Exclusive Photos: Jackie Appiah Poses With Her AMVCA Award In Her Hotel Room…She Did Beat Genevieve Nnaji & Others, As Such She Deserves To Celebrate Her Win!

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Jackie Appiah Wins AMVCA

There is no single blog/website that covered the inaugural AfricaMagic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCA ) better than GhanaCelebrities.Com.

Today we are bringing you the last batch of pictures from the awards to end what we will describe as an exciting coverage.

Check out the exclusive pictures of Ghana’s adorable actress and the current Best Actress on the continent at her hotel room as she celebrates her win over some of the best names in Africa cinema-like Genevieve Nnaji.

Let me repeat it; if you win an award, that you least expect it, the excitement can go on and on, if not forever.

Jackie Appiah has beaten almost all the top actresses in Africa cinema and as such, it will not be contempt to anyone if she is called-the best Africa!

With the actress in the hotel room were manager-Samira Yakubu, who drives her career and movie producer, Roger Quartey.

Now we leave you with the photos. This is saving the best for the last.

Congrats again Jackie Appiah!

How GhanaCelebrities.Com covered the whole ceremony!

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I Dedicate AMVCA Best Actress Award To Shirley Frimpong Manso – Jackie Appiah


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Jackie Appiah Wins AMVCA

Jackie Appiah Wins AMVCA (1)

Jackie Appiah Wins AMVCA (2)

Jackie Appiah Wins AMVCA (3)

Jackie Appiah Wins AMVCA (4)

Jackie Appiah Wins AMVCA (5)

Jackie Appiah Wins AMVCA (6)

Jackie Appiah Wins AMVCA (7)

Jackie Appiah Wins AMVCA (8)

Jackie Appiah Wins AMVCA (9)

Jackie Appiah Wins AMVCA (10)

Jackie Appiah Wins AMVCA (11)

Jackie Appiah Wins AMVCA (12)

Jackie Appiah Wins AMVCA (13)

Jackie Appiah Wins AMVCA (14)

Jackie Appiah Wins AMVCA (15)

Jackie Appiah Wins AMVCA (16)

Jackie Appiah Wins AMVCA (17)

Jackie Appiah Wins AMVCA (18)

Jackie Appiah Wins AMVCA (19)


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  1. @ chris, winnin does not make her d best actress in africa plzz. She’s gud but no where near d likes of genny, omo t,mercy j nd odas. We all no it was done so as not 2 neglect oda african countries like gh. Comparin her to genny is like comparin crayfish to shark.

    1. @Jasmine, go and kill yourself jackie is th best Africa voted her over gennevieve. genevive is pst glory. jackie you are the best and love you

    1. You have been vindicated jackie remember when lydia came on air fighting with you because of this same movie and now God has made you be nominated again for this same movie Alone this time.God is noy asleep. you have been vindicated jacckie. so this time won’t lydia come and make noise again. Jackie God has blessed you.  

    1.   @kofi, wont lydia come and make noise again. jackie you have been vindicated. God has separated the big girl from the small girls. jackie well done

  2. Jackie Appiah Ghana is really proud of you and your achivement. Since you started for more then 10years it been award and award.God loves you

  3. Jackie Appiah such a “Divine Love” you really did you thing in “The Heart of Men” your never disappointed your fans so”Run Baby Run” you did your thing in “Beyoncé – The President Daughter” and came back hardcore in “The Return of Beyoncé” we all know your a Mummy’s Daughter” Once hated by the The Love Doctor” aka “Miyagi” but you never lost your “Royal Battle” you came stronger and where featured in
    Princess Tyra, “I Hate Women”, “Fake Feelings”
    “Wind of Love”, “Total Love”, “Passion of the Soul”, Mortal Desire”
    And the list goes on your will always be the “The Perfect Picture” cause that’s the same picture that won you the Biggest Award your “blood and tears” paid of your hard work now that’s what I call “Tears of Womanhood” you truly deserve the “Golden Stool” Congratulations to you Jackie Appiah you know I can’t end this without saying miss Bankye legs naa that’s old school now from now I will call you “Nubian Legs”

    1. @Dr. Miyagi, bros hope u gud, this is what i always talk about ,there are more movies she’s done, but are THRASH in short they are all rubbish , QUANTIES AND NOT QUALITIES . Lydia’s ROLE and NAA’s are the ones to DESERVE any AWARD in PERFECT PICTURE and its the GOSPLE TRUTH.

      1. @ato, I’m good accept the defeat no matter how old the movie is she won it there is no turning back she is on top of her game

    2. awwwwwww!!!!……@Dr. Miyagi (aka the love doctor, alias the love guru), on behalf of Jackie Appiah, i say Thank You!!!…*herh enti wopaa na wama jackie ho history saa no…..hate has indeed turned into love…no more bankye legs ampa!*

  4. Beautiful thanks for beating them again n again n again ….

    Quality always count than quantity…


    Dont get it twisted 27caliber

  5. Funtime…lovely pics…but pls abt ut dress..mke a better choice nxt tym. ur face n smile dier no size…congrats!

  6. ok jackie,these pictures are less flattering and unncessary……miss halle berry wont do this,u won,we congratulate u,now keep it moving…..taking these unnecessary pics makes u look stupid/childish,ur not the only person who won an award there and besides,u’ve taken millions of pics already,geez!!!……….and did GC say they covered the awards best?? puh-leeeeeaaaase,the only pics i see are jackie appiah jackie appiah jackie appiah jackie appiah jackie appiah and a few of the others……..u went there to cover jackie appiah and not the awrds….u had to even follow her to her hotel room and take pics too,geeez!!!

    1. @honey,You  will die of jealousy jackie is on top of her game it’s called having fun. Get a life. She has made us proud. 

      1. @Keeku, and if ur papa don’t stop sleeping with the girls down the block,he’ll die of HIV/AIDS…so warn him and pray for urself…..kwasia ba!!!

    2. @honey, the only way out is for you to commit suicide because Jackie will win more awards n guess what !

      She will use the awards to take pictures…

      1. @Ginger, ooooooooooooowwwwwwwww crap!!! u have got to be kidding me! really….will u guys stop with the hating crap already!!! ya’ll seriously think as a Ghanaian im not happy and proud she won this award??? im saying these pictures here are unnecessary and less flattering,perhaps,its enough already…

  7. @27cдгibre(Ф_ф), u little prick, u heard d blogger say genny nd oda nig stars re d biggest stars in africa, do u live unda d rock dat u cant see again? Genny has been interviewed by cnn nd oprah winfrey(her d julia roberts of africa),was listed among d 100 most influencial women in d world. So wtf re u chantin? Congrats though jackie(rem jenny remains ur mentor)