New Music Video: ‘Need U Now’ By Sala

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Sala of Paradise Entertainment is putting all she has into her career as she strives to reach the top. The young Ghanaian musician has just released a very cool video for her single ‘Need U Now’.

The video’s quality is fine but I am not still that sure about the song…

Check out the video below



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  1. ALL GHANA SONGS SOUND THE SAME… words that make no sense.. soo predictable. i need to start singing too. lol tooo easyyy!!

  2. Y am I not surprised @ some of these inane comments? Did the song carry a msg? Did the video do justice to the msg? Was it a well produced video? U score 9.99 out of 10 across board in ma opinion. It’s unfortunate we live in a society that brews nothing but condemnation. Compared to what I see on our screens in terms of quality, this vedio stands tall. Don’t be demoralized my dear. What u need is support and encouragement. Don’t pay any mind to nonsense. Kudos to you and ur team.

  3. I guess thats why we Africans are behind when it comes to everything , instead of us to support one another and encourage people to bring out da best in them , we are always quick to criticise . It’s only insecure people who pick on others , because that’s da only way they feel better about themselves . Sala is one of the top female artist in Ghana , she is got it all, she can sing , dance and act . In my opinion a superstar in the making !