Juliet Ibrahim…More Like The Queen Of Hips

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Juliet Ibrahim

Last night in Nigeria, Ghanaian actress and mother of one-Juliet Ibrahim played Kim Kardashian at the Comedian-AY Easter Comedy Show in ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’, and we’re told her hips got people talking….

Slowly, Juliet Ibrahim is winning with those hips as she continues to flaunt her curvy body in tight revealing dresses.

As we wait for the official photos from the show, check out those that were shared on social media!

Banging sexy!

Juliet Ibrahim1

Juliet Ibrahim2

Juliet Ibrahim And Denrele
Juliet Ibrahim And Denrele



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    1. I swear this is the best I’ve seen Juliet….she looks amazing,she’s done a good job losing that baby weight.Proud of her,dont be fooled,im not a fan..! (of her acting I mean)

  1. So why is she not wearing her marriage rings? she rather has a funny band there. Chris go and bring us this story about juliets marriage. I am now very curious.
    We also want to know why Jackie left her husband. because he is now broke?
    Hurry up don’t let them pay you to hide it biko

    1. Juliet lied to all of us dat she was married to a pilot when infact da boy hasn’t evn flown ann accra kumasi flight b4,she lives in her mums house wit her wanabe pilot hubby n dey don’t even own a car dat was why she was hustling for dat ghana movie awards car she co won wit jackie,roselyn n co,she goes to 9ja to sleep wit men for money,married woman indeed mtcchewwww @sistergirl,

  2. wow this woman is something easy ppl a mother she still look great i tell like what somebody said if she not i her marriage again i can’t wait then to go and get here for my self no matter what it cost ok

  3. Chris has no balls to talk about Jackie’s divorce, if it were raining insults and writing untruths about Nadia Buari and Yvonne Nelson, the ink in his pen flows like nobody’s business!

  4. i dont kinow,is she an halfcast or arabcast ? idont think she is all that beautifull,she has to go on diat and put on a long dress that would cover her legs.