WTF: Chris Brown Talks About AZONTO On BET, But He Says The Dance Is A Nigerian Thing…

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Chris Brown Talks About Azonto

It seems Chris Brown coming to Ghana and introducing Nigerian artiste-Wizkid on stage to do Azonto was not a mere mistake. In fact, Chris Brown thinks Azonto is a Nigerian thing…

Probably he is taking the piss out of Ghanaians by failing to credit Ghana with the dance which has gained international recognition…

Talking about his new album ‘X’ and music video ‘Fine China’ on BET 106 & Park yesterday, Chris Brown mentioned that he has incorporated a dance from Africa called Azonto into his dance moves in the video. He even went ahead to request for a tune to be played, so he can demonstrated Azonto to the millions of viewers.

Unfortunately, he linked Nigerians Wizkid to the dance, saying he learnt it from him-that is not so bad. But he categorically added that, Azonto is a Nigerian thing…REALLY?

This is like me going on CNN to say EBA is a Ghanaian food…

Is Chris Brown taking the piss out of Ghana or is it that he does not know the truth about Azonto?

If you are reading this post and you are on twitter, tweet @ChrisBrown  and say; For the last time, Azonto is a Ghana dance, get it straight man @GhanaCelebrity!

Watch Chris Brown’s BET Interview below

Watch ‘Fine China’ below


Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Founding Editor
Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri is the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com , a Film Critic and a Human Rights Advocate; he holds 2 masters degrees in Law; International Human Rights Law (LL.M) and Legal Practice Course (LL.M) from University of Leicester and Nottingham Law School--and also a degree in Law (LL.B) from University of East London. He's a Professional Truth Sayer and he is the author of the popular eBook “Success is a Right, Not A Privilege.” He currently works at Adukus Solicitors in London--where he uses his legal brains to kick real ass, for the good of clients and humanity. Contact: [email protected]


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  1. Am not surprised cos i have been watching many videos on YouTube by Nigerians saying azonto is from Nigeria which is really funny ,

    Is not a big deal Nigerians will always copy from us a son mimicking any thing from his father is not a crime…

    And what astonishes me is if you ask a Nigerian in presence of a Ghanaian that where is azonto from he/she will say Ghana but in the absence of Ghanaian he/she will say azonto is a Nigerian thing …

    Obasanjo even said azonto is from Nigeria

    Once a thief is always a THIEF

    1. Ok so as much as I was sooo furious and couldn’t wait to hear what breezy said,im calmed now because chris didn’t say the azonto dance is a nigerian thing,all I know,the blogger is twisting his words,….he said he learnt it from a Nigerian artist in Nigeria….Nigeria do the azonto,so ofcourse if he went to Nigeria,yeah he will know about the azonto. if he had Ghanaian friends like he does in Nigeria,im sure he woulda known better….stop tripping guys and keep calm,i know for some reason chris robs everbody the wrong way even if he didn’t wrong anyone so I get y’all frustration but y’all need to calm down on this. calm down.!!!

      1. @honey, From the whole video, there is no doubt that Chris Brown is saying or meant that, to the best of his knowledge, Azonto is a Nigerian creation, cos he vividly say, people should not credit him for the creation of the dance. It is not his but rather Wizkid from Nigeria taught him, it is a Nigerian. If anything, he could have said, Wizkid from Nigeria taught him and it is a Ghanaian thing or a Ghanaian creation

      2. @honey,exactly u got it they be tripping cos brezzy aint got any Ghanaian musician as frnd i just don`t knw why they tripping on him  

    2. @27cдгibre(Ф_ф),Your expression has led me to believe that you are recovering lunatic, who hates being sane. If you are not, it is fair to conclude that you are a person of exceptionally wretched upbringing, and should be allowed to roam with pigs to acquire additional manners from them. (I was not born and has never been to Nigeria).

      1. @Sleek, your use of words is so funny. am laughing really hard and absolutely pity the person you are referring to. anyway, am nigerian. dont blame chris brown am sure he said what he tot was right and i never knew azonto was a ghanian thing. hmm…

    3. @27cдгibre(Ф_ф), guys when will u recorver from this beefing of 9gerian success in the Entertainment Industry, tell me, from all the list of your so called stars (eg R2B, Tic Tac, Tinny, Charlie or watever they are called) which of them have been signed on to International record labels, or feature the likes of Rick Rose, Kenya West, Wyclef, Busta Rythm, Akon, Snoop Dog,etc….Pls if not for Nigerian talent Ghana Entertainment will have been extremely embarrassing….both in acting and music. So go get a life.

      1. @Omo Oba, reggie rockstone feat snoop doggy dog when he he made collabo where was Nigerian artist no where away first sign to konvict where was Nigeria nowhere yet he is still pushing units out, tinchy stryder sign to rock nations and still pushing units out where was Nigerian artist again no where, SAS sign to Dipset where was Nigerian again nowhere nigerian artist Bigz tried everything to get signed to diplomats yet it never happened, Osei Jenkins sign by reakwon wu tang clan, loick easien been a ghostwriter to so many US artist including writing for ester dean and many others, Sqaud Boys making noise within the in the states Nd features likes like fabulous juelz Santana, Tyga etc D-Black featuring Jim Jones, Ransom Etc D-black can get features from any USA artist but he is doing his own thing he could have been signed by def jam but kept it african and I can go on and on including IYAZ, Soul nana fuse odg made a banger feat wycleff jean and until now still hitting in the states and Haiti and our uk born Ghanaian female called Zena who has done collaboration with Beyonce, Kanye West, Jay-Z and Alicia Keys so before you come and ask any questions get your facts right not because some few artist has made collabos with rick Ross and akon doesn’t mean you guys are somewhere trust me nigerian is nowhere we live and breath in the industry something you people still need to work hard for only if these African media would write about them and stop focussing on the local ones than you wouldn’t be asking all this stupid question so bounce


      1. @27cдгibre(Ф_ф), i am quite disappointed at the level of intelligence displayed by the social media users in ghana. it is even more disappointing that your are brothers and sisters from one race hating ya-self like haterz with no brain. go back to the video and listen again to the words of chris brown. he gave credit to his teacher and africa and that does not mean that his teacher was or is the originator of the style. he was only opportuned to learn it from the right person and at the right place and time….we made your dance count in the global world and soon the world will have the azonto on the encyclopedia. we deserve some credit… go tighten up ur belts and better your assimilation strength before pouring out words to the air without justifiable proofs to back up your empty points…. nigeria still rules the entertainment industry in africa. believe it or you die trying…….

      2. @27cдгibre(Ф_ф),
        You know how Nigerians are …..Yes Nigerians are beautiful pple with so much intelligent and tallent, anything we patronise sell like madt…..we rule Africa in acting and Music, we produce the richest enterpreneurs in Africa and where ever we step our foot we dominate, that who we are we are king makers, we dont scot or attache like Ghanian…we are born to rule the Music industry. last time i checked u guys (ghana) dont have any name that can pull the crowd in any int’l event…#Mtcheeeew

    1. @KA NE WU, u are a complete idiot for sayn “u know how nigerians are”. whoz fault is it that you and ur people “ghanians” are dull? u people are apparently so dull that u wre guyd in ur own home. wasnt it ghana chris brown was invited to? wasnt it there dat he saw the dance? den y did he end up sayn nigeria if not dat you people are so dull as usual. i wont even be suprise if i hear that d dance step was invented by a nigerian living in ghana. you know hw creative we are now……. we too much.

    1. @Frog,
      Thank you! half of the people listening to him on BET don’t even know where Nigeria or Ghana are on the world map. Some of these Americans are so ignorant! So I have better things to do with my time than worry about what some American drug addict said about a Ghanaian dance.

      1. @Afia, sometimes I wonder if there is something they eat that causes their brains to malfunction.cos the ignorance level in this technological era is off the charts

        1. @Frog, lol, last Easter Sunday, my pastor’s wife (they’re all white Americans) invited me home for lunch. One of the people they invited, who is a flight attendant, has flown to several countries & should know better asked me “So how is it like, living with the giraffes”?

  3. Am very happy you respond to my Tweet and Email. i’ve been reading your blog everyday, i mean everyday, and i love your stuff. #inAmerica

      1. @Posted By: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, this pic looks different from your other ones I’ve seen- Your face looks smaller. I hope you’re not losing weight cos I think most men generally don’t look good skinny. Or did you take it some time ago?

  4. i will Hola you More filla if i have it. Well. we all wanna help coz this shit going too far. why Ghana?, I Love your Blog and How its improving i Read Article here everyday. GOD BLESS YOU MAN

  5. this is what i hate about these so called foreign celebs….most of them dont get their facts right, give credit to where credit is due….”dum b a s s”

  6. I would normally laugh in bokoharam tongue! Booooommbwahahahahahahaha.. But This time I’m not going to blame those “Alingo Rats” but as for Chris brown who is probably suffering from mental retardation has no clue what he is talking about we all know where azonto came from how many decades it has been in our culture so why worry about it I personally believe that this shouldn’t have been a topic at all it’s better you guys stop paying attention to this mental handicap who can’t even stand strait, ps Nigerian got Etighi, Alingo, and now trying to create a dance called aluuu chris can sit there and vomit things but all these dance Nigerians got can never be compared to Azonto cause its miles better

    1. @Dr. Miyagi, Exactly..It shouldnt have been given this attention in the first place.Sometimes, its best not to respond to certain things when u find where its coming from.

    2. @Dr. Miyagi, Monkey why dont I see ur comments on imp topics here esp dose about gh BIG PROBLEMS? pls i ve just finihed pooing cum and eat it

      1. @joy, I laughing in bokoharam tongue! Booooommbwahahahahahahaha what you couldn’t handle Afia anymore so your trying to come to me do you need a magnifier to see that I have been commenting you dumb 9ja girl seriously what part of Nigeria are you from “Makoko in Lagos” before you call me a monkey try and look in between your mums legs where you came from before you address me okay cause I don’t waist time on nincompoops like you just see how one person. Has made so many Nigerians sweat and your trying to jump on me now you must be out of your chimpanzee mind. Afia much respect to you for teaching these chimpanzees a lesson especially this useless Joy

        1. @Dr. Miyagi, Chimpanzee Nigs u say, d last time I checked Nig is d only black nation to ve won d most coverted Miss World title, what has beautiful gaynians won? beautiful my ass. lest I 4get I heard dat ur moda was rejected by a naija man bcos he found out dat a rat died in b/w her legs. Abeg tell to take herself to Niger republic to continue her prostitutn so dat yu pple can continue eatin smellin kenke . Fhuck off jooor.///.

          1. @joy, lord just shut up with your nonsense okay I don’t want to hear all that listen to BiG Cheef and heave a great weekend right and incase your to bored than drink bleach and stop switching your tongue like fast lane

    3. @Dr. Miyagi,I don’t have time for long letters Your expression has led me to believe that you are recovering lunatic, who hates being sane. If you are not, it is fair to conclude that you are a person of exceptionally wretched upbringing, and should be allowed to roam with pigs to acquire additional manners from them you are nothing but an idiot insignificant cockroach come and get a life in Nigeria i noticed you have none fool once Again

    4. @Dr. Miyagi, if i hear! azonto better than etighi which era? no tink am o. azonto is okay but compared to etighi dont go dre.

  7. I would normally laugh in bokoharam tongue! Booooommbwahahahahahahaha.. But This time I’m not going to blame those “Alingo Rats” but as for C. brown who is probably suffering from mental retardation has no clue what he is talking about we all know where azonto came from how many decades it has been in our culture so why worry about it I personally believe that this shouldn’t have been a topic at all it’s better you guys stop paying attention to this mental handicap who can’t even stand strait, ps Nigerian got Etighi, Alingo, and now trying to create a dance called aluuu. Breezy can sit there and vomit things but all these dance Nigerians got can never be compared to Azonto cause its miles better

    1. @Dr. Miyagi, I have never insulted anyone on this blog before but for the 1st time, I’ll say that Chris Brown is an idyyot because seriously he’s the only person that description fits. I used to admire him those days when he was coming up & was all cute etc. but nowadays he just looks like an obvious junky. I just don’t want to hear anything about him again.

  8. @Afia, lmao a flight attendant actually asked u this?U shd have asked her if she was sure she is a flight attendant then shaked ur head in sadness and continue with dinner.If she was wise she will realise she made a fool of herself and learn to keep idiotic questions lyk that to herself in the future.Not surprised though someone even asked me how many cars are there in ghana?I just felt lyk hitting my head several times to a wall

    1. @Frog, lol, you’ve got to be kidding me? I’ve gotten to the point where I’m just amused by these comments ignorant people make.

  9. I dissed Breezy but I’m taking back my diss. I think the fault for this one should go to Wizkid & not Breezy. Why? Because C. Brown was honest enough to admit that he learnt the dance from Wizkid & he said ‘I won’t take any credit for it, I learnt it from Nigeria, it’s a Nigerian thingy’. ie: Breezy thought the dance was Nigerian since he learnt it from a Nigerian artist & so it was that artist who should have been honest with Breezy about the dance’s origin. It was artistically dishonest for Wizkid to pass the dance off as a Nigerian dance. Same thing goes for the whole P-Square alingo thingy. It was artistically dishonest for them to take the azonto dance, add a few steps to it & then try to pass it off as a new invention. This is one thing I admire about Beyoncé. She used dance moves from the tofo tofo group from Mozambique for her music video Run the World but she was decent enough to credit them even in her documentary. I think that it’s only decent for all future artists from Nigeria or the rest of Africa who use the azonto dance to credit it to Ghana. Plus, although at first, I just wanted to ignore C. Brown, I think like the writer suggested, those of us on twitter should create a twitter war & let Breezy know that Azonto is a Ghanaian dance. Peace out

  10. The only thing i can say is that this stupid chris or whatever,yes i mean the product of a leaking c o n d o m,you actually have no news to say,you just bring up shallow things as shallow as your brain,and these ghanian d i c k suckers and p u s s y niggas will spend precious time crying over it,what the flying fuck do i care about chris brown’s interview?,what the twerking 4ck do i care about our own wizkid?what the twerking 4ck do i care about any nigerian artist?what the twerking 4ck do i care about these musicians,nothing,i visit nigerian and ghanian websites on leisure and they post matured things but this so called anyanpong sounding like king kong boy of an immature mind just keep showing his immaturity,guy man or boyoyo,i no knw wetin i go call your black ferrow wheel,spend your time they post sensible things,i warn you some time ago,na one virus to your website link and it is the end of this childish website,talking about a 4king dance move we dont give a fuck about,mind you,azonto,alingo,akpako,and all of them,we dont give a flying fuck,weve got the future to think bout,the fact this 4king artist wizkid chrisbrown,like to do the dance and of course,its not a lecture where he might put a pen on brown’s hand and lecture him on a damn dance move,cmon,we dont give a twerking fuck about no dance move in nigeria,our musicians just tend to learn dance move because they are doing music not like the people give a flying 4ck,and come to think of it,who made the damn dance move known round the world,aint it wizkid?the dude touring round the world teaching everybody and you just want to sit down and claim glory on your inconsistent axses?cmon,i hear too much noise about dance thing,is that your problem?like really?are you this idle?do something about your time and lives and stop worrying bout unimportant childish news posted by this hopeless shallow minded chris kong,or the twerking hell they call him,migayi and the other guy,it will take a little time,i dont say what i wont do,i must kill you before i take a rest,you 4ked with the wrong man

    1. @We all, dude are you “under the influence of medication” try and move out of the ghetto or stop listening to those hip hop cause seriously you are junked-up cause is either your suffering from depression or your just mental illness you Psychopaths


      God will continue use BOKO HARAM TO PUNISH YOU PEOPLE FOOL AT 2013

    3. @We all, If you hate the author of this blog so much then why are you here commenting on HIS blog? I think it’s highly disrespectful of you to call the blog author all these names on HIS own blog. If you don’t find what he writes interesting or important enough then please don’t come here. The blogs name is Ghana celebrities & it is very relevant to some of us.Thank you.

        1. @Dr. Miyagi, what kind of behavior is that? It’s highly disrespectful. If you feel you hate the comments of someone’s blog then stay off. I think it’s because We Gh folks are so calm & accepting so anyone thinks they can take us for granted. I would never go to any of the Nigerian sites & write this junk that We all just published about the blog owner. I would never go to an American site like Clutchmagazine & start writing crazy things about the blog writers or their country. It’s only on a Gh blog that people think they can do anything they like. To all & sundry, the name of the blog is GHANA CELEBRITIES. If you don’t like the topics published here, don’t come here again! Bye bye. Some of us like the topics very much and are fully behind the blog owner.

          1. @Afia, your right I saw him mentioning my name in their as well but I have come to realise that whoever that person is, is not normal I’m just happy that the owner dud not replied him

          2. @Dr. Miyagi, lol

            I dare him to reply if he reply the missiles i will launch will be more than that of BOKO HARAM

    4. @We all, Why all these insults? Can’t you make your point without insulting people left and right? So childish, go and give your mother’s laptop to her

    5. @We all, pls which illness are u suffering from? wats ur own with all the 4king 4king in ur sentence that is causing it not to make any sense at all? oh i get it now. ur one of does i-wannabe-americanaz. well i have news for you. you re not getting it right at all. cut down on the 4king 4king, ganna, wanna, shit in your words. they are too much.

  11. It will b too bad for u guys to start another WAR again on this trend for little issues like this. It was never stated in this report that wizkid told Chris that the dance is NigerIan, rather Chris is ASSUMING THAT SINCE HE LEANT IT FROM A NIGERIAN it would probably be Nigerian. I would only blame wizkid for misinformation if it is report from Chris himself that it was wizkid who TOLD that the dance was Nigerian. Again rather than blame Nigeria for every wrong tins in Ghana, i would blame Ghanians for not being proactive themselves .people like samine ought to b teaching his foregin mate about African music and not let Nigeria take the lead everytime. We are waiting on samine to do a MIx on this one too, since that is all he knows how to do. Shame on him, when wizkid was TEACHing Chris Azonto were was him?.for the records Azonto is Ghanian and No Nigerian is claiming, in d words of TOnto Azonto is Azonto while Alingo is alingo.PEACE

  12. It will b too bad for u guys to start another WAR again on this trend for little issues like this. It was never stated in this report that wizkid told Chris that the dance is NigerIan, rather Chris is AZSUMING THAT SINCE HE LEANT IT FROM A NIGERIAN it would probably be Nigerian. I would only blame wizkid for misinformation if it was reported from Chris himself that it was wizkid who TOLD him that the dance was Nigerian. Again rather than blame Nigeria for every wrong tins in Ghana entertainment, i would blame Ghanians for not being proactive themselves .people like samine ought to b teaching his foregin mate about African music and not let Nigeria take the lead everytime. We are waiting on samine to do a MIx on this one too, since that is all he knows how to do. Shame on him, when wizkid was TEACHing Chris Azonto were was him?.for the records Azonto is Ghanian and No Nigerian is claiming it, in d words of TOnto Azonto is Azonto while Alingo is alingo.PEACE

    1. @Emma, well articulated response u just spoke my mind. Quoting for m the last statement of the first paragraph ‘chris brown THINKS azonto is a Nigerian thing’ again i wonder if simply English is simply. Even the OP is contradicting himself looking for ways to land the blame of Nigerian. So since when did Nigerians start controlling the THOUGHs of Chris brown, or did Chris tell them that wizzy told him . The twitter war would not end the story rather u people should contribute money and give to samine to go to the states and tell breezy to his face that he is wrong, Wizkid is going international Haters are hating. Samine should go now and teach usher azonto now ooooooooooooooo, not when Davido would teach usher azonto them we all start shouting, 9ja4life.

    2. @Emma, How are Ghanaians not being proactive enough? Fuse ODG just made a song with Wyclef. For Pete’s sake, even American soldiers in Afghanistan danced azonto & put it on their youtube page (maybe you should google it). We live in a global village now & thanks to youtube, people don’t even need to ‘sell’ a dance before international celebs will find it. How did Beyoncé discover Tofo Tofo? Was it not on youtube? They didn’t ‘sell’ the dance to her. In any case, we don’t need Nigerians to sell our dance for us, thank you very much. Please, like I said,if you want to imitate someone’s dance at least credit them for it! But don’t do it & say you invented it or add 3 steps & call it a different name.

  13. @Afia, common Afia….dnt u fink u r a bit harsh on wizkid?…..dnt u fink u r bin unfair to him by jumpin to conclusion dat wizzy did not com out to tell him about d origin of d dance?….were u privy to their discussions?…..evrybody knws azonto is a ghanian fin(well except CB…)…he is entitled to his opinion n dat opinion is not stoppin u guys frm dancin ur azonto n nigerians r not claimin d dance…….

    1. @Echa, I don’t think I’m being too harsh. Let’s not pretend. If a white man comes to my country & I make eba for him to eat, would he not ask me how I made the food, where the food is from etc? And if at the end of the day, he goes away with the view that eba is a Ghanaian meal, whose fault is it? That’s why I blame Wizkid & also Psquare. I don’t have a problem with people dancing a particular dance but like I said, it’s dishonest as an artist to pick up an idea, dance etc from someone & not credit the person but pass it off as your own. How would you feel if tomorrow you watch Oprah & an American artiste comes on wearing lace & gele & tells Oprah that her Ghanaian friend gave it to her & that lace & gele is a Ghanaian thingy. Would you be pleased? Would it not mean that the Ghanaian friend misinformed her?

  14. I’m glad Chris brown did that, next time Ghanaians will think twice before spending such a ridiculous amount for an American star. Ah! Over a million dollar for that kid we still have poverty in Africa; Come one. It serves you right. you go learn!

      1. @Dr. Miyagi, I saw a clip of the concert Ghanaians paid him to perform in and I was amazed when he started doing the azonto dance, and if I’m not mistaking he was on stage with a local Ghanaian artist. So naturally i assumed he knew the dance originated from GH, so for him to discredit the origin of this dance is a slap on the face to GH, especially since he demonstrated he knew what he was doing at GH’s independence concert. That’s my opinion on the matter, and to be frank I’m over it.

        1. @yolanda, sweetness, I agree with you. I’ve always been irritated when I think that RLG actually spent that amount of money on him. To me, that’s the dumbest thing they could ever have done (pardon my language but I become passionate when I’m talking about the welfare of my country). So in a case, it serves as right that he acted like a brat when he got here- refusing limo service, smoking weed on stage & now passing off azonto as a Nigerian dance. Next time, RLG will use that money for better stuff

  15. Every Nigerian i have encountered with shows characteristics of stealing ….

    Crime is in their blood ,a leopard can not change the spots on his body never…

    Once a thief is a thief

    1. @27cдгibre(Ф_ф), why are you so angry? Is it because Azonto is the only natural resource we have? What have they stolen from us? Was Michael Jackson the first to do the moonwalk? Didn’t he take it from James Brown and add a twist? Did James Brown say he was a thief? Yet everyone says the moonwalk originated from MJ. How many Nigerians are there in the world? How many could you have possibly met? Yet you all come here making generalizations. So what if Chris Brown thinks the dance is from Nigeria? Send him a tweet correcting this assumption. Stop winning like angry brats.

      1. @Kwame, men shut your mouth and stick to the topic with your falsely information who told you James brown was the first to do the moonwalker dance

        Before you call someone a brat make sure you know what your saying Fir your info Jeffrey Daniel, a Los Angeles-born member of the British pop group Shalamar and a reknown West Coast street dancer is the one that did the moonwalker first thought MJ and Jackson later on put is signature on it by making it his own ofui

  16. This is the problem with Africans. We bear so much animosities towards ourselves, & would rather see an American or European prosper to the detriment of a fellow African. Will all this argument bout the origin of Azonto change the price of rice in the market? Truth be told, Azonto gained prominence only because Nigeria embraced the dance,& popularised it. Go ask some South Africans, they’d tell U Azonto is Nigerian because its the Nigerian artists they see pushing the dance thru. You can imagine CB was taught the dance by a Nigerian celeb, Ghanaians owe Nigerians big time for advertising Azonto!! We’re turning this whole thing into a country war. SHAME ON ALL OF US AFRICANS!!! SHAME ON MOST OF THE COMMENTS HERE!!!

    1. @Kay Jay, and that is where I disagree with you, Azonto didn’t ‘gain prominence’ because Nigerian artistes started imitating it. Check your facts. BBC & CNN were in Ghana interviewing folks about the dance long before Nigerian artistes started passing the dance off as their own. A Ghanaian musician Fuse ODG did a collabo with an International artiste because he started a youtube competition for people to submit azonto dance routines & this gained popularity. Indeed, the American soldiers in Afghanistan who posted their
      Azonto routine on youtube said that it was one of Fuse ODG’s dance competition videos that inspired them to do their routine.Azonto songs & the dance was so popular in the UK & being played in clubs there that a white guy in London danced it & posted the dance online only then did Dbanj go & look for that white guy to feature him in a video. Oh & since it hadn’t gained any prominence outside GH, where did the Nigerians learn it from? You should rather condemn this artistic fraud where people are trying to pass azonto off as their own rather than try to justify it.

      1. @Afia, in fact name, u speak well…can u imagine someone making a statement that when wizkid was busy teaching Chris azonto, where was samini…these so called Nigerian artist should even be ashamed of themselves…a foreigner comes to ur country and u couldn’t teach him any of ur complex dances? Come on now…next time when someone comes to ur country teach them something from Nigeria not ghana…Brown’s ppl just needs to brief him that azonto is NOT and can NEVER be a Nigerian dance…THEY WISH…LOL…but u’ve spoken well name as always

        1. @lilyy, thanks my dear. I’m in shock myself with the attitude these people have. It’s like there’s no shame at all about imitating someone else’s dance & trying to pass it off as your own. & people are justifying it here! Hmmm

          1. @Afia, is this the same Afia I thought I knew so well? You are “in shock” because of a mere dance routine you think has been imitated and credit not given to the originators? UNBELIEVABLE. So Azonto is such a GREAT National treasure and accomplishment that Ghanaians are willing to bandy insults for months on end now and even probably go to war? All any blogger who desires traffic to his site now needs to do is mention Azonto and Nigeria in one breath and record over 100 comments filled with passion, insults and bile within minutes. Well, for my Nigerian brothers and sisters who come to this and other Ghanaian blogs, kindly understand that this Azonto dance is important to Ghanaians; if you can, don’t dance or imitate it at all to avoid being called thieves and copycats. If you must dance it or a variation of it please, please, please credit GHANA with a loud caption in CAPITAL LETTERS. Don’t assume it is a mere inconsequential dance and belittle it so we and our brothers can continue to live in peace. I had sworn not to comment on this Azonto issue again but could not resist when I read all the apoplectic comments today, particularly the very ones from AFIA. I hope we all can get over this idiocy because I want to believe there are more worthwhile things to command our attention than any dance whatsoever.

          2. @Big Chief, finally someone who understands my pain, thank you and amen! Now can we all just move on to more important topics. This is so embarrassing. We as Africans are one people under the same sun. So all this disrespectful words, and unneccassary threats towards each other is redundent. FYI artists copy, take, steal from one onther all the time. In America, for instance, I hear songs from a new singer who never cridets the origin of the song or artist that sung the same song years before them. And most time if not all the time, I find out by hearing the original song version from the original artist by mere accident. So you see this Chris brown issue is very Trivial lets move on and just agree that we all steal or take, borrow something from somewhere or someone and most time fail to give credit where credit is due. Ya’ll have a blessed day or night depending on where you reside.

          3. @Big Chief & Yolanda: Why are you surprised that people are commenting on this topic? Because you think it’s trivial? Ah but that is the whole point man! It’s an entertainment website, of course it’s trivial topics we all discuss here to have relief!! If you want more serious topics & debates & stuff, maybe this isn’t the website for you, I suggest you try africanbusinessmagazine or even bbc’s Africa page. Is it not ironic that as ‘not serious’ as both of you consider this topic to be, you couldn’t resist commenting on it? (one of you even commented on it twice! 🙂 ) And it’s time we stopped encouraging negative behavior with that tired ‘Oh we’re all one, we’re all Africans’ excuse. Sure, we’re all one but we must respect each other & give credit where credit is due. My sister & I are blood relatives, does it mean ‘because we’re all one’ I can go into her house anytime I like & start using her properties like they’re my own? You think South Africans will be amused if tomorrow Ghanaians start behaving like we created kwaito? Or Congolese people will clap for us when Ghanaian artistes try to pass off soukous as a Ghanaian dance to Americans? The fact that people copy & steal others’ artistic ideas all the time doesn’t mean it’s right.

  17. For a last time chris kong,the very one from an haemophroditic parent,the very one who ate salt prepared for him by his mother,of course rice was added,i dont take thrash,i dont give a damn about our musicians,talk less those ghanian noise makers,oh u featured wyclef?for real?we are tired of seeing wyclef,akchuly he spends half a year in sound sultan’s house,too many collabo from the both of them,we dont see it as international,well you donkey akses always it the nigerian reminant,although i also dont give a twerking 4ck abt nigerian musicians,where have you dafties seen me comment on a ghanian thing,what the flying 4ck is my business,you dont mention my country and tell me to stay outcommon ghana me and my nigiz can destroy in just two days including your soldiers,only thing holding us,is cos we gat pity for the old ones,or i put an end to that joke you call a country,chris,your photo gotten,i will be in ghana next week,if i get clear info abt where you operate,im coming there and im killing you,now for migayi,enough said kid,the other ape,i wont defy my gun or axe with your blood,migayi,throw childish jokes,it aint funny although your death will be,migayi and chris,i see men chasing deth,but you just cant believe i will get you and that is the funny thing,cos i will,will be done with my application i am moulding,before i sell it for over a million dollars like my last time,i will test it on this website,i will get all your emails and that will be the end,im coming to ghana,you think i really gat anything coming to the village to do?,hmmmm,i will be in a hotel,i will start with the both of you,chris and migayi,i will put a virus in this wacksite,i will get the password of the server,i will control this website,and i will post your remains.i dont fuck with my countrymen,i dont fuck with you also


      Foolish animal..

      This the type of people BOKO HARAM should kill…


  18. Funny enough, this blog is a copied work of & nobody’s crying foul. I listen to Majid’s interview on cine afrik,& he authoritatively stated Ghanaian movies are copying scripts from Naija movies & adding a few changes WITHOUT CREDITING the original owners & nobody’s making any noise bout that. Mehn….y’all need to chill.

    1. @Kay Jay, it is artistic dishonesty for Ghanaians to imitate Nigerian movies without crediting, I’d admit that (wish you’d admit same about the Nigerian artistes trying to pass azonto off as a Ghanaian thing but whatever.) Anyways, let’s not pretend that it’s only Ghanaian movie producers who are imitating other story lines. There are sooo many Nigerian movies that imitate American movies one that comes off the top of my head is
      ‘Break-up’ with Genevieve Nnaji, Ramsey Nouah etc. which clearly imitated ‘Two can play that game’? When Ghanaians acted princess Tyra & it picked up an AMAA award, after that there started a ‘Royal Season’ in Nigerian movies which is yet to calm down- every movie these days is Royal this or Royal that. However, I’d never use those instances to justify Ghanaian artistes imitating Nigerian artistes (be they in movies etc.) so please don’t use the ‘they do it too’ excuse to justify so many Nigerian artistes trying to pass azonto off as a Nigerian dance. It aint cool

    2. @Kay Jay, Oh & as for this website being an imitation of or whatever, I highly disagree with you but I think Chris-Vincent is the right person to reply since it’s his blog. I had never heard of that website before anyway & when I just went there, I didn’t see any similarity (unless the name is what you think is similar)? And since Chris is imitating that blog, why are you here commenting? Why not go to that blog & comment rather? It’s funny how you and other persons are slating Chris Vincent for putting up this blog, it’s contents, the blog not being original etc and yet everyday you come here to comment. Hmmm

  19. Even d CB dat started dis whole fin is there finkin of d nxt fin to do n y’all r here cryin out ur lungs…….azonto is a global movement n itis a ghaian dance…..Nigeria is not claimin dey own d azonto(it is not earnin us foreign exchange) n Nigerians shud not b held responsible 4 som1’s assumption….if a celebrity like CB does not knw whr d azonto(wit its acclaimed popularity) originate frm n just assume it is frm anoda country,den i wonda wat we r talkin about here………

    1. @Echa, Chris Brown doesn’t now that azonto is Ghanaian because he visited Nigeria first b4 he came to Ghana & the Nigerian artistes he met first portrayed azonto as a Nigerian dance. Simple. Nigerian artistes have portrayed azonto as their own. When you have a group like P-square doing virtually azonto moves & then calling it alingo, isn’t that claiming it? I’m not the one who called the alingo dance azonto, check what Nigerians said about it on their blogs after the song was released. I can post some of the comments from those blogs here for you if you want to make you realize that way before Samini complained, Nigerians were commenting that the alingo dance was virtually azoto. If azonto wasn’t giving Nigerian artistes bucks why are they all of a sudden singing azonto songs & using the dance moves like crazy? Are they doing it because they love Ghana so much? No, they’re getting a benefit from it. Even my Nigerian best friend here in the US tried to pass off Azonto to me & my Ugandan friend as a Nigerian dance. 2 weeks after I met her, she was asking me if I liked Nigerian azonto or Ghanaian azonto & which one is better & which one came first. I had to put her in her place & tell her that madam, there’s no Nigerian azonto. Azonto originated from Gh, period.



      Check your record globally and you will see 419 did not go viral for nothing…

      1. @27cдгibre(Ф_ф), go on wiv ur rantin……i was exchangin views wiv educated n matured Afia n i neva remembered referin to u….u v a lot to learn frm ha in passin reasonable comments,….ur rantin is turnin into a nuisance…

        1. @Echa, are you educated for God sake …
          Check what you wrote and point out your spelling mistakes i hope you are not trying to use your Nigerian horrible accents on Ghanaian website
          We dont say shoe instead of pursue

  20. I am laughing for the misconception and ignorance of some comments here, Wizkid Azonto was released in NOV 2011, and he credited Ghana dully for the dance(pls listen to the lyrics), Nigerians helped make the dance a hit international, i know fuse did somethin with azonto but am pretty sure dat was after Wizkid Azonto expired(check the date). If Ghanian made Azonto popular as claimed here how come some TOP Ghanian artist are still not known international? If known how come wizkid was the one TEACHing breezy the dance and not ‘fuse’. I can’t believe that WE are fighting for what Chris brown THINKS about azonto and not what he was Told. Pls guys drop this thing about stealing or imitation bcos there is nothing Original

    1. @chi, the fight is not about C. Brown not knowing anything. Read my earlier comments where I said, I care less about him or Americans being ignorant about azonto because they’re ignorant about so many things in the first place. My beef is about Nigerian artistes acting like azonto is some Nigerian invention or even doing it, throwing in 2 additional steps & calling it by some other name. Please. The Ghanaian artistes who made Azonto famous (ie: Sarkodie & FUSE) are known internationally so what are you talking about? Wizkid got the chance to teach C. Brown azonto because C. Brown came to Nigeria before he came to Gh & met Wizkid b4 meeting Ghanaian artistes. I could also ask your question that if Nigerian artistes are the ones who made azonto so popular then how come it was Fuse who taught Wyclef azonto & not Wizkid or Psquare? See where this argument is going? Are you saying that since there’s nothing original it’s ok for people to steal others’ concepts & pass it off as their own? Please be honest & condemn wrong doing & stop justifying it just because those who did are are from your country.

  21. @Afia, i can pin point Nigerian artistes dat makes reference to azonto in their songs i.e wizkid,olamide n may d dat uses d dancesteps in som of his videos…..even wen p Square came out wiv d alingo,pple in naija still yabd dem…..and to ur naija frnds ova there u made reference to,wat if d naija azonto dey were referin to was d style of dancin since azonto is not Nigerian……like i said if pple out there assumed it is a naija dance,den d onus is for u guys to use evry medium to educate n set d record straight……

    1. @Echa, stop that trash talk pls cause you hit no glue what your talking about, your name makes me sick each tune it pops op and all that trash your writing stop

      Cause it’s not a good look at all

    2. @Echa, so we’re using this medium to set the record straight & tell Nigerian artistes to stop passing off azonto as a Nigerian dance or at least admit that they sampled azonto moves when they use them. Beyoncé did it, C Breezy even did it when they all used moves of another artiste- P-square is yet to admit that the ‘alingo’ they came out with is a flat out imitation of azonto. They’re rather justifying it. It’s also because we want to set the record straight that this article was posted here by the author & we’re commenting on it. So I find it highly offensive that Nigerian commentators here are stating that Ghanaians shouldn’t complain but we should rather be grateful to Nigerian artistes for making azonto popular. The nerve of that! To write such things on a Ghanaian blog! As if any of you would tolerate us saying something remotely close to that on YOUR blogs! Or is it because Ghanaians are peace-loving & calm that the whole world thinks they can take us for granted? To all those making such statements, azonto was popular before all these artistes started imitating it. BBC & CNN did coverage on this dance several months before these Nigerian artistes heard about it & started imitating it & that should be admitted. How in the world do you think the artistes found out about the dance anyway if it was just being danced in some obscure corner in Ghana?

      1. @Afia, will you sit your ass somewhere and start doing serious things with your time instead of wasting all ur time and effort on some stupid dance that nobody will remember in the next 1 yr or 2.

        1. @Dave, she needs to do something with her time for telling the truth by the way do you know her at all to come here and tell her that dance has been going on for years now what makes you think no one will remember it anymore while they got the whole world dancing it one thing you should no about “Afia is she got FAITH, PASSION and A M B I T I O N she is a smart young and well educated woman” who the hell are you to come and tell her something

          1. @Afia, your welcome my dear, I hate it when people come out if no where and judge others like that

        2. @Dave, learn to be respectful to women & respect yourself also & be decent in your language. If you had more important things to do yourself, you won’t have had time to read thru all my comments & comment on them 🙂

    3. @Echa, pls don’t bother responding to afia and her falsehood,obviously she is a reporter of GC. Afta their 100 comments on trivia matters as dis they sure will dev HBP, no wahala cos beds will b kept for dem at kanu heart fondation.
      When their asses were rockin alanta no Nig gave a fuss, when they copy our style of dressin nd use our slangs no Nig gives a fuck. Na envy dey bring all dis one shouu..

      1. @Joy, hahahaha! lol, you’re the reason I keep coming to GC I swear, you always make my day with your hilarious comments! Thank you so much, I’ve always wanted a job as a GC reporter & that’s why I’m always commenting here but sadly, Chris won’t take me. Maybe your comment will make him employ me, who knows? :D! Have a rocking weekend & remember to take a chillpill- it aint that deep honey! hahaha.

        1. @Afia, u re here using ur comments to generate hatred dat arose from jealousy instead of doin sometin to help ur fuckin country. why re u so obssessed wit me? u must b a joker. girl, hope i helped ur reasoning? plsss do me a little favor by taking sum sedatives cos u sound fucktarded. im out there….sooo… busy makin sum nice dough

          1. @joy, your busy making money yet you got time to reply her now who is more sad useless huh chimp and one more thing people that make money stay silence and don’t brag about it but thank you now I know how childish, immature you are

          2. @Dr. Miyagi, did u suck some bitter lemon 2day? poor bastard from a poor country pls go get ur head examined and eat some kenkey. u re still a hunch back though

  22. @Afia, d fin is pple wud always say fins,hurtful or pleasin n no one can stop dat…n dats y there is freedom of expression… for ur pple not comin on naija blogs to make offensive comments,ohhhhh u nid to settle down n go tru som of d post there.just like hw u guys attack evry comments we make here, is vice versa ova there 2…so nobody can claim to b an angel in dat respect

    i v noffin more to say on dis matter again…….v a nice day….

  23. @27cдгibre(Ф_ф), lol,childish……if u r veri observant(i dnt expect u to b sef 4 som1 on auto repeat)…u wud v observed ma style of writin on dis blog.spellins anyday,anytym i will beat u hands down….but den,i dnt expect anyfin reasonable frm a nuisance…….

    1. @Echa, fool is that how you write,school drop out you lack what is call knowledge ,if you are sensible enough you wont write like a nursery kid..

      Are you even educated as you claim???

      1. @27cдгibre(Ф_ф), i am not educated but i am far beta dan a dumb n retard person like u…..continue bin d nuisance u v always bin…..if u r wat dey call knowledge,den i am sorri 4 ur generation…u r such a pity n a waste of semen,human sweat n productivity……*smh

  24. I don’t blame Nigerians. Ghanaian bloggers and DJs are busy promoting Nigerian music for free and request for money before they promote Ghanaian artistes. Aren’t u all seeing the results now. I stay in Nigeria and i can confidently tell you all that GH music gets almost zero airplay here but u’ll hear radio DJs giving marvelous rotation to Nigerian music in the remotest parts of GH. How then can GH artistes go international, mingle with other international artistes and probably teach them azonto??

  25. As a Ghanaian and an Azonto lover, below are my concern;

    1. Wizkid himself does not know how to do any good or real azonto, so what audacity and skills do he have to be able to teach someone azonto? A teacher must be good, before taking on students.

    2. From the Azonto Chris Brown did, I am sure no one will dispute the bad teaching, and how this bad teaching will go a long way to throw shade or misconception about Azonto (I mean what comprises Azonto).

    3. Also, if you get a visitor in your country, you teach the person your culture, your creative things and not that of another country, unless you have nothing great or worth teaching the foreign visitor. The fact that Wizkid made himself an Azonto teacher, when he could have taught Chris Alingo or some other dance means that, Azonto rules and some people wish or are dreaming it is their own. You lie bad, it is already documented everywhere and a simple Google search will tell you which country it belongs to.

    4. My last point is; I do not think Wizkid will tell Chris Brown that, I am “going to show you a new dance in town and it is from Ghana”. It is either he will say, it is a Nigerian dance or he will totally fail to mention where it comes from. In the case of the latter, Chris Brown will reasonably believe that, since he is being taught the dance by Wizkid and by virtue of point 3 coming to play, the dance is Nigerian.

    1. @akosuaghana, that is my smart sister! Even the way you have analyzed the issue alone in points gives you 100 percent marks! 🙂

    2. @akosuaghana, smart deductions that will always and only remain your opinion. the two persons involved have moved on with their lives and are creating pathways to higher levels and all you do is produce points that are irrelevant to societal growth and development. points that will create more beef and cause haterz to fill their heads with gusto for non profiting rants and verbal violations….. i really fault your level of assimilation. if not, you should have understood clearly that which was said by chris brown, if at that all you saw things for yourself before bringing out these irrelevant postulations. if that was to be a comprehension passage in one of your general certificate examinations, are these kind of deductions you will bring out from it?

      your deductions none theless show your high level intelligence but in a sentimental manner and i advocate you direct this intelligence to positive use rather than help in sustaining the hate among we blacks. if the whites treat us like they do, should we also do same to ourselves? try create a friendly environment and stop being a black at heart.

  26. Hmmm well at the end of the day small ghana no dey carry last…LOL…AZONTO has definitely gone international for sure…next time teach foreign celebs one of ur complex dances and NOT a dance from someone’s land…at the end of the day, Americans dnt give a hoot abt NAIJA artistes or even go check them out…how many ppl from 106 and park will go look out for wizkid…like come on…nigerian artists and all other African artistes are mainly known and appreciated in AFRICA and that’s it…so stop bragging abt ur ONE HIT WONDER so called international artistes…mtchewwww

    1. @lilyy, Wow! you are bitter. That argument is so fucking lame. Really? One hit wonder? Watch channel o and trace and mtv base and see what other artistes think of Nigerian artistes. Check out wizkid’s songs on youtube and see the number of americans commenting on his music. Guess what, he’s not even among the top 5 biggest acts from Nigeria. Dn’t talk bullshit. If you’re mad about the dance, fine. But don’t come here and discredit what you know to be the truth

    2. @lilyy, Oh, btw, “…no dey carry last” is a nigerian slang. Do you see me complaining about it? Grow up!

    1. @9jaOwnsAzonto, another person who cannot even communicate in simple decent language. Advise your artistes to stop stealing our dance moves that’s what is important

      1. @Afia, We NIGERIANS gonna do as we well please bcus we Own dat chit hole called ghana. Don’t 4get we your colonial masters now after Britain……..Don’t make us take away our millions and leave you’all in miserable poverty……

  27. We own ghana,nigeria owns ghana,we control ghana,ghana is some bud broken off from nigeria,we own you,we control you,we will seize and cease you at will,ghana is ours

    1. @Owners of ghana, keep that illusion in ur head…don’t make gh kick ur ppl out (we’ve done it before) or call all embassys to expose u guys for using our names since ur own names can’t get u abroad…WHO OWNS WHO NOW?…Nigerians r in gh for business purposes because the market is good…u guys can leave our country for us…the business venture is a win win situation for both countries…see how a dance has changed the topic because a “MISUNDERSTANDING” nation like Nigeria can’t seem to stick on topic…no wonder why they have misunderstanding in the country resulting into wars where Christians and Muslims can’t get a long…NEXT

      1. @lilyy, Huh??? Give me the date and time wen dat happened and I’ll tell you jesus birthday!hahahahah B*tch haven’t you heard of that Bag called “ghana must go” we kicked u ppl out stupid vermin…… Plus come and see how your president licks the arse of the lowest politician in 9ja haha…. I repeat we your colonial masters so do make us use the whip slave!

      2. @lilyy, hahaha! I’ve been laughing my head off. sweetheart, please don’t take this owners guy & 9ja owns guy seriously. they’re the same people. lol- Ghana must go! Their parents haven’t told them how Busia kicked their folks out of Ghana long before that in the 70s! Mr 9ja owns & Owners or whatever new name you’ll come out with, at the end of the day, you’re spending time commenting on a GHANAIAN blog! think how ironic that is. I’m done, I won’t engage you 2 again- lilly, ignore those 2!

      3. @lilyy, Which war? Na u start am? Check any country where Islam exists with othe religions. Them dey fight wella! India, Lebanon, Israel…U dey here dey talk your own.

    2. @Owners of ghana, Lmaaaaaaaaaaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! Ah ah now! Why una dey find trouble like this? Leave Ghana alone!

  28. Lets drop the whole thing,nigerians are clearly our superiors to be frank,4get abt some dance,who the hell thinks of dance in this hard times,who do you really think is promoting azonto?nigerians,the truth be said,our number 1 sarkodie cant even pull a show outside ghana,talkless sending anything international,when we get talented musicians,we will start comparisons,you cant just start comparing nigeria that has been there long be4 us with us,you cant really see nigerians or their musicians dissing us,its always us fooling ourselves and showing how undeducated we are,its d truth,when i visit nigerian pages,dont see them showing a single attention to us,they mind their business,talk about them selves,but for we,even to those undeducated wacks we call musicians,they are throwing words at nigeria,trying to suck attention,its not the way forward,i follow wizkid,i see him touring round the world,the last i saw,he was in london on a saturday morning for a show and had another show in nigeria on a sunday evening,you see what minding your business does to your career?,but we,its either the immature bloggers are disgracing us,or our uneducated musicians,or we ourselves,pls lets grow up,i know you doin this to show you can hold stance with nigeria but akchuly we cant,those people are ahead of us in everything,we are suffering,the truth be said,imagine boko haram has been on their cases for over two years,yet they stand,if it was us,do you think we will still stand?,instead of showing support to your sister nigeria,we are spending time celebrating death of victims,i see this childish blogger always posting bad things about them,chris,you r not doing something good for us,you are presenting us as attention hungry touts,sure you are but you wont paint the whole country with the kind of things you post,pls grow up,i am a ghanian residing in canada and i see all that is hapening,from miyagi to carlibre,although we all guy seems highly outrageous,i see some truth in what he says,im not ignorant of the truth,this wont help we ghanians,lets grow up

    1. @Mensah, wow, u must have a very shallow mind to think Nigeria is ahead of us…u said NAIJA has been there way before us…been there in what? Music? Pls go do ur research well…I dnt know what kind of Nigerians sites u’ve been on but talks like this can get ur own ppl to disown u…if u feel Nigerians are ahead and superior, NOT to Ghanaians, maybe to u…ur so called truth are nothing but false…visit sites like nigeriafilms, online nigeria, nairaland, etc, and then come again and make ur analyzes…it is ppl like u who will bow to Nigerians and not us…what a disgrace to Nkrumah, Kofi Annan, and all out leaders who fought to give us nothing but confidence to stand our grounds for the likes of u…and lastly, do u really think Ghanaians do things to please ppl outside gh…pls go somewhere with that…we do things to please Ghanaians and eventually outsiders hear of it….it wasn’t Nigerians that took sarkodie to BET, it was his own hard work and ghana off course…after the BET event that gave ppl like wizkid that international buzz, do u see him on CNN or abc7? BIG NOOOO…so please stop these nonsense u consider truth

      1. @lilyy, the animal is a Nigerian using a Ghanaian names ,they have records of worldwide forgery, Nigerians have been using Ghanaian passports to commit a crime …

        And what you have to know is we are arguing with only two people who have been using different names to comment..419 did not came out of Nigerats for nothing sis

  29. We NIGERIANS gonna do as we well
    please bcus we Own dat chit hole called
    ghana. Don’t 4get we your colonial masters
    now after Britain……..Don’t make us take
    away our millions and leave you’all in
    miserable poverty……

  30. @Mensah, thanks bro u said it all.Mr Chris hv been posting tins here creating rivalry between Gh and 9ija.pls tap sense 4rm the French countries in Africa hw they see each other as one.
    I don’t blame Eng Africans insulting each other as UK band Ghanaian Milo on their market buh mk way 4 Milo 4rm Kenya 4 no reason.

  31. Its quite unfortunate that we dwell on stupid things after the many insults and abuse where do this leave us. We fight over issues that are non beneficial to us, it is clear the GC have found new ways of driving traffic by hyping on the rivalry, i can’t rembers the last time i saw over 100 comment here, and so Chris Vincent would never stop this.. To make matters worst u barely see Ghana issues on Nigerian blogs not to take off, Chris might think he is protecting the pride of country but unknown to him he promotes foreign artist, that was how psqaure alingo made 22 000views mins after samine released his mix, here we are talking about Chris (American) and wizkid(Nigerian), so were does this leaves Ghana again? Pls lets all use our head. Africa pEace

  32. @Afia,u seems to b the only person making sense here, i really enjoyed talking to u, But however i must correct u, wizkid met Chris brown along side wale and tiger on his tour to American(he announced it on twitter somethin in June)..the first picture of Chris dancing azonto with wizzy was not in Nigeria(google this). Wizkid only performed that track wen Chris came to Nigeria on his request(Chris) just the same way they did in Ghana. 2 Chris brown album was long ready before he came to Nigeria. And so do the maths, how come he did azonto beat just 2weeks after leaving Ghana with video and everything ready.that track was made before his trip to African

    1. @Emma, googled it, didn’t see what you’re talking about? Is your argument that Wizzy isn’t the 1 who taught C. Brown to dance azonto? Or that he didn’t learn in Nigeria? Because C.Brown himself emphatically said he learnt the dance IN NIGERIA & from WIZKID. His own words not mine. Bottomline is that he was taught the dance by some Nigerian who tried to pass azonto off as ‘a Nigerian thingy’ which is definitely not cool. Chris Brown was in Nigeria last year & he says he learnt azonto there so he had a long time to do the video. The math adds up.

  33. @Afia, My point is that Chris brown called out wizkid midway into his performance in Nigerian and requested he do the azonto dance, for him same stage. So do u think they just met in Nigerian and then wizzy manufactured his way same stage with Chris(pls watch the Nigerian video) Both met in the states were wizzy(i rember wizkid tweetted ‘chilling with my man Chris’ with a pic sometime last year when he was touring US) was doing the azonto thing so Chris liked it, when he came to Nigerian he requested that wizzy do it for him. And pls Wizkid never fronted azonto as Nigerian dance except you didn’t listen to his lyrics(i learnt the track was even produced by a Ghanian) Pls lets drop this, the fun is over.

    1. @Emma, I’m taking C. Brown’s words. He said he was taught the dance by Wiz & it’s a Nigerian thing. Meaning the one who taught him wasn’t honest enough to let him know that the dance wasn’t his invention. Isn’t it interesting that for all his faults, when C.Brown was showing the dance to Americans (on BET) he was honest enough to acknowledge that the dance wasn’t his idea but Wiz (or whichever Nigerian taught C.Brown the dance, wasn’t honest enough to do this?). & since the video of C.Brown’s BET statement came out, Wiz hasn’t had the courage to tweet, or issue a statement to correct the erroneous impression that was created. Neither has P-Square been bold enough to come out to say that their alingo dance is a spin off azonto, they still insist that it’s an original dance they invented 🙂

      1. @Afia, where you there with them to know that Wizkid didn’t tell him it was a Ghanaian dance? I can’t believe that people are losing it over a simple dance. Really?! Go do something more productive with your life. Jeez!

  34. What’s the fuss about a dance for christ sake…y ar dis ghanaians always disin nigerians,I heard sm people talkin abt bokoharam,come on man we are talkin abt a dance move here,hw are they related huh?ok ghanian sorry o,am apologizing on behalf of wizkid,I wil let Cb know d song is urs d next time I see him.are u guys happy nw

    1. @9ja boi, i hope you got a blind eye on Nigerians dissing Ghanaians abi???

      How will you feel if a Ghanaian come to Nigerian website to diss Nigerians ..

      We are talking about stolen goods here and we got the culprit so what the yawn about dude …

      Stealing is illegal in Ghana ,our parents did not train us with stealing habits…

      Give us a break this is for your info

  35. @27cдгibre(Ф_ф), funny enough a ghanaian friend of mine sent me the link on twitter,never been here b4,I wasn’t surprise when I saw d hatred frm all the coments xpecially frm u calibre,moreover u ar using 9ja pidgin english with ur ‘abi’ so when are u gonna credit us d fact is dat 9ja has about 20 percent of d world black population,there is bound 2 be misunderstandin abt who owns d song cos 9ja musician are very popular,na ghana song none is disputing d fact,but at d end of d day it is still a dance,no be mj invent moonwalk but d guy repackage am,cos he is popular peopl think say naim get am

    1. @9ja boi, your Ghanaian friend ??? Dueces !!! You better visits

      Yes am using abi or whatever you saying cos you are trying to sound like an Angel and you ain’t !!!

      Did you said your Ghanaian friend ,listen it not today that i know the forgery habits of you and your people dont try to be smart cos it cant happend have been using 3 different names on here by tracing your IP DARE me and i will expose your a.s.s

      When David Cameron was dancing azonto where was your ALINGO???

      The good thing is Ghanaian has snatched our stolen goods back ….

      1. @27cдгibre(Ф_ф), bro your still arguing with these OloriBooruku bokoharam people don’t waist your time and energies on these people especially that 9ja boi I’m sure his neighbour dog is much beautiful than he is

        Go to and see how they claiming Azonto and how they mad it popular and how they did. Us a favour it clearly shows the hate in their blood and jealousy

      2. @27cдгibre(Ф_ф), see what they write on their website

        While granting an interview yesterday, Chris Brown revealed he had infused the Ghanaian dance move into his latest video and attributed its origination to Nigeria. He also recalled meeting Nigerian pop singer Wizkid who taught him the dance move.

        Understandably, Ghanians are unhappy about CB’s wrong assumption on the origin of Azonto, with one blog ‘Ghana Celebrities’ posting in an article ‘WTF: Chris Brown Talks About AZONTO On BET, But He Says The Dance Is A Nigerian Thing…‘.
        See how the site reported it “It seems Chris Brown coming to Ghana and introducing Nigerian artiste-Wizkid on stage to do Azonto was not a mere mistake. In fact, Chris Brown thinks Azonto is a Nigerian thing…
        Probably he is taking the piss out of Ghanaians by failing to credit Ghana with the dance which has gained international recognition…
        Talking about his new album ‘X’ and music video ‘Fine China’ on BET 106 & Park yesterday, Chris Brown mentioned that he has incorporated a dance from Africa called Azonto into his dance moves in the video. He even went ahead to request for a tune to be played, so he can demonstrateAzonto to the millions of viewers.
        Unfortunately, he linked Nigerians Wizkid to the dance, saying he learnt it from him-that is not so bad. But he categorically added that, Azonto is a Nigerian thing…REALLY?
        This is like me going on CNN to say EBA is a Ghanaian food…
        Is Chris Brown taking the piss out of Ghana or is it that he does not know the truth about Azonto?

        ***At least Nigerians made d dance more popular than Ghanians!***

        1. @Dr. Miyagi, don’t you think this people have nothing to do than steal??

          You have a guest instead of you to teach him how to kidnap and scum you have stolen something which does not belong to your father for the guest ..F.U.C.K 419 GRANDCHILDREN

  36. @Dr Miyagi, how old are you? Pls kindly do me a favor,take back ur mamas china phone ,ur hatred 4 naija wil kil u.Nigeria wil continue 2 rule africa in d entertaiment world & dia is nothin u & ur likes can do about it.Nonsense

    1. @Amuson, It’s not our fault oh. Na God! If u wan vex, go ask God why E do am like that. WE’re the best. Whatever we do just…sells!

  37. U wana trace my ip address,guy u ar so funny,its notin personal bro,no need 4 insults,what’s ur point,I cant have a ghanaian frnd or wat?me being on ghcelebrity for d first tym is not up 4 debate if u lyk u believe me no send u,its funny hw we west africans(third world country) fight over a dance,ok its obvious u have a beef wit 9ja,mayb u don fall mugu b4 if so naim be say u dull die,cos u must b smart 2 b a con,4 ur info I dey 9ja,calabar 2 b precise.if e dey pain u go hug transformer.u need 2 b creative 4 u 2 b lyk 9ja musician cos dey super popular,every dey dem de go do show 4 ghana,mkin money off ur own dance dats wat we call sharp guy

  38. What a shame. I guess azonto is d only remainin resource u guys ve in gh.
    Did u fuckin give credit to Nigs when u danced alanta? When u incorporate our style of dressin do u give credit? Then when our movies re copied word 4 word do u give credit? Afia stop being bitter cos there re so many gh vistin Nig sites nd we dont give a hoot.
    A dance? Shit, let’s talk of phillip Emeagwali who is called d father of d internet-he is a Nig nd u ve directly used what he invented, what about Chiua achebe etc. In essence when they excel africans celebrate dem so also is azonto(thogh I dont dance it) Whizkid only taught CB nd I guess he neva thot CB will take it serious. Una too proud sha

    1. @Joy, lol, who said I’m bitter? No one said don’t imitate! But when you imitate, give credit to who you’re copying, even C.B was decent enough to do that on BET (despite all his issues!) Very simple to do, isn’t it my dear 🙂

    2. @Joy, Oh and before you keep going around with the ‘Emeagwali invented the internet’ brigade, please please please google is your friend- use it! He did not invent the internet & he lied about having a PHD among other things. I’m not going to hash out the whole story for you, check up on it on the internet before you come back to comment.

      1. @Afia, shame to c dat afta all ur efforts on peace b/w Nig nd gh, u seem to b showin ur true color lol.(pregnancy cannot b hidden they say) I neva said Phillip invented d internet but he invented d fastest internet but he is called d fada of d internet cos he is d inventor of d world’s fastest computer. pls stop watchin tv cos it’s not good 4 u, read more books instead kk.
        U aren’t just bitter but by ur numerous comments here it goes to show dat u re SOUR.

        1. @joy, what is shameful? Because we’re promoting peace we should all smile when people steal others’ concepts? lol. I always said we shouldn’t insult each other (which I haven’t done) but I never said we should encourage stealing & dishonesty all in the name of peace. About the internet thingy- Vinton Cerf, Bob Kahn & others are the ‘fathers of the internet’ not Mr Phillip E (google cnn’s article on Vinton cerf). Phillip never invented the internet or the fastest internet like you say. Rather, he’s been indicted for several fraudulent allegations he made. Kindly read up on it. awww, i’m sorry you think I’m bitter or sour for telling you the truth 🙂 lots of love

          1. @Afia, pocket ur love, not needed. Take my advice on readin plzzzzz . na wa o common dance make opple wan get HBP. easy girl

    3. @Joy, pls stop that fallacy…most of ur movies are copycat from stories in Hollywood and Bollywood…Ghanaians copycat from Hollywood and Bollywood…so pls stop trying to claim stories….mtchewwww…all ur accomplishments have been copy copy from other countries specifically the west…everything abt NAIJA is fake, so pls kindly spare us

      1. @lilyy, U must ve a wallnut sized brain to reply me. oh Naija is fake but u still accept our help. Who is more fake then? park one side joor

        1. @joy, Hun, I reply to anyone…dnt come here thinking u r a high value…AGAIN, I respond to anyone who comes speaking things out of their asses…I can see u couldn’t have a comeback to Afia’s comment…LOL…father of Internet my ass…between u and her (name sake), u DEFINITELY NEED to hit those books and get to reading…NEXT

      2. @lilyy, I think ur level of human comprehension is so low dat u can’t argue reasonably. Clearly u are deluded by sayin I cant ve a cumback on common afia, what grade are u, u juvenile kenkey prick. Afia reply to mine lacks truth,substance,perspective nd intelligence-so u can c why i did’nt reply. Ur president rite now is in Akwa Ibom(a small state un Nig) tryin to copy dev from Nig that u called copy copy. Lol u re lucky dat im sooo… Busy strikin a million 9aira deal as a broker else…

  39. @9ja Boi,what is mugu ??? Ahahahaahahahaaahahahahaha seems like you’ve forgot that am a pure Ghanaian by blood,
    Have you heard in your life that a Nigerian have scum a Ghanaian before ???

    Check your countries history of 419,

    If you tell me that a Nigerian has robbed a a gun point then i will believe you or better still kidnapping ….

    1. @27cдгibre(Ф_ф), Did you go to school at all. I swear this poverty striken ghanians are so daft……. Their poverty stinks…… Poor little country crying over their greatest accomplishment in 56yrs called azonto hahahaha lmaoo NIGERIA&SOUTHAFRICA rocks!

      1. @david, stupid fool you are comparing your country to south Africa which is far ahead of you in everything in life..

        Hope you remember when south Africans started beating you and kill criminals like you for robbing and kidnapping.

      2. @david, pls dnt compare ur country to South Africa…I should even be ashamed to do that…a country of 20years being compared to a country over 50yrs…pls come again…in 20 years SA had accomplished so much…and in over 50years and in all ur accomplishment, ur ppl are still poor and u’re here making noise…BRAGGING AS USUAL…u wish u and South Africans r on the same level…pls go somewhere with that cuz SA don’t want to share or compare their accomplishments with u…in fact I forbid them…how shameful

        1. @lilyy, Africa can’t be mentioned with out the two major players 9ja&SA being called……. You just put ur liltle ghana and SouthAfrica side by side and see how ridiculous it looks b*tch…….. And ooh I know you just anoda black ugly ghana girl wit a china phone tryna act tush lmao buh hey you’ll always be ugly like ur insignificant country #idiot

          1. @david, like this unnecessary insults its ur way of winning an argument?…u’re pathetic…at least I’m not as ugly as ur APE looking women in ur country…and at least my country is not disgusting…LOL…NEXT

  40. For real Nigeria is our boss in every way to be honest…. B4 sarkodie even dreamt of winning BET many Nigerian acts have been winning it, and he even drew with wizkid who at that time wasn’t as popular as now so you see our best acts in ghana can only be compared to nigerias upcoming acts who are even lite years better #SadTruth

    1. @Kwame, ok, first of all, the international act for BET came abt 2years ago…and the second win was sarkodie and wizkid…so pls stop that fallacy…and by that time wizkid was already popular…u see, for us TRUE Ghanaians we don’t force, everything we do and our accomplishment as small as it is come naturally…and we’re not complaining…all u Nigerians do is compare ur 419 riches…how shameful…and u’ve lost every argument u’ve made on this post…mtchewww, just give it up…cuz we will be ready for u

  41. Well I don’t condone any of that,if u work hard u will earn,every country has their own vices,there is no country where they don’t rob nor kidnap,its everywhere,but what I don’t understand is dat why una dey always dey kal bokoharam or are u guys happy 4 d havoc they are causing in d north,we are talking about dance move here,cb said he learnt it from a nigerian,why didnt he learn it from a ghanaian abi una no get popular musician, d best thing dat ever came out of ghana music industry is sarkodie,talented rapper,d rest na dirty,dey no dey get show outside gh sef,dey use our pidgin english from A to Z,smtym I go kan dey 1da weda na ghanaian dey talk sef,and u ar clingin 2 azonto as if it is one heavenly treasure,one thing no 1 can deny is we got talent,weda na entertainment o,muvi o,even con(419) sef,so u no knw wetin be mugu(not mogul)no worry keep ur ear 2 d ground ur pidgin go improve

    1. @9ja boi, Amen, my brother. Na Sarkodie and Fuse wey dey try for Ghana and because they are humble and very talented, Nigeria loves them.


    Signed SUNDAY MBA.
    New SA on media to the Nigerian president.
    I hope the president apology settles it?

    1. @Emma, apology not accepted. Bring us the monies you’ve made from passing off azonto as a 9ja invention. Then we’ll talk 🙂 Back your action with words.

    2. @Emma, On second thoughts, please keep the money NEPA (never expect power always) just whispered to us you have had the failing electrical power issue longer than we have so I think you would need the money more 🙂 Apology whole heartedly accepted!

  43. @27cдгibre(Ф_ф),
    you think terrorism is limited to a country?
    Don’t you know that the whole world is currently being affected directly or indirectly by terrorism?
    You think it’s a joking matter?
    Ignorant scum.
    And what is this azonto trash you guys are yapping about?
    Is this an invention?
    Nigeria have always influenced africa in more ways than one for ages,yet you don’t see us bragging about it.
    Your useless actors and actresses make money from Nigeria,yet you don’t see us bragging.
    Don’t provoke us,or else your govt,celebrities and even your country will bear the brunt.
    Bunch of ungrateful twerps.

    1. @Solomon, pls u’re provoked, do ur worse and we will also expose u for using our names to travel abroad…did u say our useless actors and actresses? Again, in case u dnt know, it’s a win win situation for both countries…ur so called nollywood producers are the ones who come calling these our USELESS celebs because they see them as money makers to westerns (specifically carribeans)…they wanted to target those audience with nollywood also…that’s how they got van, Jackie, Nadia, yvonne, magid, John, etc…because caribbeans admire our stars more than ur own…so again it’s a win win situation with them…so be provoked and stop using our stars…USE UR OWN STARS FOR ALL WE CARE…and how has Nigeria influence AFTICA? Pls, it’s only Nigerians who have that illusion in ur head…it’s funny how nobody else share the same thoughts with ur and ur ppl…NEXT

  44. ,@Afia, Oh Thank u very much for accepting the apology, now Nigerians can sleep without dreaming of Azonto. NEPA lol(thats outdated, it nolonger exist in Nigeria for the past 7 years ,it has been scraped) The Nigeria president is working very hard to restore power for Ghana, the petroleum minister is on her toes to make sure the WEST AFRICA GAS PIPELINE is back and running,so that Gas will follow once again from Nigerian to Ghana to power your powerplant. I know u love Nigeria and would wish we enjoy light too but don’t bother, we are always committed to our friend and neighbours even when we have to suffer for them to smile,so that you guy can ‘FORGIVE US for stealing azonto’. least i forget Chris brown has been detailed with the True picture of Azonto, and he would make public apology too. Goodnite.

    1. @Emma, oh, I had no idea NEPA has been scraped, what’s the name of the new agency? Are they doing a better job than NEPA? My Nigerian friend used to complain a lot about the electricity issues in the early 2000s but she’s stopped doing that now so I assumed the situation is better now. Yes, tell your petroleum minister to hurry up & do quick quick to supply us with gas, the lights problem must be solved before I return to Ghana in August! lol. As for C.Brown, the least said about him the better, he better not step foot in GH again otherwise, we’ll do to him what he did to Rihanna! lol. Goodnyt

  45. @27cдгibre(Ф_ф), dude the post was not for u, it was meant for NORMAL people, isn’t there anything you Know aside boko harm and 419,(all ur comments have no relationship with the issue discussed) don’t just eat up space pls say something. Pls help me thank AFIA very much she ask that the many dollars people like u think Nigeria made from Azonto be kept in Nigeria to solve OUR MANY PROBLEMs ,SO you now know that Azonto is least among issues in Nigerian currently. Lastly pls remember to TAKE YOUR DRUGS its very important even from your PIC it shows u need them.

  46. @lily & the likes, Nig has the second strongest economy in Africa marginally behind SA(try google,it works), we fought for SA during thd apatheid regime, we fought for the restoration of peace in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Sudan, etc. Of the 2000troops sent to restore peace in Mali, over 1200 are 9ja soldiers. Our company(globacom) is sponsoring the ghanaian premier league. Another company of ours, Dangote group, is a major employer of labour in Gh. Our banks, Zenith, UBA, GTB, etc are running ur economies, plus Gh is only gaining entertainment relevance because of ur geographic proximity to 9ja, so ur stars can easily rush to Lagos to promote their arts. I remember VIP, b4 their big break said they had to relocate to Lagos, Africa’s entertainment capital, to gain the acceptance they had then. C’mon havn’t we done enough for our lil sister country? Y’all complaing bout P squares Alingo dance, during the Guiness “top of the world” concert in Gh, P square was paid $200k to do the alingo dance, while Sarkodie & R2Bs were offered $5k to do d azonto. Major Ghanaian shows in Gh are headlined by 9ja artist,& ofcos ur artists cant compare with ours in any other African country. Nobody knws Sarkodie in Zambia, but recently the Zambian president played host to P square, D’banj did d AFCON theme song, 2face is the king of African pop,& wizkid is her jewel(y’all ladies can testify). The greatest con artists of all time have got “over the roof” IQs, so we’re smart too. Azonto is a Ghanaian dance, but we flavoured it!

    1. @Kay Jay, the fact that Nigeria is the most fabulous nation on earth, as you’re claiming, doesn’t mean that your artistes can steal Ghanaian concepts & pass it off as their own. That aint cool so just admit it. You think if Beyoncé started dancing azonto & pretended it was her invention Ghanaians wouldn’t complain because she’s a grammy winner & platinum selling artiste & the U.S. has one of the best economies in the world? lol, that’s a laughable concept. Even in the real world, people are not allowed to steal from others because they’re rich & the people are poor. But that haven’t been said, don’t also begin to feel that because Nigeria has the 2nd largest economy or all the things you said, Ghana is just ‘lying there’ & not achieving anything. Last year, we had the 2nd highest growing economy in the WORLD only exceded by Qatar. Our poverty levels have been declining (& currently your country’s poverty level is twice our own). Several prominent persons (The UN sec. gen, Bill Gates, Prez. Obama) have praised us over the past 5 years of being a beacon & example for Africa & for dramatically reducing our maternal mortality levels, malaria infection rates, polio infection rates etc. We have had sustained & verifiable democracy for 2 decades & still counting. So don’t be misled lol. And please as to that l’il country thing- go & read your history books & find out how a ‘l’il country’ called Britain was able to colonize half or the world for centuries. Then come back & tell me if you still think the meer size of a country equates power! Oh & being a con artist is nothing to take pride in so please don’t go there 🙂 xoxo

        1. @lilyy, lol dearie. Every country in this world has something they can brag with. Even a war-torn country like Afghanistan has a lot it can brag with so why pose as if your country is all that & someone’s country is at the bottom? When we all know the challenges your country has.

  47. @Afia, don’t you think we also need CREDIT too; imagine for donkey years Ghana electricity had been powered by Nigeria Gas, Even when about 7 powerplant in Nigerian are lying without gas. Isn’t that brotherly enough. I know you would say you guys pay for it, But don’t you think some commodities are xclusive .Now since angry Nigerians vandalized the gas pipelines out off the many bragging of Ghanians , there is no more constant Electricity in Ghana. I guess you guy would now have to build gas pipeline from Saudi Arabia or from Mexico,venezuela or Algeria or better still start shipping gas from the US. Pls don’t get it twisted my point is both country have more good things going for them rather than one dance. Lets build on peace rather than rivalary. PEACE

    1. @Emma, no one is saying your country doesn’t deserve to be credited. Of course Nigeria deserves credit for all the good work & nothing can take away from it. But the fact that Nigeria deserves credit doesn’t mean Ghana doesn’t deserve credit too or that Nigerian artistes are free to pass off Ghanaian concepts as their own. And of course I get your point. We have more good things than dance but this is an entertainment website so guess what will mostly be discussed & debated here? I know I don’t have to answer that. 🙂

    2. @Emma, PLEASE, PLEASE @Emma, 9ja boi, Kay Jay and others, lets just leave this people alone as you can’t keep arguing with the deaf. Constantly exchanging insults with each other leads nowhere and equally diminishes us: As you know, it is not in our character. We have always sacrificed for our brother and sister nations in Africa but end up being rewarded with hate. I laugh when Ghanaians taunt us with 419 and opt for the amnesia of forgetting they are the world champions of Sakawa which is credited to be 1000 times worse (Google it). I remember vividly that in the 1970s- early 80s, a portion of our national budgets then were dedicated to fighting the Apartheid South African regime. If not for the huge distance, we would even have sent troops to fight alongside our brothers in SA but the logistics was unbreachable. Every school child then whether in primary, secondary or University contributed stipends towards the cause which was transmitted to the African National Congress (ANC). ANC was headquartered in Nigeria at a point in time and the Organization of African Unity (now AU) declared Nigeria a “FRONTLINE State” in recognition and appreciation of our efforts to overthrow the Apartheid Regime in South Africa. Of course our role in keeping peace in West Africa and rest of the world is well documented. We are talking about thousands of lives and blood of our compatriots shed and sacrificed in far-off lands and billions of dollars spent in those causes which could have been deployed to good effect in our country. And yet what do we ever get for this? Vicious hatred which is hard to explain. It is so bad that when terrorists strike and kill innocent men, women and children in Nigeria, the rest of the world condemn and sympathize but what do you get from Ghanaians: they celebrate it and wish for more of the same, hoping that will bring our great nation down to its knees. So really, we know who we are even with all our failings and issues; What Nigeria is and stands for is ordained by God and we don’t need to even make an issue of it. Speaking for myself, I so much believe in Africa and I am a very proud African which is why I visit blogs in most English speaking African countries to find out what is going on in those countries including Ghana. Sad to say that it is almost only in Ghanaian blogs that I see this type of behavior. So guys (Nigerians on this blog), you know what the answer is for fools: silence. You make matters worse by responding and exchanging insults. Please ignore these insults, read the stories and move on. The original Psquare-Azonto story was written about three weeks ago and several more has been written since then and yet we wont allow it to go away. Lets not keep feeding it by responding. It will get us nowhere. Insults against Nigerian wont remove a hair from your head or remove meat from your mouth so fellow Nigerians, let it go.

      1. @Big Chief, where ve u been self? Thanks for ur comment jooor for it really says it all.
        It even amazes me dat d preacher of peace afia has now shown her real color(hate/jealousy 2wards Nig.) Pls do me a favor by not replyin even her so called comments. shalom broda

        1. @joy, My dear, I am still around and still visit this and other sites regularly. Its only that I try not to lose my head when others do (not that I succeed all the time though as sometimes, I can’t resist chipping in), but most of the time, I just read, ignore the insults on Nigeria and move on. Cheers and have a lovely weekend ahead

  48. @Emma,you insulting me is not a big deal you and your brothers even insult your president

    Are you worried about me pondering on BOKO HARAM and kidnapping ???

    If you are a good ambassador of your country then stop the fraud and desist from kidnapping innocent foreigners…

    Secondly use your little money in your country to help the Nigerian citizens who are dieing of Hunger…

    Check how hunger is killing them bellow

    Any way what is suya and ororo??? Dont be offended it just a mere question lol

  49. I agree with u big chief, but permit me to make one last point to Afia, who seems like the most sensitive Ghanian here. Now Afia, I never said 9ja’s the most fabulous country in the world, but if u guys can misquote Chris Brown, why not me? But anyway,we’re not far from being the most fabulous country anyway. U claim most of my points were “according to me,” pls tell the house, are we or are we not sponsoring your soccer league & national team? Are our banks not among(if not) the biggest banks there? C’mon! By the way, trust me if Chris Brown just did azonto without crediting anybody, your countrymen wouldn’t be here creating so much fuss. I know what azonto means to y’all,& I apologize the world just didn’t think a dance that cool could come from Ghana, cos the dance had 9ja written all over it. And again when i 1st saw Ghanaians doing azonto, it really looked demented,not until Nigerians started adding their flavour to it did people start appreciating its pulchritude. We’ve had several dance steps outta 9ja, go checkout the video of OMG by Usher closely, u’d see him doing alanta, we didn’t bring the roof down. As regards the Ghana ranking behind Qatar in the fastest growing economies in 2012, sorry dear google couldn’t find the info. It might be sad to accept, but u guys need us. Off the top of my head, i can’t think of any major Ghanaian company that’s doing us any favours or giving us any jaw-dropping services,its always been vice versa. U think ur poverty index is better than ours, but trust me u do so at ur own peril. Forbes released the richest 40persons in Africa,& its no news we top that list as well as flood it. Officially Dangote is the richest African, but unofficially there are other Nigerians who still regard Dangote a poor man when placed side-by-side with’em. On a final note though, i love Ghana, whether the feeling’s mutual or not. I’ve got a holiday planned out in Accra & I intend to have a good time. When i land, 1st tin I’d do is ask for Afia….lol. *kisses* if u’re a gal, *hi 5* if u’re a guy. Am outta here 4 good. ff on twitter though @TheGuyCalledKay

    1. @Kay Jay, my point is that you don’t pick 3 facts of your country, canvass them & say that your country is the best place in the world! That’s just wrong. Every country has their positive points with which they can gloat including Ghana! I forgot that we’re in 2013 (I’m becoming an old lady lol) & that’s why I said the economic growth rate stats were for last year. They were for 2011. Ghana has the 2nd fastest growing economy in the world in 2011, coming 2nd only behind Qatar. Other reports even put it as the fastest growing economy in the world!!!This fact was reported by many reputable business sites & some blogs including your own nairland blog. let me put up the websites-
      On the issue of poverty- a country doesn’t progress by having 5 of its country men amassing all the wealth of the country while others languish in abject poverty. lol. Mobutu sese seko was at one point one of the richest men in Africa but did that make his country a rich one? So, it should rather be a worrying fact if some Nigerians are being rated as being rich by forbes & yet the majority of your people are languishing in poverty. Currently, the poverty rate for Nigeria stands at a whopping 54.7% (ie: more than half of your country men) taken from world bank website, while Ghana’s stands at 28.5, which is just about a quarter of the population and about half of your figure- taken from world bank . In the light of all these things, if your country is sponsoring Ghanaian football teams, creating jobs for Ghanaians, moving heaven & earth & more than half of your folks are finding it difficult to put hand to mouth, should you be gloating or jubilating? I think not. I love naija too & am waiting for you to invite me over for a visit. By the way I’m a lady 🙂 so I wholeheartedly accept the kisses. PS: trust me, if C.Brown had dared to pretend that he invented azonto or danced azonto & called it ‘skywalk’ dance, we’d have crucified him 🙂

    2. @Kay Jay, @ kay jay Am reading All the crap of you guys and i felt soo sorry. OMG please help. Look Nigeria or whatever . you Guys are thief and will always be.. check in the world right now ..their the world disgusting country. please to be honest am not here to Judge but .. i read all the comment and its soo unspeakable … ! 🙂 Thief they even have new Video Called baby dance… lol With the Alingo or whatever . with this, i hate 9ja. again With this (Azonto thief )


  50. Can’t Ghanaians understand English? It’s a valid question because CB credited the stupid dance to Africa and said that he learnt it from a Nigerian artiste named Wizkid. Una dey there dey kill una self for wetin no make any sense.

  51. Ghana hasn’t got Trends space on twitter hahaha you jst too insignificant to get one…… So they trend on NIGERIA or LAGOS and they’ll be all up in our biz tryna pass of as nigerians but we always get em cuz of their Lunatic pidgin English ….. Some even trend South Africa lmao

  52. @ kay jay Am reading All the crap of you guys and i felt soo sorry. OMG please help. Look Nigeria or whatever . you Guys are thief and will always be.. check in the world right now ..their the world disgusting country. please to be honest am not here to Judge but .. i read all the comment and its soo unspeakable … ! 🙂 Thief they even have new Video Called baby dance… lol With the Alingo or whatever . with this, i hate 9ja. again With this (Azonto thief )

  53. Let me address one by one.
    1)Ghana was the fastest growing economy in africa in 2011 because of its newly discovered oil,which is what happens when any country hits oil.
    It was a temporary phase.
    It is not the fasting growing in Africa anymore,Nigeria is.
    Nigeria alone accounts for 13% of foreign investment in africa,followed by southafrica.
    2)The number of billionaires is a pointer to the strength of an economy,which is why the US and china have the highest number of billionaires in the world.
    3)The world bank statistics have been consistently proven to be false,and i wonder why an african would believe a world bank statistics.
    Phone penetration in Nigeria is over 100million.
    Are you telling me people living hand to mouth can afford airtimes?
    Very funny.
    Maybe you should ask jackie appiah on the standard of living in Nigeria.
    In 2015 only 22% of Nigerians will be poor(you can check online).
    besides,we have the highest number of middle class in africa.
    4)yes our companies are creating jobs in ghana because they are strong enough and they want to maximize profits.
    They also help in growing Nigeria’s economy,as they send most of the profits back home.
    The economic strength of a country also depends on how many of its brands can compete internationally.
    Ghana is still an economic baby so you won’t understand
    5)you don’t like Nigeria,let not pretend.
    It’s hard to find a ghanian not envious of Nigeria.

    1. @Solomon, lol, another argument full of contradictions! My dear, if you won’t use world bank statistics that’s ok but my point about the poverty levels of Nigeria has not been stated by World Bank alone. Last year, the BBC gave a report on it based on what your own country’s National Bureau of Statistics told it! You can find the report here I was even generous with my figures because your National bureau of statistics says that 61 percent of your folks are languishing in poverty. Your own newspaper reported that the poverty level has moved to 69 percent nationwide & is even 77 percent in some states is no laughing matter. If phones have penetrated your country, there are 2 billionaires in your country & yet majority of your people can’t eat- you think that’s something to rejoice about? Please don’t compare yourself to the US or China & say they have billionaires & you do too so you’re ok. US & China has only about 10 percent of their populace living in poverty (google it- US has been hovering between 12-15 percent these past years, China is at 13 percent). As for the claim that only 22 percent of your country will be poor by 2015, it’s a claim that has been canvassed by your National Bureau of Statistics in order to keep you happy. It has not been certified by any external/ independent body. Look, I hope it happens (who doesn’t want Africa to prosper?) but I’ll believe it when I see it.

      1. @Afia, thank you soo much Afia. i appreciate this. Who doesn’t want Africa proper. thank soo much. i think this will end the shit out of Nigerians. with their fucking mouth saying fucking stuff about people country. . they think they know everything. fuck that.. am not here to differentiate but i wanna set things straight . you guys should stop being always me. you guys are sick of prejudice

  54. @AFIA
    Bbc got their stats
    from the world bank,and even they can’t verify their claims.
    Nigerians don’t believe their claims,as it paints a different picture to what is on ground.
    I gave you a practical analogy to debunk the world bank claims but you chose to ignore it.
    2)china is a wealthy country,but they have a lot of poor people.
    The gap between the poor and rich is much much wider than what obtains in Nigeria.
    This is why they are still called a developing country.
    Nigeria is the second largest economy in Africa.
    We will overtake southafrica in the next 5-10yrs,while lagos will replace jourhanesburg as the africa’s most important economic city.
    It can only get better.
    Those NBS forcasts are real,better believe it.

    1. @Solomon, your refusal to face the reality won’t change reality. If you claim the BBC got the stats from World Bank did your Daily Tribune also get the same stats from the world bank? and how come the NBS’ report also stated that majority of people in our country are living in poverty? That report is even 2010. Please go to the NBS’ website & search for the latest stats, they’ll shock you because it’s actually worse. Trust me, i don’t wish Nigeria evil, I hope all of Africa will progress but I find it sad that you’ll close your eyes to the truth & rejoice that some people in your country are rich when majority are battling poverty. And it’s sadder that you think it’s the same as China’s situation. It’s not. China’s poverty rate which is around 12 percent is no where close to your country’s sixty one percent. Don’t sugarcoat the painful truth.

  55. I can’t blv you guys are paying attention to this fool @Afia……. NIGERIA and ghana norbe mate in all ramifications of life. Even a blind man knows this and dats wat matters regardless……..

    1. @HUGO BOSS, lol, when people find it difficult to sustain an intellectual discourse they turn to insults. Mr. Boss (or whoever you actually are behind your computer 🙂 ), your insults do not intimidate me, they rather give me more energy because I know that my reasoning is ‘getting to someone’ lol. So please, when you put your thoughts together & can have an intelligent discussion devoid of invectives, come back & let’s chat. xoxo

  56. HUGO BOSS : Ghana hasn’t got Trends space on twitter
    hahaha you jst too insignificant to get one……
    So they trend on NIGERIA or LAGOS and
    they’ll be all up in our biz tryna p**** of as
    nigerians but we always get em cuz of their
    Lunatic pidgin English ….. Some even trend
    South Africa lmao ««««« **hahahahah so true…. Twitter probably tinks ghana is a village in Africa… Insignificant pests

  57. Though i didn’t bother to click the link,but i am definitely sure they used foreign sources without conducting an independent survey.
    The world bank just released a new report that the poverty level in Nigeria has reduced to 46%(you can check it online) though i believe it is much lower.
    We have the largest informal economy in africa,we are not a welfare state like southafrica,therefore the poverty level can never be that bad.
    Despite boko-haram,Nigeria still attracts the most foreign investments in africa.
    Do you think investors will invest in a country where 75% of the country are poor?
    How will they make profits?
    Who will buy the goods?
    Yet investors are flooding Nigeria.
    Yes there is poverty in Nigeria,but it is grossly exaggerated.

    1. You guys got to move away from such unhelping debate and look at other substantive things…There is poverty in Nigeria and in turns of raw figures, it is astronomically high…In terms of percent too, it is high. And this is simply because Nigeria has a sandy population.

      There is poverty in Ghana too, but you wont get high raw figures and percentage simply because Ghana has a tiny population and not because the past and present Govts are better than Nigerian Govts or people.

      The fact is, all these two countries and other African countries are equally being looted by Govts and the people we entrust to run affairs…The more you have, the more people can steal from you and that is why Nigeria will lead in that index-how much has been looted from a country.

      If you magnify Ghana’s population by doing a simple arithmetic to match it to Nigerian’s population, you will see that poverty in these two countries in terms of raw figures are the same or close to the same…

      I do not think the substantive issue here and at anytime should be which country is poor cos in terms of natural resource, these two countries are blessed…The bigger the land, the more you are likely to have buried in there too, same as the bigger the population, the more human resource you’ve got.

      However, the few greedy politicians we have are making a mess out of our countries and all these attacks and missiles should be sent the way of those corrupted individuals in charge rather…

      So in summary; you all have to realize these;

      1. Nigeria is 5 times enormous than Ghana in terms of population and landmark.
      2. Therefore, common ratio and proportion should let you know that, in terms of troubles too, Nigeria will have 5 times than Ghana.
      3. This does not mean, Nigeria is worse or Ghana is better. If you reduce the Nigerian population to the size of Ghana, you will find that these countries are swimming in close margins, struggling equally or close to equal in the hands of some FEW.

      1. @Posted By: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, I agree with most of what you’ve said. The only part I disagree with is what you said about raw figures & percentages. Sure, the raw number of poor people will be higher in a more populous nation but once you reduce that figure to a percentage, it balances out since you’d be also be dividing by a high number (ie: you’ll be dividing the number of poor people by the total population of the country which is also high). If countries with smaller populations generally have smaller percentages of people living in poverty than more populous ones, then Ghana should have a higher percentage poverty rate than Gambia, Djibouti, Togo, Benin even mineral rich Angola but we don’t. Now while Ghana’s raw figures for people living in poverty is far greater than those Djibouti or Gambia, once we reduce it to a percentage, it factors in the larger population of Ghana & makes for fair comparison. Doesn’t mean that Ghana is better than Nigerian or Nigeria is better than Ghana since Nigeria also performs better in other areas like GDP. However, it is a fact that the poverty rates of Nigeria are higher than those in Ghana.

      2. @Posted By: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Just wanted to add that the high poverty percentages is probably what accounted for the low human development index rankings ( & ( which is conducted by the UN & is a ‘quality of life’ survey- ie: it focuses on life expectancy, education, income of the populace. Like I said, all this doesn’t make Ghana better than Nigeria or vice versa but we just can’t sweep facts under the carpet or excuse them with away because of a ‘large population’. Let me know what you think!

      3. @Posted By: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, u re makin a fhool outta urself. Envy wont take u anywhere. u guys re no match to Nig in any way.