Celebrity Tweet Photos Of The Week: John Dumelo, Becca, Tiffany, Lousika, Juliet Ibrahim, Yvonne Nelson & Others…

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John Dumelo

Another week and several celebrity photos…As usual, various social media platforms were buzzing with several Ghanaian celebrities sharing photos with their fans this week. And below are our favorites for the week!

Jimmy Jean Louis And Yvonne Nelson





Juliet Ibrahim

Juliet Ibrahim2


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    1. @Dr. Miyagi, I don’t care what is being said about j.ibrahim….I think she’s exceptionally beautiful and hair does justice to her beauty as well……besides,i don’t think her pants is really orange,she might have done something to that pic cos the outfit she has on is the same as the one in the next pic and that doesn’t look orange to me….what I want her to do peacefully is hang up the acting career cos she sucks in acting and dont nobody checking for her movies. she should concentrate on the other businesses she has and the foundation cos she’s really doing an amazing job with that.

    2. jimmy in the same movie with Yvonne??? im done with him….boy what is wrong with u?? u go from Hollywood and movies like ‘toussaint l’ouverture” to acting with Yvonne nelson???? no shade to Yvonne but y’all know she’s a bad actress,just overrated! and I don’t see how jimmy ended up in a movie with her….now listen folks.when somebody is not good at doing something,but ur good at that same thing(eg,acting,singing,rapping etc)and u end up performing with that person,their poor performance robs on u,it brings u down as well. like nse ikpe etim alongside rukky sanda in “lovelorn”….it was bad I couldn’t even believe that was nse in the movie….that’s how jimmy will be looking, Ur Welcome!!!