CELEB STYLE: Nadia Buari Vrs Yvonne Okoro In HOT Shorts

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Nadia Buari1

Last week, Yvonne Okoro gave us a treat of her ‘footballer’ legs when she rocked a strappy HOT shorts for Sandra Ankobiah’s graduation party at the Golden Tulip Hotel in Accra.

Actress Nadia Buari who is rarely seen in shorts has also decided to give us a taste of a shorts style this week. Rocking a pinky top and a HOT shorts with PINK spots which she paired with a strappy heel, she soothingly posed for the camera.

I must add that, Nadia Buari’s legs put her far ahead of Yvonne Okoro in this style race.

Anyway, whose style are you feeling?

Nadia Buari2


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  1. First of all Y.O does not have football legs you must be mistaking with “Jackie the Kilo legs” the both look stunning so to be this is a tie cause they both got something negative with Y.O. Too much make up makes her look like a cartoon figure and as for Nadia is just the shoes she reminds me of those Jamaican girls daggering on the. Dance floor those big bone ragga mama’s

    1. @Dr. Miyagi, I go with okoro because her style is more of a high/sophisticated fashion compared to nadia’s cheap obroni waawu!!! but okoro’s bod is totally not for that outfit. sorry boo!!!

      1. @nanya martinson, ur mistaken her comment….first of all she said she going with okoro’s look so obviously she answered the question and also stated what she didn’t like,which is the negative side of her looks…….and she says,”apart from her make up,she’s(okoro) good” which means aside from that lil make up mishap,she’s ok!…and not the fact that she’s(okoro) a good actress or her favorite superstar…but I also understand why her comment confused u.

        1. @honey, shots are fired What a bam bam, bam bam daaaamn what a shot looooooool your comment is going to be my comment of the year anytime I feel bored I will read it all over again

  2. i think I will go with Nadia.Yvonne’s knees are too dark and it will take attention from the shorts to her knees most of the time.Maybe she got punished a lot in school by having to do a lot kneeling down or maybe she favors that one position a lot.If u know what I mean

    1. @frog,talkn about the knees reminds me of the movie JUMPING THE BROOM where Meagan Good was caught making out with the cook and what Mike Epps quoted.

  3. Like I previously said, Y. Okoro’s legs are not made for shorts, she can skip wearing shorts 😛
    Nadia all the way, her legs are hot.

  4. Nadia’s dress looks like 16 yrs girl on her BIRTHDAY  OR BETER STILL ON OURDAY 

    YVONNE own looks like MaaPANYIN  ON A DATE 

  5. I really like Yvonne Okoro ,her personality and acting but she seriously looks like she is wearing a Victoria secret bag (i.e. the one they put your merchandise in when you pay for it) for her shorts and so i am not feeling her outfit. Nadia looks ok but her pink is a bit too hot for me but kinda suits her and i like her poses. I’d say Nadia wins this one but Yvonne Okoro hasn’t got footballer legs like the writer insinuates! He legs look feminine and fine by me