READERS’ MAIL: Nigerians Bleach & So What?

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Yvonne Nelson

I will not argue that some Nigerians do not bleach and so can no one argue that  some Ghanaians, Congolese, Indians and other nationals do not bleach.

It is not only one cut out country that has its people bleaching, after sadly having bought into the concept of light skin being beautiful.

I am a Nigerian and I do not bleach so at least if you think all Nigerians bleach, I am a proof that your assumption is wrong.

As Chris mentioned, it is staggering that World Health Organisation statistics indicate that 8 out 10 Nigerian women bleach their skin. In my heart, I am refusing to accept the stat but when there is absence of contrary evidence, how can I make any strong argument?

Even if the stat is correct as most of you have already accepted on this Ghanaian blog-GhanaCelebrities.Com without any room for error, it does not mean that Nigerians are the only people in this world who are making bleaching product manufactures huge money.

Equally, Ghanaians bleach and I wish we do not turn this into Ghana Vrs Nigeria affair. I pray that we all look beyond nationality and tackle bleaching as an epidemic which has spread throughout the world (catching the nations with high population most).

Take a trip to India or Pakistan and you will be shocked to see how many of these people bleach.

Bleaching goes beyond national borders, it is a mindset which we can jointly fight to uproot.

It comes with countless health risks but our fellow human beings are refusing to see the sense in their own colour. Instead of blaming them for failing to love their colour which has not worked all these years, why don’t we blame those who make them HATE their colour?

I have read on several platforms that Ghanaian stars like Yvonne Nelson and others bleach. So have I read that Tonto Dikeh from Nigeria and others also bleach.

My point is; bleaching is not national pride where only Nigerians carry the mark.

Anytime an issue comes up, especially if it affects every one, we must fight to solve it together instead of alienating the problem to just one group of people.

There is a thief in every country, so is there someone who bleaches in every corner of the world.

You cannot kill a disease by stigmatization, you can do so through education and making the carriers see the need to let the disease go.

From Olusegun N/ USA


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  1. I really second u Olu; i am a Ghanaian and i see many girls bleaching even fair ppl still bleach, bleaching creams come from French countries

  2. And so y’all need to SHUT UP and stop saying that y’all are light skin ( like you were born like that). And y’all need to SHUT UP and stop saying that Ghanaians are too dark ( at least we are ok with how we look)

    And you said Ghanaians bleach? Well Al jazeera didn’t see that, it saw only Nigerians. dont blame Ghanaians, blame Al jazeera for exposing you 😛

    1. @B.B, So because no one is talking about Ghana’s bad habits it means it’s not happening ? Really? wow that’s funny I am sure you are not blind and know you ppl do it too.

      1. @GoldenGurl, forget about GH. it’s you guys on the chopping board, so lets talk about you guys. And like i said earlier on, its u that al jazeera saw and not Ghanaians.
        All you guys have to do is to admit & stop being in denial.

    2. @B.B, Thank you, congolese and other francophone’s bleach but atleast they own up to it. nigerians should admit that they bleach

      1. @sarah, yes Nigerians bleach no is saying they do not…who here has said Nigerians don’t. But what’s so odd to me is you are saying we should fess up…maybe you should take ya own advice no?

      2. @sarah, If i was guilty of something I would not throw stones at someone being accused of something…it’s a true sign of insecurity. Some Nigerians bleach yes…so does that suddenly make your own issues with bleaching disappear? Me I am confused oooooooo!

    3. @B.B, annoys me when ppl think we are Caribbean coz we lighty chicks my mum just accepts it coz she cant be bothered anymore. not all ghanaians are dark skinned. 

  3. Shut up,wanim s3 efu pongo kotodwe

    No matter what you will educate your people ,YOU AND YOUR PEOPLE WILL STILL BLEACH,


  4. I can’t believe this,why can’t people argue rationally and subjectively and leave sentiments out of every issue.d guy only said there r pple who bleach everywhere and that d focus shud be on educating our ppl to embrace who we are and not attributing it to just nationality or rase. What is so bad about what he said.

  5. I can’t believe this,why can’t people argue rationally and subjectively and leave sentiments out of every issue.d guy only said there r pple who bleach everywhere and that d focus shud be on educating our ppl to embrace who we are and not attributing it to just nationality or rase. What is so bad about what he said.

    1. @Ella, Hmmm, must every discussion be about insults, nationality, or politics. Honestly, why can’t we be objective to discussing the issue at hand instead of always pointing fingers at each other and or insulting each other. That is really bad for real.

  6. @olu…aburo,fank u 4 ur sensible email… is a pity dat all dis very gullible,myopic n shallow minded pple will find it difficult to comprehend……pls take it further by teachin d blogger hw to go about puttin a post 2geda in d most sensible way so as to b objective in his post..

    Also pls advise him to change d name of his blog to ghana naija celebrity since most of d fins he post has to do wiv naija……advise him to realli focus on ghana celebrities cos dey realli do nid d publicity to boost their careers(afta all,d blogs name states GHANA CELEBRITIES)…

    months passes by wivout d mention of anyfin ghanaian in Nigerian blogs,cos dey dnt poke nose n r crious minded…..dey dnt nid to write somfin about ghana to boost traffic on d blog unlike ”som” dat cant just do wivout d mention of naija…..

    Aburo,once again…ese gan……naija oni baje ooo

  7. GC, why do you always use Yvonne Photo? Can’t you leave the girl alone? Gosh…are you trying to tell me that Yvonne is the only person in Ghana who is (allegedly) bleaching her skin? Just have a closer look at the knuckles of Beverly Afaglo, Mxbel, Lucky Lawson and many others I cant recall their names. They are the real bleachers. Nadia Buari and the adams apple girl with MAAME WATER shape, they all have somehow lightened up their skin cos when you look at their old photos they aint as bright us they are now.

    Why can’t you just leave this story already. If you will talk about it as a major issue then it should be in such a way that will benefit the audience you are targeting at. 

    Olu, thanks for being a gentleman and addressing this issue in a more matured way. I believe GC has taken note. 
    Always bugging people and setting confusion. I don’t blame you, cos you always get some idiots to support your baseless argument.

    If your blog is loosing it viewers, then find a good way of blogging to reach out to / attract them. Writing to set and create confusion between Nigerians and Ghanaians isn’t good. Is it?

    1. @johjoh, hahahaha nadia isn’t bleaching lol so is Joseline dumas.. As for mzbel Am sure she does because her skin is horrible. Don’t know about Beverly but Luckie do bleach so bad. Horrible bleachers for sure.

      1. @Jeanie, they all have used creams to tone their skin cos when you look at their old photographs, they are more lighter now than they were before.  lol

  8. Nigeria is just a drowned nation full of zombies if you don’t bleach or tattoo your lips red than your not a Nigerian what’s next “acid” Yoruba’s are the worst when it comes to bleaching, Only God know what the hell they use to make all these bleaching creams. After turning white, they’d turn orange, making them look like carrots. Yoruba women are the patronisers of these skin destroyers

    1. @Miyagi Atopahene,I’m so sorry that a light skinned Yoruba girl broke your heart. When will u get it into your head that in Nigeria,it is a thing of shame to me married to an ‘ordinary’ Ghanaian. Geeez

      1. @Nword, you think so? Why would I want to date a Yoruba while Ghana girls look like honey, Nigeria girls look like vinegar naija girls are the last people I will date I’m already having problems pronouncing their names “ChineyeUmehBolasemaUkaegbuNzenUzoOluwatimileyin”

    2. @Miyagi Atopahene, I can see you are so obsessed with Nigerians. Was your mother not the Christy who died of prostitution in Nigeria during the Ghana Must Go Crisis??? Let it go MAN.. It’s in the past and leave Nigerians alone!

      1. @OMOH NAIJA, your mad, bushmeat by the way why would I be obsessed with Nigeria while I got a beautiful country called Ghana

    3. @Miyagi Atopahene, you need to know what a Nigerian mean when he says “shey mo jo Omo Ghana” meaning do i resemble a Ghanian…? in 9ja, its an insult for someone to call you “Omo Ghana”. so please get a life.

  9. I think most Ghanaians on this thread are just jealous that bleaching creams ACTUALLY work on Nigerian skin. It’s not a function of the cream o…its good food. LOL.
    Ghanaians do bleach but unfortunate the effect of bleaching on a typical Ghanaian skin is very poor…

    1. @Nword, you are very stupid! If bleaching is a good thing then go drown yourself in bleaching cream! Typical ignorant nigerian

        1. @Miyagi The Debater, Ghanaians are so back in everything…. When they can’t get something right they hide their heads in Shame and point fingers! Talking about bleaching, Watch their so called movies and see how far they’ve gone with bleaching and most of them looking like when you mixed coffee with milk!

          Can I blame them, NO… Low Mentality and Illiterate travelers! The so called owner of GC should be ashamed of himself and must be A LEARNER, this is supposed to be celebrity websites, Is that the so called Ghanaian Celebrities are not doing anything that will require you going out there share with their fans! GOD, I wonder what to call this GC if it’s not living to it’s name!! PEACE!!!

    2. @Nword, u are damn right on that!! My Ghanian female colleague once try using some of these creams but unfortunately she keep getting darker. i can understand their frustration.

  10. Typical nigerian! Always trying to find a way to involve ghanains in shit! This article is so pointless and I guess it’s cos you had nothing valuable to do with your time. Nigerians bleach like there’s no tomorrow so take your stupid article somewhereelse

  11. This article seem to have some good intentions. It would have brought more peace and avoided the Ghana-Nigeria battle if the writer did so her self. Did she say -Equally, Ghanaians bleach and I wish we do not turn this into Ghana Vrs Nigeria affair-Well baby girl you just did. Ghanians don’t enjoy been compared to Nigeria, we understand these two countries are great nations and have their pros and cons. What we don’t get is Nigerians always trying to look like they are better than us. Has anyone ever seen a Nigerian comparing him/herself to any other African country. No!!! They like to compare with Ghana, THE PRIDE OF AFRICA.
    Back to the post, why is the writer so defensive, its not like Chris wrote the article, he saw something that he taught will interest his readers so he publish it.
    I beg fight against bleaching.

  12. I just don’t understand the quarrel between GH and Naija all the time, they can fight bcos of ordinary peanut, azonto, alingo and all such of trashes that yield no validity. I have lived with most of African people and i can testify that Nigerians are very welcoming people likewise the Hausa speaking people from Ghana which i don’t know the attitude of some other tribes from Ghana.Only a fool we judge an African side by relying on Western world media houses that portrays Africa like a dark stone ages continent. When was the last time you saw those media posted good side of any African countries that will make people assume that they are right with their assumption. It is high time we stands by each other and stop fighting on unnecessary things. To be candid, Nigerians are the most hated people by African Men while most African Women loves them due to their drive and passion for what they believe and the love for their country but most people used to think they are proud and arrogant which i think they are not, they just love to defend their country just like GH citizen would defend hers as well. Let us try to tolerate each other so that we can move the continent forward.