OBS: Acting, Farming And News Reporting Rated Worst Jobs Of 2013 With Low Pay, High Stress Levels And Poor Career Prospects

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If you ask me to mention the best job in the world, I will hit straight on BLOGGING-getting paid to express your opinion on things of interest…LOL.

Anyway, despite the glamor associated with jobs like Acting, News Reporting and others, they’ve been rated as worst jobs of 2013…

What do you think is the best job in the world and why?

Daily Mail Reports;

Actuary has been voted the best job of 2013 and news reporting the worst, in an annual ranking of occupations.

Recruitment site CareerCast.comrated 200 professions based on five criteria including physical demands, work environment, income, stress, and hiring outlook.

Software engineering, financial planning, occupational therapy, and optometry were other careers to make the top ten, while dairy farming, acting, roofing and logging came bottom of the pile.

Actuary, which involves assessing risk probabilities often for insurance purposes, claimed the number one spot with an average income of $91,211 (£59,743), and flexible work arrangements.

While news reporting, which was ranked 196 in 2012, was relegated to last place with a median salary of $36,000 (£23,580), stressful work conditions and poor career prospects.

The results, published on Tuesday, have fueled a debate, with many critics disagreeing with the positions, and others disgruntled that their line of work does not even appear.

One anonymous commentator wrote on CareerCast.com: ‘I cannot find “musician” on the list. Does that mean it is even worse than #200.  If so, a lot of aspiring young kids should be warned.

While ‘musician’ does not feature, lesser-known job titles to appear include ‘nuclear decontamination technician’ (ranked 65), ‘sewage plant operator’ (ranked 87), ‘drill-press operator’ (ranked 143) and ‘precision assembler’ (ranked 176).

Another critic named Ryan used the Wall Street Journal’s comment section to highlight that ‘different people respond to different types of stress’ which is ‘what this sort of list ignores.’

He continues: ‘The physical labor of a brick layer, for example, may be tolerable to someone fit, but hell for someone who’s not.

‘Likewise, some reporters may thrive on the stress that would be considered unpalatable by others.

‘Ultimately, the quality is a job is determined by the individual’s aptitude and attitudes, to a much greater extent than any “career formula”.’

To compile the list, researchers gathered data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Census Bureau, trade association studies and other sources.

Like Ryan, a reader named James agreed that there is no set formula when it comes to jobs.

He wrote that he ‘found the list interesting and a fun way to compare jobs with friends, but I wouldn’t take it any more serious than that,’ he explained.

‘As a commercial union electrician, I can tell you the pay, working conditions (weather), and benefits are better in San Francisco than say for a non union residential electrician in rural Arkansas.’

However some cited the list as a reliable predictor. An attorney anonymously exclaimed on the Wall Street Journal: ‘I’m a 117! Accurate to me. Did an actuary predict the list…?’

It is the 25th year CareerCast.com has released its Job Rated compilation.

Following this year’s outcome it concluded: ‘No two work experiences are guaranteed to be alike, and different career paths cater to unique skills and interests.

‘Ultimately, only the individual can determine the best job for her or his abilities and passions. However, the Jobs Rated report exists as a road map for determining the career field that is right for you.’

In 2012 software engineering was deemed the most desirable job, while lumberjacking came in at number 200.

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