Former Leader Of RnM-Denise Williams Confesses On T.B Joshua’s Emmanuel TV

Denise Williams, former RnM group leader has appeared on TB Joshua’s Emmanuel TV series where she talked about how she was miraculously saved by God from a world full of confusion, prostituting and drugs.

Denise Williams who won the maiden edition of the Vodafone Icons with friends (together formed RnM) mentioned that, before, during and after the competition, several men offered to have sexual relationships with her in order to help her achieve her musical dreams.

She also stated that, even though she finally won Vodafone Icons with RnM which came with a lot of goodies,  the devils that followed her led her astray to quit the group.

In her own words; “Something came in me and said leave them alone, and pursue your solo career.  Then I started singing at another karaoke bar while the group went on to launch a flourishing career”

Before asking for God to guide her musical career, she shockingly revealed that she also attempted suicide several times…

She did not mention if she ever tried any hard core drugs!


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  1. I’m happy to hear that she’s doing well. I’m also happy that she’s come out to say that she left RnM on her own & was not kicked out by Vodafone (as was reported by some media). The issues she discussed ie: suicidal tendencies, alcohol & sex addiction are all mental health challenges & we need more mental health professionals in Africa to help people resolve these issues. There’s the tendency to attribute these things to demons when sometimes, it may not be the case.

  2. Awww bad experience for her. I always thought that lady was beautiful & nice! I supported RnM because of her charms(Smile)! Am happy She’s out of bondage!

  3. I just watched Denise’s ‘confession’ on youtube and ;m really touched. Indeed, only Christ can fill up the emptiness we feel inside which drives us to all kinds of addictions & bondages. Poor Denise, she’s really been through a lot. This is why we should have a sense of compassion for our celebrities & try not to pick on them all the time. You never know the struggles someone is going through as they’re standing in front of you to sing, act etc. Their smile may hide a lot of pain.

  4. I knew it ! i knew! i knew this gurl was getting so dirty …. how unfair this world can be, I wanted to have her too, now what!

  5. @Afia, how many people get cured from mental illness by professionals. Mental ilness is a thing of the spirit.l work ad a mental practioner in one of the western countries.its a waste of resources