Azonto Vs Alingo-Samini and Tonto Dike Go Fuming… The Unending Ghana/Nigeria Rivalry!


For as long as I can remember, Ghana and Nigeria have always had a looming rivalry on one topic or the other. With many Nigerians and Ghanaians sometimes going extreme and coming under some fire from the other. Recently, several artistes have cast many insinuations entertainment wise that have fueled this often dormant, sometimes hyper active vendetta between the two.

Personally although Ghanaian, I will hardly say a harsh word against Nigerians or against Ghanaians. Many times my heart is as much Nigerian as it is Ghanaian. Especially when I get to Murtala Mohammed and the airport staff turn to me and without further ado proceed to address me in Igbo.

I am usually amused but warmed nonetheless. Right away, I start to feel at home.

For me, arguments will come and go, through “Thank God we are not a Nigerians” to the Azonto verses Alingo duel that keeps intensifying. If you don’t know what the Alingo is, this is when you quickly YouTube it.

I have a personal saying that when heaven goes to war, Angels must draw swords. If they don’t, who will fight for heaven? (You should be laughing this off)

So for a while now, Ghana has enjoyed worldwide recognition for our all-conquering Azonto.

No size regardless how you look at it. I may still not know how to dance the Azonto for the life of me but total love to Ghana for this massive movement. It is only next to what Ghanaian soccer used to be in excellence. We rock!

So when I discovered The Alingo…I was mortified! Nigerians have no doubt done really good coming up with something ethnic and loved but hey, those Azonto’ish moves and the timing which is over a year and half after Ghana’s Azonto hype, have served to draw outcry from Ghanaians claiming it is a copy of Azonto.

What’s my take on this? I would say: “I am honoured Nigerians loved the Azonto so much they had to customize it”

But really guys? You could have just continued indulging in the Azonto with us. We didn’t complain!

In further related events, have you heard Samini’s song that goes hard on putting it to the Alingo that it is a copy?


I also caught Tonto Dike reply to him today on twitter in very sensitive and her usual volatile way which drew a huge support for Samini’s stand…

Tonto Dike vehemently refused to sit back and let Samini label Alingo as a blatant copy of Azonto in many ways. Even in naming. He however stood his ground until she seemingly backed down.

Samini is so far the only Ghanaian musician who has stepped up to the task of publicly calling Alingo a copy of Azonto although many have alluded to this fact in subtle ways.

I am writing in all humour and objectivity so I do hope people don’t get outrageous with the support or criticism. I am posting links to both the Azonto and the Alingo so you can judge for yourselves! Remember Ghana and Nigeria just love each other so much they have to be siblings in it all. 😛

So there folks, what is your verdict? Is the Alingo guilty of copying The Azonto or not?

Hopefully P-Square comes out with reasons to show how original the Alingo is?




Samini And Tonto Dikeh Tweets

Tonto Dikeh: “Azonto is Azonto n Alingo is Alingo! So waz his stress gosh! Ova d years 9ja has been bringin out dif dance moves no diss of copywrit!”

She added, “Somtimz I wonda Y most Ghanians alwaz loks 4 we Nigerians trouble gosh.” “@samini_dagaati HEY hold it rit dere! cuz if u think abt startin drama here on twitter beliv me am ready to bring it to ur door stepOK #POKO,”.

Samini replied: “@tontoTEEdike on some #rhymes?.. Your waist. LMAO”

Tonton tweeted: “@samini_dagaati Respect is d Key to life! ALingo is Alingo nd Azonto is Azonto So sit in ur Zone nd stop trowin stone to d glass houz #poko”

P-Square (Peter Okoye) tweeted @ Tonto: “Don’t you worry your pretty little mind. Pple throw rocks @ things that SHINE.”


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