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WORD ON THE STREET: Ghanaian Movies Vrs Nigerian Movies-Find Out What The Street Had To Say

Word On The Street
Word On The Street

In our maiden edition of WORD ON THE STREET, GhanaCelebrities.Com took to the street to find out the people’s favourite Ghanaian actor and the name Majid Michel was on the lips of almost everyone we spoke to.

This time, we took to the street to find out the preference of people-Ghanaian Movies Vrs Nigerian Movies…

Apart from some ‘racists’ and ‘funny’ comments we got, Ghanaian movies pretty much won…

Someone was bold enough to say his favourite Ghanaian actor is Mercy Johnson!

Check the video out below and after that, answer these…

Which one do you prefer when it comes to Ghanaian Movies and Nigerian Movies? And why?



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11 thoughts on “WORD ON THE STREET: Ghanaian Movies Vrs Nigerian Movies-Find Out What The Street Had To Say”

    • But Chris Vincent ah this is biased now, ah! lol ;-D go and ask some 9ija peeps also and PLEASE don’t make all the topics about 9ija Ghana coz that will be BORING oo! Keep it up GC this is cool!

  1. Ok let me try be as honest as possible putting all my Ghanaian biases aside.These days it’s quite difficult to distinguish between the 2 because there are lots of similarities(same stories,same actors etc).But I think the mainstream nigerian movies(english) seem to be more original than the Ghanaian ones because u’ll often see a bit of “nigerianess” in most of them whilst in our own(english language) its either u’ll see a mixture of UK,America & Nigeria all together in one movie making it quite difficult 2 determine which country its from esp. if u’re not a Ghanaian.I dnt know whether its because most of our movie directors or probably script writers are Nigerians or what.I watched a movie which was supposed to be a Ghanaian movie last week & for a moment I thought I was watching a nigerian movie.All u cld find were “igwe’s” & “chiefs” all over the place although the movie was shot in Ghana with most of the actors mainly Ghanaians.I wonder if dis will happen in nigeria.To say I was disappointed is an understatement.As for the copying of fake western lifestyles as if dats how dats how the lifestyle in Ghana is really like in almost every single movie the least said abt them the better.I’ve actually given up on african movies.It seems we’ve run out of stories for both industries.These days its all about people cheating in relationships or marriage.I tend to watch the twi movies more than the english ones though.On the whole I think I prefer Nigerian movies to the Ghanaian ones mainly because they try as much as possible to keep the Nigerian identity in them.

  2. Even though am not fan of African movies ,I have watched some ,and the different between Ghana movie and Nigeria movie is ,Nigerians put more money in their movies and Ghanaians don’t ,likewise American movie and British movie …

    Anyway GC keep it up ,some of the guys are  funny 
    Chris you disappointed me I was expecting you to show full body of the lady 


  3. I stopped watching the video because all the people you asked were Ghanaians ofcourse when you ask me I’ll say I prefer Ghanaian movies. You should have mixed it up.

  4. Ccommon chris! This is way too bias..interviewing a bunch of guys from lu barbers (ghanaians) what do u expect?? .. nash has a crush on christabel ekeh..haha


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