MUST READ: And You Wonder Why Ghanaian Music & Movies Ain’t Going NO Where?


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About two years ago, I wrote an article titled “Bootleg Managers/PRs’ Are The Downfall Of Our Talented Ghanaian Musicians & Actors” in which I mentioned that ‘most of our stars have the talent to get them there but their international success is curtailed by their “bootleg” Managers and PRs’.

Then, I was shocked by the fact that after one “shady” movie or a good for nothing song to a person’s name, the first thing that comes into such an individual’s mind is to acquire a manager or PR.

Beyond this, some of these persons managing our celebrities/talents themselves need to be managed in various ways.

Most of them have no clear understanding of their roles, with many of these “bootleg” Managers and PRs just “parasiting” on the little earnings of these stars without offering them anything worthy of improving their careers.

Today, I have decided to look at this issue with a very simple analysis since nothing seems to have change over the years.

It is worth restating that, indeed Ghana is blessed with talents but those serving as Managers and PRs of these talents are causing more harm than good to their career progress, achievements and development.

I hate to compare Nigeria to Ghana since the two countries are of different population and structure but undeniably, they have one thing in common-geographical location and proximity.

If talents from Nigeria can push forward and attain significant international recognition, why can’t those from Ghana? The answer is as simple as this; lazy and bootleg “Managers” are destroying the careers of these talents before they even mature.

I have heard several people shout out loud that ‘Ghanaians do not like to promote or support their own’. Why should those outside the person’s inner circle/paying list do this when even those being paid by these artistes as Managers or PRs are too lazy to do the job they are being paid for?

Let me make this clear to you with this simple analysis…

Consider how hard a music artiste has to work to get a music done-brain storming, writing lyrics, sleeping in studios and then finally recording his heart out.

After doing all these, when it comes for the music to be put out there for the fans and be well promoted or circulated,  the so called Managers and PRs crush him/her down with their unprofessionalism and lazy attitude to work.

As the founding editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com, Ghana’s Biggest Entertainment online platform with over a million pageviews each month, I receive several songs and promo materials from Ghanaian talents-most coming from their so called Managers and PRs.

And this is where the unprofessionalism and laziness come in…

On every website, blog or media platform out there, they have specific contact (E-mail) addresses for specific enquires or information.  Each E-mail may be dealt by different persons tasked with responsibilities of working on incoming materials.

Instead of Managers and PRs sitting down to find out which emails to send out songs they wish to promote to, they have somehow managed to obtain bulk of email addresses (unrevised list) which they simply SPAM these emails with the materials…REALLY?

If you cannot even do the work by emailing the right persons when you are being paid to do so, why should any Editor help promote your material?

As an Editor for many years, I know what all editors hate…And it is this; receiving an email with other 300 editors having been copied into it SUCKS. Absence of appropriate salutation (Hello Chris or something makes it friendly and a bit personal) and not knowing where it is coming from means-STRAIGHT TO TRASH, SPAM BOX or the DELETE BUTTON cant be missed.

Let me quickly mention that, sending a PRESS RELEASE to bulk of email addresses like a SPAM message is pretty useless as selling/trying to sell a candy to a 5 months old baby.

Where is the professionalism? Must I tell these Managers and PRs that you have to establish REAL relationships with the Editors of the various platforms you know will be of need to your clients?

You are being paid to work, even if not, the moment you assume the responsibility as a manager or PR, you have to know what you are about and do the work right. Otherwise, you are just killing someone’s dream and talent.

If you cannot simply spend time building relationships with those of media influence to benefit your client, then you do not deserve to be near him or her…

What will be the point in sending a Promo Press Release to [email protected] or [email protected] , expecting that they will proceed to publish that for you? Are we serious at all?

What a ‘shoddy’ industry with unprofessional people destroying the dreams and talents of hard working young Ghanaians…


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