Van Vicker Says His Absence Made Majid Michel & John Dumelo Shine…Do You Agree?

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Van Vicker And Juliet Ibrahim
Van Vicker And Juliet Ibrahim

We cannot really point out when Van Vicker was absent, thereby, affording John Dumelo and Majid Michel the chance to shine…

We’ve always thought the game got tighter and talents begun to rock against each other, giving those who had the X-factor the chance to shine and dominate the screen.

I clearly remember when it was either Van Vicker or there was no movie…I do not consider monopoly in anyway as lack of matching competition—it is simply what it is…

As nothing last forever, Van Vicker’s era of monopoly was heavily attacked with the emergence of John Dumelo and Majid Michel…

At a point in time, Van Vicker led the race as he had the popularity and experience on his side. But with time, the others gained grounds and the rest became what we have today…

I am not sure as to what you think, but to Van, it was his absence (not certain about what absence he is talking about) that gave the others a room to shine. I do not think he believes he was simply over taken…

In a recent interview with Graphic Showbiz, Van Vicker stated that “I can confidently say that my shift has paved the way for other actors to shine”, “since I left the Ghanaian movie scene, the likes of Majid Michel, John Dumelo and others have had the chance to shine”…

Do you agree with Van?

GC Staff Yaa


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  1. van, please shut up.
    you actually act horribly, never again should you compare yourself to majid. he is an actor of great repute.
    so again, please shut up.

    1. @sister girl, oooooooh sister exactly what I said……I swear im fuming here right now,and I hope this is some false rumor,i hope he didn’t say all of that……see,this is why I need to get my ass home and get me a good production company for a hot gossip talk show…my bp is high for this nonsense,africa gets enticed by stupidity such as ‘skin color(specifically light or white skin)’ and that’s actually why people went gaga over van vicker….and wasn’t majid in the game before van ever thought of radio??? I mean majid started with ‘things we do for love’, and wasn’t things we do for love on way before suncity started??which was how van started?? i mean come on,from crime to Christ,agony of Christ,4play and just recently somewhere in Africa…as far as im concerned majid is the best actor Africa have right about now,nobody has/can do what majid does(not even ramsey,desmond,etc…none of them)… good film critic would ever dispute that fact..!! VAN VICKER,DONT U EVER GO THERE WITH MAJID EVER AGAIN!!! u can try with john dumelo cos quiet frankly,i don’t know the fuss over him either…his acting is not that buzz worthy just like u anyway….My two cents

  2. van paa?  u are the worst male actor in gh!only popular because of your skin colour and looks! apart from john and majid, do we have any other popular ghanain actors? come off it okay

  3. This guy is funny.Who does he think he is?Does he think he can act??He just saw his time was fading and had to run away to Nigeria to repackage himself

  4. Like seriously? Who is he? Van who…………?
    That statement wasnt necessary and the truth of the matter is, those two actors he named are far better in acting than him.
    what an arrogant………..

  5. this van vicker guy is not serious! majid michel is a better actor than you as he’s versatile – the guy can play any character he’s given. on the other hand, van is just a one way actor and the annoying thing is he thinks he can direct movies kmt 

  6. i totally disagree, majid michel will shine with or without vans absence. majid is better of than van so he has no case

  7. hope van dinin say dat….coz he shud know himself as de worst actor….both in ghallywood n nollywood.his light skin coupled with Gods pushin him up…so he shd fank God….n stop spitting trashhhhhhh…:coz hez farrrrrr from dumelo ……nt to talk of Majid..

  8. I disagree with Van….I never liked his movies though…My mom says everytime she sees Van in a movie, his face looks like he is being forced to act….I wonder who lied to him that he can act….Majid and J.D are actors and they will shine whether Van exists or not….seriously paaaa?

    1. @Eaglebabe, LMAO….girl, I
      didn’t want to add my 10 cent! but your mom crack me up ooo…. lol that’s so true! I keep telling my family his emotions never fit the character he is playing at any given moment!
      But recently he’s made noticiable improvements n need I say progress?
      But honetly, in my humble opinion, the others indeed challenged him to the core including Frank Artus!! thats what’s up with his still existance!

  9. has he being watching his movies at all? hmmm or he thinks bcoz he is appearing in nollywood movies he thinks he is good noooo its marketing strategies if he does not know, majid was threatened the first time he went to nigeria coz they know he is goood


  11. i don’t agree with van vicker,bcos he’s a very poor actor,he can not compare him self with majid or dumelo not even for once.

  12. Never judge a book by it’s cover,You guys r all jelous as i can see…Van Vicker is one of d best actors i knw,what makes u all thnk u can talk abt him dat way? Is they any1 amongst u blabbering mouth dat is perfect? Tell me! Van vicker acts perfectly n there is nothng wrong with his acting,,U’re all bunch of freaks n banana brains,..u’re all sag of dirts n selfish people..if there is smthng u dnt like abt V.k, why nt just tell him,instead of sayin nasty stuffs abt him…if it were ur brother or husband,would u like it?? Well am nt surprised why wnt u guyz choose M.j &J.d..whn they r perfect in acting movies,they r either hving sex,smushng or kissing….spreading coruptn 4 d chldren to see……Well! Open ur ears n hear me…”Van Vicker will b successful,Prosperous,healthy n wealthy….with or without,u guys likin him…..what can i say?” what r d winners n heroes,without d haters? Van Vicker forever!

  13. For sure van i wanna sound very obedient……john dumelo nd majid r really gud as compared to u in both romance n actn… Dis two boys were superb evn bfr dey entered university… nd not to talk abt actn…..