CONFIRMED: Actress Juliet Ibrahim Does Not Wear Hips/Bum Pads

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Lunch With Juliet Ibrahim (48)

As an Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com, I was pushed/motivated/encouraged/dared and asked to touch Actress Juliet Ibrahim’s homogenous Bum this afternoon after our friendly lunch at London Westfield in order to establish that…She does not wear any hips/bum pads.

Few weeks ago, I approved an article from one of GC’s writers for publication. And the article suggested that, Juliet Ibrahim sometimes support her figure with body enhancers- Corsets/Stomach/Body Shapers.

In order to throw the above assumption out of the window, I was pushed/motivated/encouraged/dared and asked to do feel the booty myself…GEEZ!

All I felt was skin so I can testify that, Juliet Ibrahim does not wear any body enhancers beneath her jeans/dress-probably she just left it home today because of this exercise…LOL

Anyway, do not get JEALOUS, I was just doing my JOB! It is one of the perks of being an Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com, the biggest Ghanaian Entertainment, Celebrity, Lifestyle and Fashion Blog with over 1 million page views each month! 🙂

Lunch With Juliet Ibrahim (48)

Lunch With Juliet Ibrahim (47)

And I got a scoop for you guys…Juliet Ibrahim will be launching her reality TV Show soon…Sort of Reality TV but not really a Reality TV called The Perfect Assistant!

Lunch With Juliet Ibrahim (32)


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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Founding Editor
Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri is the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com , a Film Critic and a Human Rights Advocate; he holds 2 masters degrees in Law; International Human Rights Law (LL.M) and Legal Practice Course (LL.M) from University of Leicester and Nottingham Law School--and also a degree in Law (LL.B) from University of East London. He's a Professional Truth Sayer and he is the author of the popular eBook “Success is a Right, Not A Privilege.” He currently works at Adukus Solicitors in London--where he uses his legal brains to kick real ass, for the good of clients and humanity. Contact: [email protected]


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    1. @Adjoa Nbaaso), u guys seriously don’t see what’s wrong with chris(who suppoosedly has a girlfriend) grabbing a woman,a married woman’s behind? Are you guys this naïve? I hope Chris understands what he just did. She has no excuse(she’s not on a movie set). If you guys don’t see anything wrong with this, that means something is wrong with ghanaians or ghana in general…

      1. @our yansh,I don’t get it when things affect others more than those in the action. Has Juliet or Chris complained? So why are you complaining?

        Are you Chris’ girlfriend or Juliet’s husband? Have them complained? No so what is your problem? Do their actions break any law? No so why are you here crying?

        Juliet allowed Chris to touch and he also agreed to touch. What is your problem? Ah aba!

      1. Married woman indeed allowing anoda man to squeeze ur bum in da name of wot? Juliet. U berra stop all dis nonsense n go n look for a job for dat ur jobless hysband oo what did u say he does again?LMAO @honey,

  1. Juliet Ibrahim never uccur to me as that fake girl who applies fake stuff in/on her body…..the only thing she’s not good at is acting(ill always say that no matter what) but I think she’s a beautiful lady and I love her more seeing her in this video…..and did anyone notice their accent??including her mom’s!! they have that Nigerian accent,is that how Liberians sound like?? I luv them…

        1. @honey, hahahahhahaa lol abeg ooooo “Juliet is probably thinking the same Chris Fa wonsa shcɛ me dross no mu” and chris will be whispering “mepɛsɛ yɛ kɔ 18 rounds ɛnnɛ Anadwo” and Juliet will be like Headmaster “bɔ me tu tisɛ Sɛnea Serenal Williams de Racket no bɔ Tennis Ball no” so I can be GC favourite

    1. @honey, they’re not Liberian Hun, her mum is from Ivory Coast, she actually speaks French, but you’re right they’re very nice peeps, really

      1. @LaCongolaise, get your facts right, her mom is a liberian, and they have lived in ivorycoast so all of them are fluent in french

  2. and oh,chris I felt the shade u threw at us haters ok……how ur blog gets mil viewers in a month!!! yeah ur #1 hater(me) felt the shade looooool #justkidding but keep up the good work……and oh,im think about that starting a blog for free offer,fill me in with more info,if u may…*wink*

  3. All I want to no is too things headmaster

    1. Was is hot down there/ soft

    2. What did your girl say about this and I hope your not walking around with a blue eye

  4. I think she comes across as a very nice cool person…she seems to be a hustler too….good for her…that movie better be good so I can at least give her credit for something

  5. hahahhahaha………sometimes seeing is believing alone is not enough, u need to touch it to believe. Chris, is “pulling current”.

  6. i beg..this is highly uncalled can u be touching a married woman’s bum? this is really bad…i hope u know the controversy this will generate both in the media and the family. this is bad bad bad bad.

  7. Beautiful girl, but as a married woman this is terrible and disrespectful to her husband. U let a man feel ur bum and the fingers are even going down into the perineal area all in the name of proving a stupid point. Juliet u let me down . So if chris had asked to see it she wud strip naked too to prove her point.

  8. Hahahaha mr miyagi, was it really necessary to bring in nigeria there, that she is not my wife wud hav sufficed. All the same I neva said she is my wife, but she is also a celebrity in naija and has her fans, as a fan I don’t think this is cool at all, everyone knows she has a stunning body, she didn’t hav to let chris FINGER her (yes I call it that) to prove anything. Worse is that this is captured on photo, some other lazy blogger can take this pics and publish an out of context headline to scandalize her and its her fault cos she created the opportunity. wateva dude

    1. @marcel, are you jealous or what waft if a naija blogger did that would you have written the same thing abeg naija men slow your roll and keep calm and carry on dont let jealousy kill you Abi

    2. What the F.U.C.K is wrong with this Nigerians ,this picture is in every Nigerian website castigating Juliet ,please this is a Ghanaian thing so do us a favour and shut the latrine you call a mouth …

      Are your actresses not doing more than this …

      A week a go ike was posing as a gay and you are here clapping for him MBOA

    3. @marcel, did u see what caribre wrote? ”they do WORSER things in deir movies” I wonder if it’s nite school dey attend ova there. Lol

  9. hmmmm. wow what a beautiful family. juliet’s sister is lightskin. she must be halfcaste lol. juliet, will u stop pretending to be mixed race ? you are not. your not even ghanaian . you are liberian. where is their dad?
    juliet, dont  u hav a husband and a kid at home?

  10. What the F.U.C.K is wrong with this Nigerians ,this picture is in every Nigerian website castigating Juliet ,please this is a Ghanaian thing so do us a favour and shut the latrine you call a mouth …
    Are your actresses not doing more than this …
    A week a go ike was posing as a gay and you are here clapping for him

  11. Hahahahahahaha, these your typical childish rants are all too familiar and I doubt it can offend me at all. Hahahahahahahaha

    1. @marcel, Thank God we Ghanaians don’t look like Nigerians, cause Many of us would’ve been Uglier than Bance no wonder why you people can’t prounce words clearly Chai! My Igbo brother Marcel it is “Bands ‘a make her dance”, NOT “Dance Emeka Dance Ofui

  12. Hahahahahahaha, these your typical childish rants are all too familiar and I doubt it can offend me at all. Hahahahahahahaha so more pls. Hahahaha

  13. I was pushed/motivated/encouraged/dared and asked to touch Actress Juliet Ibrahim’s homogenous Bum
    ( Really Chris? like you didnt want to touch it lol video 4:24 shows something different ) haha but i like her she’s nice

  14. it is a shame to realise only a nigerian man sees this as wrong. marcel, i hail you my brother. this is shameful. no proper married woman can do tgis. she was smiling even fot the picture. Jesus! What kind of shame do you want to bring on your unlaws and husband? how disrespectful. you those sayubg they do worse in movies, please draw a lune between reality and movies and stop sounding mentally warped. this is arrant nosense! even on the part of Chris too.

      1. @27cдгibre(Ф_ф), Aww, little one, do you feel better after insulting me? good. now thank you. First and foremost, you shouldnt ask me if i am better because you have never seen me nor do you know me. secondly, that is not the subject of discussion. i will advise you to use ur brain. let your thinking show when you write and do not be quick to insult anybody. that said, i still maintain this is WRONG!

        1. @sistergirl,you sound soo stupid go through,do your holy comments and check what you wrote
          If you did not insult anyone you are confuse with your comments I can see …

          And secondly mind your miserable business ,cos Juliet in question is ok about it what is your damn problem 
          Are you the one to control her LIFE….STOP POKING YOUR NOSE INTO HER LIFE FOR CHRIST SAKE


          SOUND AS ONE …..

        2. @sistergirl, (well I hope u really are a girl),u are the first Ghanaian girl i will ever admire on this site. U rock dear,I’ll be in Accra soon,we should hook’s teshie lungwa, baby – new coco beach resort. ****kisses***
          Ghana is still a good place to spend some hard earned Naija cash and oppress the natives. LOL

          1. @Naija power,I hope your intention is not to kidnap or do arm robbing cos that what I know 
            About you guys …

            JUST ASKING BY THE WAY …I MEAN NOO  offense  bros 

  15. Ghanaian’s are disgusting…..if it was a Nigerian guy that grabed her butt,u all will be crying here. Fortunately or Unfortunaley most Nigerian top guns have sliced and diced Juliet Ibrahim’s bum bum over the years. Go and ask staff of radisson blue hotel in victoria island,  lagos.
    But this is really a disgusting picture tho’ 

    1. @Naija power, your very sad how are we disgusting based on a picture dude you need some more schooling your the biggest idiot who has ever commented on her I am sure you neck is as long as a giraffe

      1. @Dr. Miyagi,lol every Nigerian want to date a Ghanaian ,that’s their wish,you remember 
        Nadia pic with ayke you see how the Nigerians were happy about it ,but I told echa that she 
        Is just using him as a walking pet you see what happend next ayke is hundred million miles 
        From Nadia …Nadia that a smart move …

        What I want tell the Nigerians is that we Ghanaians don’t wanna date them weather male or female,
        Even if their mama PARCEL them as a gift …mboaa ALATA YAO

    2. @Naija power, i wonder why every gaynian girl wanna openn her legs for any naija man. I was told from a reliable source dat dey wanna wipe out dis ape generatn, pls my dear nor let dem cum near you o.

  16. @Dr. Miyagi, yes sumthing is wrong wit what he did becos chris is managed by a Nigerian gurl nd as usual he’s tryin so hard to have beautiful children. Ehen why did chris(ur lifemaster sori headmaster) not report on how Nig demolished gh 6-1 in d on goin under 17 african cup of nations in morocco? Guess u would ve luved to comment. Afia can go nd google this up o,no wahala sha

  17. Hahaha, @ joy. His bad English doesn’t bother me. I cudn’t even be bothered to be replying their Infantile Bickerings. I see them as kids or local people fortunate enuf to stumble on an internet facility. I just care about making my points , anyone who has contrary views and is intelligent enough to put them forward in a mature way is always welcome, that’s why its a blog, people are always allowed to hav different views and express them. So I don’t really care about those 2 or weda they can insult. Hahahahaha

  18. it is sad how you all support this. callibre and miyagi keep insulting me. i will ask you one question MIyagi because I know you usually speak the truth whether the rest are following what you say or not. so tell me. wlll you really be happy to see another man hook his hand on your wife’s bum like this? and post it on the internet.
    marcel, thank you jari but I am married.
    why is everybody saying it is ok? God. I cry for Ghana. how can you be convincing people this is ok? no real man will marry you with such mentalities. now onder there are so many single old women in this country. only spineless men will look at this and tell their wives or girlfriends that it is ok.
    God forbid such disgrace.
    Please come and insult me again. Hurry up!

    1. @sistergirl, First of all i cant recall insulting you but i will apologise on Calibre’s behalf back to your question. GROWN FOLKS handle things differently. The GROWN FOLKS know what I mean “sistergirl” I always say control yourself. Don’t go dropping your seeds in the soil if you can’t afford to water the plant and watch it grow.

      I mean its wrong for Juliet to allow it if she claimed to be a married than its unacceptable to allow such a thing to happen I see it as cheating which tells me that Juliet is capable of.

      Doing anything for fame but than I don’t want to judge no one because I wasn’t at the scene neither do I know Juliet’s life you get me I mean blogger could have written it and leave the picture out as a woman, you can’t have a Jezebel spirit and be waiting for your Boaz.

      so yeah it’s very wrong and if I was Juliet’s husband and came across that picture than I wouldn’t be to happy about it cause LOVE, LOYALTY & LONELINESS, has its strengths. But if invested in the WRONG PLACES or PEOPLE…. IT CAN BE DEVASTATING!

      1. @Dr. Miyagi,don’t apologize to her bro,go through her first comments she is not the angel she claim
        She is ,she insulted us first before I did ….

    2. @sistergirl,stop playing as a victim and stop expecting sympathy from miyagi ,
      Did you think about what you wrote before you clck send???

      You can’t insult someone and expect me to be happy with it next time think before you write useless 

      Type of women like you are the ones who cheat their husbands I don’t care about your husband nor you,
      No wonder the Nigerians regards you as a customer and they want to meet you married woman my foot ..

      JUST STOP POKING YOUR NOSE INTO YVONNE’s affair cos she barely don’t know your a.s.s

      1. @27cдгibre(Ф_ф), calibre. i am not looking for sympathy. i asked a simple question. and no, my first staement did not iinsult anybody. you people were quick to attack it hence the second which wasnt polite but not as insulting as yours.
        by the way. we are all entitled to our opinions so yea u can support the picture. as for me, i cannot. all the same. tthanks miyagi. sorry if i insulted you too.

        1. @sistergirl,@sistergirl,stop sounding mentally warped ??? Come you call this what ,you can’t 
          Say that to NOO one and get a jovial responds after ,in my country Ghana if you addressed 
          Someone as that it an insult so get it…

          You claim yours wasn’t too much as mine come on every insult is an insult …
          I will apologize if you admit that what you wrote was an insult ..
          And finally you can’t attack someone in making your statement as you say everyone is 
          Entitled to his or her own opinion so it does not give you the mandate to tell us


          Have a good day

  19. Ya @sister girl, am not the one who said we shuld meet, its @naijapower. All the same welldone and greet your husband for us. Please don’t anyone touch your bum in the name of confirming nonsense o, cos that’s will be disrespectful to ur hubby. Lol. Cheers

  20. It’s ok to touch/feel it just a lil bit, bt de way Chris touched n felt it.. for me it’s too extreme, lyk he got carried away by day succulent-lookin’ ass, or he had a different agenda hmm…. for God sake she’s SOMEBODY’S wife!!!!! I dnt think Chris will smile over someone touching/feeling on his wife’s “nyash” in such a manner, I won’t neither… nxt time WISE UP Mr editor Chris, u failed dis time; no credit for dat..