Health Ministry To Bring In More Doctors From Cuba To Run Country’s Hospitals…REALLY?

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According to reports, the government of Ghana is bringing in more Cuban doctor as part of contingency measures to deal with the three week old strike by doctors. Therefore, Health Ministry says the sector minister will sign an agreement with the Cuban government for the supply of more doctors to the country to aid doctors at the 37 and Police Hospitals who have been working extra hours to take care of patients as a result of the on-going strike.

The Cuban doctors will also be sent to various hospitals across the country. Meanwhile, the Ghana Medical Association has insisted it will not call off the strike because of government’s posture regarding their grievances.

This is my take…

With the little English I know, ‘MORE’ means they’ve brought some down already and more is on the way coming! So, instead of the government solving the problem with the country’s doctors, they prefer to rather use that money to import foreign doctors, definitely accommodate them and also pay them for their services for the period the country’s doctors will be on strike…huh? How many Cubans can be imported to solve the crisis anyway? I’m very sure they’ll be paid maybe before or right after their services; they won’t bother coming if they’ll be paid in bits and pieces, will they?

The way some of these leaders don’t think before they open their mouth, it is just the same way they just don’t take some things into consideration if they’re solving issues. Will these doctors undergo adaptation courses before they start treating the patients like other countries do when foreigners work in their health facilities or they’ll just dump them there?

If we’re to face reality, that is outrageous. If the country is crippled in the area of healthcare and we don’t have trained doctors to see to the health needs of its citizens, it will be an ideal situation because the government is concerned about the health of its citizens BUT if the country has qualified doctors who are on strike because they want their arrears paid (obviously with money) and the government have enough to bring in others with the same money they have to pay their own…….Some people in positions need to go back to the classroom.

As I always say, it is not every educated person who is a literate; we still have some educated people who are illiterates, the porters in the market who have not stepped foot in the classroom can even reason more than them. This is nothing political; it is pure lack of wisdom

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  1. Chris its amazing because the case of the doctors is simple unless we are finally broke I do no see y it isnt possible. The government just wants to paint the doctors as evil.Which normal doctor will choose to reject a patient for no reason much more all doctors…wen thy raise genuine concerns,some stupid minister describes their actions as politically motivated..

  2. Let me give you a little education. Are you aware that Ghana has an on going relationship with the Cuban government which dates back several year. Many medical student were trained in Cuba for over 20 years now. Medicial students are selected from across the country and are given full scholarships including monthly stipends to Cuba. In turn they are expected to return home with the expertise. Now this is not in anyway to say government shouldn’t address the issues of the doctors, but it seems doctors are always on strike about salary, never about the deplorable conditions they have to work under, or the lack of equipment and facilities. Although I understand the salary situation, they made an oath to serve and that’s a sacrifice they went into knowingly. No one is saying they shouldn’t be paid, but thier profession is a calling.

    1. @Ajoa,That is a loose assumption… The basic economic principle of the reward of labour being salary applies to every trade and profession…

      Why must anyone work and be paid less than he thinks he is worth? And you say because they have to sacrifice? Really? That is a pure joke! When a doctor goes to the filling station, does he get fuel for free because he is a doctor? If he has to pay same as a lawyer or teacher, them why should he not be paid per his work ?

      Doctors have right to fair pay and fair pay should not be determined by you but by them, their trade unions and the gov’t.

      Another ignorance assumption you have made is: doctors are trained in Cuba blah blah, who told you all the doctors on strike or majority of those doctors are trained under the Cuba agreement? 

      I know several doctors in Ghana and part of the strike who were not trained under such agreement… They paid their way to become doctors and you think the govt shld not pay em their worth ?

      You don’t know what you are taking

      1. @TiffanyBabe, if you dont know what you talking about is better you mute ,majority of the doctors you are talking about are working under private sectors not the government hospital mainly..

        You have to know that most of those doctors are under such agreement with the cuba government.

        And if i paid my way out of school i have the right to choose to work under the government or not,

        If your family has become a victim of this strike am sure you will be defending the government.
        And i dont agree with the government to let doctors work with empty stomach….

        Anyway comparing doctors to teachers and lawyers is bullshit

  3. Their profession is a calling and thats why they need to be treated better..lemme educate u too…wat these doctors are asking for did not start today..thyve bn askn fr it for two yrs and thts y last yr thy went on strike fr a week or so only to call the strike off to return to a no-payment situation..pls fr ur info doctors at komfo anokye abt 3 yrs ago went on strike cos of inadequate n deplorable facilities…
    No one wants this situation but politicians need to learn tht ppl come frst befr them..hw cam thy r so quick to pay themselves and even pay arrears fm 2009 in one doctors being a leader is a callin..leaders r calld to serve….

  4. on whose expenses? we can afford to bring doctors from Cuba but we cant take care and settle some agreement with our own?

  5. be honest. won’t you feel safer in the hands of a white skin doctor? u guys should be honest. what do this ghana trained doctors know sef? 

  6. Dis alone tells u the kind of government we have in Ghana & the knee jerk reactions they always take.I thought these Cuban doctors were going to work for free after telling our Ghanaian doctors to do same.I wonder how many of the ministers can sacrifice & work for free even after all the freebies they get.Lets see hw dis will be sustained & maybe if teachers go on strike they’ll go & replace them with teachers from China.


  8. The Cuban govt is not exporting labour for free. They are doing it for oil. It’s an agreement with the Gh govt. In the end, this costs more than what the docs are fighting for.
    In fact, govt on its own should make working conditions and remuneration attractive for docs so they stay in the country as many of them are leaving. I was planning to work in Ghana when i finish as i thought i would be better of than here in Nigeria, but i’m seriously having second thoughts now.

  9. Well said pinto! …I just returned from Ghana and to be honest, things  are bad  , but of course our  greedy leaders dont  feel the pain.       I shook my head when i saw the headline on some other Ghana news website . Is just sad n pathetic if u ask me.  So, rather settling  our  Doctors  or at least given them some kind of assurance they think bringing in Doctors from Cuba is the best way to deal with this?  Hmmm ….  is even an insult to the Doctors in Ghana.                                                                                                                                                                                           Am not in anyway  supportive of  this strike i was in Ghana when it started  and  i know alot of  lives has been lost and it will hurt   if someone ur close to become a victim   .    I’ve being hearing  people   calling the them greedy , evil and all sort of names ,but lets be fair here  aside their profession as  taking care of people,  they are   humans just like us . They need money to buy gas and  money to feed their families  .I dont think this is what they want, probably  is being an ongoing thing  they got tired n said enough is enough!!! .
    . Wasn’t it recently that he raised pay for ministers ?  Like they are benefiting the country  in anyway . This action is rather worsening the case than good.     This cubans  doctors wont stay  in Ghana forever and   To think of it Doesn’t bringing them here  cost money ?. Where will they sleep? anaa will carry their houses and food with? … Our leaders need to wake up ooooo tom !! 

  10. @petress, can’t believe u said that. Though am not ghanaian, I feel am included in that category of doctors that know notin cos am not caucasian, may God forgive ur racist a**

  11. This is one of the few times I ask God why? Cos Africa leaders are ignorant, selfish, and educated illiterates with lack of plan and the understanding of not power but building, providing and leadership comes a long way. They lead a country like they are running their homes.