OBS: Mario Balotelli Says Real Madrid Players Can Sleep With His Girlfriend If They Beat Borussia Dortmund

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Mario Balotelli model girlfriend-Fanny Neguesha
Mario Balotelli model girlfriend-Fanny Neguesha

Mario ‘Barwua’ Balotelli has let out another cat out of his unending  shocking character and utterances. And this time, he has shocked even die-hard Mario-madness fans by declaring he will allow Real Madrid’s players to sleep with his girlfriend Fanny Neguesha if they produce an almighty comeback in the Champions League semi-finals…

REALLY? Has he discussed this with Fanny and is she ready for it? Typical Ghanaian SPIRIT in there…LOL

Mario is quoted as saying: ‘If Real Madrid comes back in Champions League, I’ll let my girlfriend sleep with them!’

Being 4-1 down from the first leg at Borussia Dortmund, that is not impossible for Jose Mourinho’s men – but it is unlikely.

What do you think will happen?

Fanny-Mario Balotelli girlfriend

Fanny Robert Neguesh Balotelli girlfriend

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  1. Balotelli the Mad men aden? Wanim se atikrata. Bemaa foo. How can you make a statement like that Fifa need to lock him and Ronaldo up pimps in football

    1. @Miyagi The Debater,You are a big fool.Why do you always try to insult in all your comments.
      Can’t you comment in a normal way.Idiot.

      1. @Argument, I can see why you named yourself “argument” which means you agree with him siaaaa did I insult you or anyone who commented on this topic, Did Bob Okala conceived you or what Massa gyai gyimi no Wati Wanim Fiii se Kumasi market

      2. @Argument, dude do you have personal issue with him???
        Why cant u express your mind cos if he insult or not it wasn’t directed to you.

  2. See this ugly useless mumu, its not his fault, he will still get another stupid gurl if fanny leaves.. nothing do him

  3. Infact, I thought he was going to turn to human being with sense after giving birth not knowing he was turning worse, mumu,aboafunu, 3nam, aponkye….