LORD HAVE MERCY (LHM): Man,25, Rapes 75-Year-Old Woman In Accra As She Slept ‘Nekkid’

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A 75 year old woman who has not had sex in about 15 years was pounded on my a certain man-Atsu,25, as she slept naked at night due to the heat in Ghana which has been made worse by the on-going power crisis.

How can some men be this pathetic? Raping a damn 75 year old woman? GEEZ!

JoyOnline Reports;

A 25-year-old man, whose name was only given as Atsu, has admitted to raping a 75-year-old lady (name withheld) in her room at North Kaneshie in Accra.

The old lady, who narrated her ordeal to Adom News Kofi Assan, said due to the ongoing power crisis, she has been sleeping naked because of the heat.

She said on the afternoon of Saturday, March 24, 2013, she was in bed when she felt something entering into her private part and when she opened her eyes she saw Atsu lying on her and penetrating her.

“I wanted to shout but he covered my mouth with his palm and warned to be quiet or he would harm me – I think his manhood is very big and it has been 15 years since I last had sex so he could not penetrate me well. His manhood kept pounding the lips of my private parts so I now feel sharp pains around that region and in my abdomen,” she said.

The old lady said since the incident she has also developed a sight problem and she sees things “blue blue” according to her.

According to the woman, it was her 8-year-old grand-daughter who walked in on the incident and blew the alarm otherwise “he would have given me cuts in my private part.”

She said Atsu is the brother of her daughter-in-law, but he does not frequent the house, so she was surprised that he came to the house at that time of the day when everyone else was out.

When the girl blew the alarm, the old lady’s son, Kwadwo Koduah also came in and found Atsu with his pants down standing over his mother.

According to Kwadwo, he confronted Atsu, but he initially denied raping the old lady saying the old lady consented to the act.

Kwadwo said he called others in the house and they attempted arresting Atsu and taking him to the police station, but he fought back and later his twin brother Etse also joined him to fight for his freedom.

Atsu managed to escape but Kwadwo reported the matter to the Darkuman Police, and Atsu was arrested in the early hours of Thurday, March 28, 2013 from his hideout in Kasoa in the Central Region.

Detective Corporal Alex Quansah of the Kaneshie Police told Adom News Atsu initially denied any offence, but after further interrogation he finally admitted to raping the old lady.

Atsu is currently in the custody of the Kaneshie Police Station, and he is helping police investigation pending a court action against him based on his own admission.

Kwadwo told Adom News he now has a police extract to take her mom to the hospital for examine and assessment of the damage Atsu may have cause to her.

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  1. Ooo Nyebro you cant find these young beautiful Ghanaian girls around out and within Accra…

    Wonders will never END they say

  2. smh :: this is beyond unbeliavable ..he needs to be checked in the psychiatric hospital ….gosh .. am gutted .