Shocking Video + When A Dream To Travel Abroad For Greener Pastures Turns Into Suffering And Regret

Italy1Growing up as a child in Accra, one of my wishes was to either travel abroad so I can be successful, educate myself and work hard, or simply marry a successful guy.  Well, I ended up accomplishing two of the three wishes.  The first was to travel, and then later educated myself and still work hard.

In the early 1980’s, I heard about Agege in Nigeria.  Many young Ghanaians both male and female made the trip to Agege.  They often came back looking good, but with questionable characters.  My best friend’s sister made this journey as well. She ended up marring a Nigerian in order to survive.

After several years away in Agege, she came to Ghana to let us know the horrible living standards that existed in Agege.  I learned that some of the men became pimps while in Agege. They forced some of Ghanaian women to work as prostitutes, so they can earn a living.

Unfortunately, some of the women ended up being used without earning a penny, as their pimps may have already collected the money for their work.  Most of these ladies later died upon their return from what we now believe was HIV/AIDs.  During the 1980’s, the disease was not really known like it is today.

Back in those days boombox was the landmark of being in Agege.  Every Agege returnee came back with a boombox.  For some unknown reason in the late 1980’s, Nigeria decided to deport all Ghanaians in Nigeria. That was when Ghana experienced its worse drought ever.  With all the unexpected deportees arriving in Ghana, demand for food became high, while supply was low.

I believe poverty in Africa has made some to believe that the only way to be successful is to travel overseas.   I don’t see anything wrong in doing so if the trip is embarked on through the right channels.  When you travel the legal way, your chances of finding a job and living well are much greater than traveling illegally.

These days the trip has changed from Agege to Europe.  Many of our youth will go to all lengths to travel to Europe or just leave the shores of Ghana in the hopes of making it in life. Some go by sea which is often deadly; others acquire a connection visa, which is better, but not the best way and others acquire visas on their own to travel.  Unfortunately for some, they only realize that life outside Ghana is not any easier or better than they had thought.

After traveling, some find themselves as maids, sex slaves, drug peddlers, or prostitutes.  In Italy for instance, some of our Ghanaian women are prostitutes, not to talk of our Nigerian friends who are in charge of the trade out there.

Their standard of living of these people is deplorable. Some don’t even have homes to go to after prostituting themselves on the street all day and night.  They sleep on pieces or rugs and mattresses under trees and tents.  That is so sad.

There is no pain greater than the pain of suffering in a foreign land where you have no relatives or friends to turn to.  I can understand that our country is no better, but in my opinion it is better to live in Ghana than to travel abroad to suffer and be humiliated like these photos show.  What do you think? Please join the discussion…

Click Here To See A Shocking Video Of What Some Africans Do In Italy For A Living (Pay Attention from 22:00) (+18 ONLY)


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