCelebrities.Com was there to capture the below photos for our valued readers…

Whose style are you feeling?

Shirley Frimpong Manso and Ken Attoh_opt



Shirley Frimpong Manso and Ken Attoh (2)_opt

Omotola Jalade

Karen Igho (2)

Karen Igho

Jackie, Karen and Genevieve

Jackie Appiah (8)

Jackie Appiah (9)

Jackie Appiah (10)

Jackie Appiah (11)

Jackie Appiah (7)

Jackie Appiah (6)

Jackie Appiah (5)

Jackie Appiah (4)


Jackie Appiah

Jackie Appiah (2)

Jackie Appiah (3)

Genevieve Nnaji (3)

Genevieve Nnaji (4)

Genevieve Nnaji (5)


Genevieve Nnaji (2)

Genevieve Nnaji


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  1. Gene and Shirley look classy, as for jackie i dont know if she is attending an engagement or a wedding, Oge dont look bad too ,and if i may ask upon these numerous movies jackie has, it all has to be PERFECT PICTURE they nominated for ? which to me LYDIA and NAA  ROLES  were extremely WELL PLAYED ,in short she cant be the BEST ACTRESS.

      1. @tony,Gene look a hot mess..her dress looks so raggedy and with the matching shoe is a no no. jackie looks nice she needs to loose some weight.

  2. Oh dear Jackie…a little black dress could av done d trick…dat dress doesnt flatter her body at all. i styl think she needs a stylist. i love Rukki Sanda..she luks bleached tho…Genny as usual luks like her simple bt classy self…i think Shirley cud av done beta wif her shoes n clutch colour choice…Omo luks lyk d star dat she is….its gud to c Oge …congrats to all the nominees!!

  3. Jackie Jackie Jackie hmmmmmmmm your such a young beautiful Nubian queen with thousands of fans across the globe but you can’t seem to get your outfit right like Persia already stated a little black dress would have been splendid and that hair it’s about you do something about it it makes your forehead look like the black dude in star track change your stylist etc and trust me you will be in top of my list. Let me catch any useless featherless hen insulting me for speaking my mind. I will personally slap you with tanning cream.

    1. @Dr. Miyagi, the lady in the black dress has control shorts underneath her dress, they are ment to suck ur tummy fat in, but you can see it underneath her dress coz the fabric is kinda cheap and see through. 

  4. Looking good ladies…I love Gen dress though maybe overkill on the turquoise lol nail varnish shoes bit OTT. Not keen on Jackie’s dress but she just has such a beautiful smile. Karen is look hawt!

    1. @GoldenGurl, mehn, why did this comment get voted down so much? what did she say wrong? is something going on? wow

  5. Genevieve rocked the day..looking casual..yet elegant,timeless and. the blue dress and sandals..and the slim yellow belt..such beautiful contrast…#jackie has a very large upper body?atleast. Wat she’s wearing makes me feel so…looks so much. Of a club dress.#omot looked good surprisingly,considering her past faux passes#oge looked fresh,feels refreshing#rucky shud seat down pls..jst everywhere and nothing to show forth.and she looks hideous..sup with the blond hair? And the pale white hose? Pls!#that BBA chic shud like to go reduce her fake boobs..makes it look asif she’s struggling. To hold it up. She’s too tacky..and damn! I dnt even understand those gothic shoes she’s on… #may the best ppl win tonyt!!

  6. genevieve looks beautiful. jackie luks nice buh shirley always on top of her game. I’m soo feeling her look n she doesn’t do over the top looks n makes her simple looks flawless. Not only is she one of the best in movies but she exudes class n beauty..(gives a standing ovation n exits stage)

  7. I still find her entire self and outfit distasteful..she’s too tacky with those badly done boobs..too big for her body size.#the first ghanian chic wud have looked better if only she’d a shorter skirt,say knee length. Wud have given better view of her legs and shoes..and with a bit of the slit.#ladies, there are other amazingly sleek and sophisticated shoes other than pumps, it has become over used..pointees are elegant and classy, for the really sophisticated dresser..sadly on few africa ladies actually rock them…cos they’re nt generally upto 6inches high..#cant wait to see tonight’s red carpet..hope they actually tell urs who dey’re wearing frm head to toe.

  8. JUst becoz Jackie is black doesnt mean she should always wear black dresses in everthing she does or everywhere she goes..jsssss people this days..sometimes u have to try something new to figure out which works maybe she did try something new .And i think she look beautiful cuz some of u above cant pulll that dress..You look beautiful Jackie;..don’t listen to what others say..wear what u feel comfortable in. 🙂

    1. @Fanasika, True! I agree…I’m not a fan of the dress but yea she defo don’t need to always wear black.

  9. jackie blahh blahh blahh….not feeling her at all. genevive is a super star indeed.
    i dont like omos outfit. i can see her underwear

  10. Its official, JACKIE APPIAH CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT A SHINY SHINY DRESS! (GLITTERY). She look awful in that dress. And Karen looks horrible.

  11. everybody…no! even genevieve should’ve gotten her hair done and wore a different shoe! why can’t these celebrities dress!?

    1. @MARVELOUS, if it comes to Jackie deaa, everything na double double. some people have crown her the queen of GC. They cant get enough of her 😛

  12. Genevieve looks so classy and simple as always. whoever voted Jackie for the top actress needs their heads scrutinized,i mean seriously!!!!!! the other gal who danced with Pusher played the movie so well,cant remember her name. As for Jackie’s outfit, hmmmmmmmm….its like someone going for baby dedication service…what the hell..she needs to find a stylist and i mean a good stylist.shes always a mess and she needs a seriousy good wash, she looks dirty to me.bring on the boos