27 Chinese Denied Entry Into Ghana For Possession Of Fake Visas

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chinese deny entryThe Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) has prevented 27 Chinese, including females, from entering the country through the Kotoka International Airport (KIA) for possessing fake entry visas.

Three of them arrived on an Emirate Airlines flight and were removed immediately, in accordance with the law.

However the remaining 24 who arrived on board Ethiopian Airlines had to be detained at the GIS Headquarters because by the time it was detected that their visas were not genuine, the flight they arrived on had already taken off.

They were repatriated the following day.

Their ages ranged between 20 and 57 years and they claimed their purpose for entering Ghana was to attend business meetings and engage in construction.

Most of them were from the Guangxi Province, while a few others were from Henan, Fujian,, Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces.

The GIS had, from January till date, had cause to refuse entry into Ghana of 65 foreigners who happened to be in possession of false visas.

They are made up of 50 Chinese, three Americans, three Turks, two Germans and two Pakistanis.

The rest are one each from Vietnam, Namibia, the Philippines, Nigeria and Yemen.

A statement signed by Francis Palmdeti, Head of Public Affairs at the GIS said the service had observed an increase in the number of fake visas being presented at the KIA, with most of the culprits being Chinese.

That phenomenon, it said could be attributed to the strict visa regime put in place to prevent undesirable elements from entering the country.

“We therefore, wish to advise prospective travellers to directly contact the GIS or Ghana missions abroad for any advice regarding the issuance of visas.

The use of middlemen is a risk which could be very costly, since the GIS would not relent on its duty to repatraite all foreigners who appear at the borders without meeting the conditions of entry”, the statement said.



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  1. Now Ghana’s Economy is better than the Chinese wtf! Lol no wonder they are rushing onto GH the chinese still gat one of the biggest Economy in the world!

  2. This is a big lesson for Ghanaians. As a lot of Ghanaians are spending huge sums of money to get visas & travel to US, UK etc, these Chinese people are rushing to come to Ghana even to the point of being ‘bounced’. & this is in the midst of all the water, electricity & gas problems. Why is that? It means they’ve discovered certain business & other opportunities in Ghana that we Ghanaians haven’t discovered. I think it’s time we open our eyes & to the opportunities around us back home instead of waiting for the government to do it for us. I mean, imagine that several years ago, many people didn’t know carrying ‘borla’ (ie rubbish) could bring so much money but Zoomlion went into it & suddenly ever other person wants to do it too! Soon with sachet water production. So my dear Ghanaians, let’s open our eyes to the possibilities around us right in our home.

  3. About time. They are taken over Ghana. Some people in Ghana treat these chinks like kings and Queens. What we Ghanaians fail to realise is that if these chinks were happy in their own country they would not come to ghana. Their government have such tiet rules opposed on them so when these chinks come to Ghana and experince freedom, you can not get enough of it. Ghanaians too we are soft so they take the piss.About time we start shipping these chinks back! 

  4. Foreigners are welcome in Ghana but not illegally,cos foreigners assist every nation in building …

    But if they will come to kidnap,do arm robbing and 419 hell noo or better still bombing no no noooo