Who Is The False Prophet? Bishop Isaac Owusu Bempah Says TB Joshua’s Spiritual Power Is Not From God & I Say, Is There Even God?

T.B Joshua

How do we know who is from God and who is not? As usual, we have to believe without evidence as the Bible teaches us—it is called FAITH.

The whole faith doctrine (believing without evidence) upon which Christianity and all other religions are built is what has landed us into many of the world’s atrocities…

After all, one can get up and say, God has told him to bomb some group of people and we are supposed to believe it, without any evidence—have faith…

A group of people can also claim ownership to a land and refuse to move because God has promised it to them. On the same land, another group says, God has given it to them. Same God has promised one land to two groups of people. How do we know what God actually said? We just have to have faith that he said something…

Now, who is real and who is fake? Without any evidence, we cannot even determine this…All we have to do is have the faith…

Faith Faith Faith…No wonder some pastors are able to scam huge sums of money from their church members. It is simple; just say God has told you that the members should each pay some specific amount of money into the church coffers.

Add that, God will reward those who give big ‘cheerful givers’ and without any evidence that God has ever said any to the pastor, the church members who have been indoctrinated into FAITH will proceed to give…

And you dare question anything God says or whether he is even out there. All you have to do is have FAITH-believe without evidence…

Now, do you wonder why we probably have more churches than hospitals in Ghana?

You are asked to suspend all your thinking faculty, analytical mind and inquisitive nature and become a God disciple—believe that he is there in the face of even contrary emerging evidence.

Who cares about evidence when it comes to God? All you need to do is have faith (believe without evidence).

Anyway,  Bishop Isaac Owusu Bempah says Prophet Temitope Balogun (TB) Joshua is fake.  Who is the ‘original fake’ among the two? To me,  it is their God…

Life will be far better and peacefully if we all go out there and live meaningful lives that encourage and promote civilization, instead of these entrenched faith based beliefs.

PeaceFm Reports;

The Founder and Leader of Glorious Word Power Ministries, Bishop Isaac Owusu Bempah, has questioned the foundation of Prophet Temitope Balogun (TB) Joshua’s spiritual prowess.

The outspoken man of God avers that the spiritual powers possessed by General Overseer of The Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN) does not come from God.

To him, Prophet TB Joshua is not of God and therefore warned those who have bestowed their confidence in him by seeking spiritual assistance from him to be wary.

In an interview with Okay fm, Prophet Owusu-Bempah, who acknowledged that he will be incurring the wrath of the general public and worshipers of SCOAN, however stressed that a genuine man of God will not seek to publicize himself or his works unnecessarily.

He added that the Bible has made it clear that a Prophet is not respected in his own country because to him (Bishop Owusu Bempah), there are men of God more anointed and powerful than the TB Joshua in Ghana.

“I know many people will disagree with me about what i’ve said about TB Joshua…some will even wonder why a fellow man of God will condemn another…but frankly I don’t see him (TB Joshua) as a man of God…there are many great men of God in Ghana like Rev Eastwood Anaba, Prophet Annor, Rev Ampiah Kwofi and Bishop Dag Haward-Mills…they do not court publicity like how he (TB Joshua) does,” he said.

According to him, he would have preferred to disclose what he saw in a revelation concerning Prophet TB Joshua, but has decided to be silent on it for now.

He urged all those who disagree with him about the source of Prophet TB Joshua’s spiritual prowess to also pray fervently to God to reveal it to them; stressing that “if someone believes in him, I Owusu Bempah don’t believe him and in as much as I don’t want to go into details I want to tell Ghanaians that I say TB Joshua is not from God and I am not afraid to say this”.


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21 thoughts on “Who Is The False Prophet? Bishop Isaac Owusu Bempah Says TB Joshua’s Spiritual Power Is Not From God & I Say, Is There Even God?”

  1. Man that’s Why You Need To Travel So that You Wouldn’t
    Hear All those Craps And Bullshit.. I worship the Person Who created The World and Its Universe.
    I don’t care of them. (those So called Pastors) Their Just A living Body As We.
    The End Of Time Is near In Africa. They Gotta Watch out 4 Those False Prophets..

    • He is just the greatest living and verifiable prophet on earth now.

      Another unique aspect of God’s Renowned global evangelist P.S. Upthegrove’s message has to do with his God given revelation that Prophet T.B.Joshua is one of the twelve end-time prophets in the world. This is a rare confirmation. Apostles, the world over, are several millions, but God knows exactly the gifts He gives to each individual, if they actually are called! The end-time prophets are bound to face opposition, sometimes vicious, dangerous, poison-edged and evil-laced challenges and criticisms, the kind which T.B. Joshua has been exposed to over the years.

      The critics, forget that the Creator needs no approval from the humans to call His servants. Many of Prophet T.B.Joshua’s vicious critics have never stopped asking for T.B. Joshua’s help with mentorship, church membership and pastoral training and confirmation. To them, the mentorship of God is insufficient. It is as if they demand that God should come physically to anoint Joshua, even when the fruits from his ministry demonstrate HE is clearly the centre of his ministerial commitments. Critics question the use of the Anointing Water and stickers; they query the stretching of hands and even the use of the word ‘Emmanuel’. They are not satisfied that the true work of God is being done in the midst of people from all corners of the globe – America, Asia, Europe and Africa.

      God’s General, C.S. Upthegrove, who had successfully pastored AA Allen’s church as a minister, was also encouraged by the ministration of the wise men in the church. He recounted how seeing such power demonstrated reminded him of all he had witnessed through ministers of God such as Oral Roberts, AA Allen, William Branham and RW Shambach who he had the privilege to work with and know personally.

      God had told the church – through Renowned global evangelist P.S. Upthegrove – that T.B. Joshua is one of His prophets, one through whom God would use to give people from all over the world their deliverance, blessings, healings and salvation. He said God uses anything to touch the lives of people – sticks, stones, shadows and even dead men’s bones. That T.B. Joshua has been using water to do likewise is within with God’s ability to be present in every matter of nature. The Anointing Water has been successfully used over the years to tear the kingdom of satan apart and als set people free from bondages and fasten people’s expectations on God.

      Renowned global evangelist P.S. Upthegrove told the congregation that AA Allen had actually described The SCOAN to him, so graphically, prophesying that God would sustain his life to conceived.see the fulfilment of his message and enabling him to meet the person concerned. He had always prayed to the Lord to give him grace to visit the prophesied church and it’s General Overseer. Allen’s vision had come in a period in which technologies such as the internet, through which many have discovered Joshua’s ministry, had not even been

  2. Dis false prophet is not happy dat t.b joshua is not a Ghanian & Ghanians are coming back frm naija with dia testimonies.wait a minute, is Jesus christ a Ghanian?

  3. Listen Chris..if u really are searching for God ull find him.He never told people to believe in prophets..he said believe in his Son n ull be saved..For those of u looking at these sophisticated mallams n judging God thats ur own business..Wen u meet God some day it wnt be abt wat his ppl wer doing..itll be about u n I sed before most ppl hu dun blv in God r pbly too scared to look fr him or pride is just eating them up..wateva it is he left us wth a will to pastor saves,only God does n Hes just a prayer away!

    • @Pinto,lol you are a brainwashed person who believes in the religion nonsense and the son of so called God.
      Religion is a man made thing and you should learn to accept that rather than being ignorant about many things.
      There’s no evidence of God.Lets keep it that way.

    • Any pastor who is in it for money is a fake.Lets keep it that way.
      I don’t understand why humans feel the need for a ‘God’ to exist.
      Why do we want to feel powerless and hope that imaginary being in the skies will solve our problems for us.
      There’s no evidence of God and every religion is man made.

      • @Argument, I’m assuming you’re not blind because you typed the above statement. But the evidence of God is all around us my friends. You, Me, the heavens, the earth, trees, and other living creatures…? Living Things show evidence of a design.

      • @Argument, how do you breathe? do you think you are able to wake up by urself the next day when you sleep, or you alarm wakes you up? put an alarm beside a dead body and see if he/she will wake up…The fact that you have been able to think and write this alone proves that there is God…Doesnt it surprise you even how the weather is? My dear dont deceive yourself with some science bulls h i t!! God exist, i dont believe in these men of God… but God exist

      • From a grateful person !!


        In order to beat the traffic jam that usually characterised the route to his work place, Mr Leonard Okoroji had parked his car somewhere and had boarded a commercial motorbike. As they zoomed towards his work place, the back tyre burst. As the rider tried to control the motorbike which was already swerving due to the burst tyre, they fell to the ground only to be rammed into by an approaching trailer. The rider was instantly crushed to death while Mr Leonard was dragged by the vehicle until it came to a halt. No one came close to rescue him initially because he was assumed dead. It took the waving of his hand to attract sympathisers who pulled him out from under the trailer with one of his feet badly damaged.

        On getting to the hospital, he was admitted but without any improvement. His sister arranged for his transfer to a medical facility in Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria. After undergoing two surgeries, the request by his doctors for a third one was rejected by him. He preferred to come to The SCOAN, after a friend had introduced him to the ministry, to seek the supernatural power of God. Brought in a car to the entrance of the Walk Way where the Prayer Line is conducted, Mr Okorojo could not come down on his feet. The man of God had to go and minister healing to him right inside the car. As the man of God pointed his hands towards Mr Okoroji and prayed in Jesus’ name, his damaged foot began to shake. Prophet T.B. Joshua commanded him to look into his eyes and walk. As he obeyed, he summoned strength to rise and that became the first time he would walk unaided in a long while. Immediately he stepped his feet on the ground, Mr Okoroji started walking as the crowd that had gathered to witness the miracle burst into praises to God.

        During his testimony, he told congregants how elated he was to have received his healing at the Arena of Liberty.He left them to ponder over the following advice: “God is still God and He answers prayers; just have faith.”

  4. The man is saying nothing new, many Nigerians also doubt the source of Joshua’s powers, it has been a topic of controversy even as far back as the 90s, but the tone of this pastor makes me feel his own grievance isn’t about weda or not joshua is from God but jealousy about the fact that He came to Ghana and collected his own followers , lol. However only God knows who is His own and who’s not.

  5. Chris, u seriously have to take a second to think abt a lotta things that could never have happened by chance: ur well organised anatomy,the position of the earth in the solar system,it’s angle of tilt & other things that make life possible only on earth! U really have to appreciate that these things couldn’t have happened by chance.There is a loving & wise creator whose power is beyond human understanding,seek Him! Do u blv in magic,demons,the supernatural? I knw u do cos u c ppl do a lotta magic in the UK,yet u refuse to acknowledge that there is an Almighty whose power is beyond measure. U have a lotta things to understand,it cnt be @ once. Even scientists who blvd in evolution r nw doubtn Darwin,they knw the awesome & well organised universe could have never happened by chance!

    • @Mark Agyeman, Thanks my friend, it baffles me when it comes to the ignorance of some people when it comes to the existence of God.

  6. Intresting topic i am sure what Chris is trying to say is that, we need holy Men of God in the tradition of Joshua, Samuel, Daniel, John, Paul and not pathetic copycats of late-night comedy or infomercials. For example A REAL ROLEX avg. price, £8000 A Counterfeit Rolex, £50. A REAL CHURCH can get you into HEAVEN. A Counterfeit Church will land you in HELL.

    • @Miyagi The Debater, I beg to differ slightly…a real church wnt gt u into heaven..its abt a real relationship with God!…

    • @Miyagi The Debater, Real nice damage control (PR potential) for your friend. I believe he should stick to Ghanaian celebrity gossip because after careful observation, anytime he goes beyond topics of entertainment he gets it totally WRONG.

  7. According to the Bible, its only a fool who says there’s no God? How did you come to exist if there is no God. So you think you are smarter than the billions of Christians and Muslims out there who believe in God???? Even Traditionalists believe in the Supreme Being so wise up.

  8. Before you judge TB jesua first examine you self and deply study the bible. as you mension this version, you are not correct.because let us read carfuly; For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.based on this version the false prophets as they come say we are Christ but tb jesua not says i am christ.but he says i am the servant Jesuse Christ.the fore idea is not true based on the bible.TB JESUA IS REAL PROPHET!!!!


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