Health Ministry To Bring In More Doctors From Cuba To Run Country’s Hospitals…REALLY?

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According to reports, the government of Ghana is bringing in more Cuban doctor as part of contingency measures to deal with the three week old strike by doctors. Therefore, Health Ministry says the sector minister will sign an agreement with the Cuban government for the supply of more doctors to the country to aid doctors at the 37 and Police Hospitals who have been working extra hours to take care of patients as a result of the on-going strike.

The Cuban doctors will also be sent to various hospitals across the country. Meanwhile, the Ghana Medical Association has insisted it will not call off the strike because of government’s posture regarding their grievances.

This is my take…

With the little English I know, ‘MORE’ means they’ve brought some down already and more is on the way coming! So, instead of the government solving the problem with the country’s doctors, they prefer to rather use that money to import foreign doctors, definitely accommodate them and also pay them for their services for the period the country’s doctors will be on strike…huh? How many Cubans can be imported to solve the crisis anyway? I’m very sure they’ll be paid maybe before or right after their services; they won’t bother coming if they’ll be paid in bits and pieces, will they?

The way some of these leaders don’t think before they open their mouth, it is just the same way they just don’t take some things into consideration if they’re solving issues. Will these doctors undergo adaptation courses before they start treating the patients like other countries do when foreigners work in their health facilities or they’ll just dump them there?

If we’re to face reality, that is outrageous. If the country is crippled in the area of healthcare and we don’t have trained doctors to see to the health needs of its citizens, it will be an ideal situation because the government is concerned about the health of its citizens BUT if the country has qualified doctors who are on strike because they want their arrears paid (obviously with money) and the government have enough to bring in others with the same money they have to pay their own…….Some people in positions need to go back to the classroom.

As I always say, it is not every educated person who is a literate; we still have some educated people who are illiterates, the porters in the market who have not stepped foot in the classroom can even reason more than them. This is nothing political; it is pure lack of wisdom

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