The Battle Of The Jumpsuits: Becca Vrs Eazzy

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Becca Jumpsuit7

Over the weekend, Eazzy appeared on Nana Aba Anamoah’s Diva Show, wearing a jumpsuit.

We think jumpsuit is becoming a celebrity fashion trend in Ghana. Just few days after Eazzy’s jumpsuit appearance, Ghanaian singer-Becca has shared a photo, rocking a jumpsuit too…

Between the two; who are you feeling?

Becca Jumpsuit7

Sassy Chic


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  1. Seriously I don’t know why GC compare any celebrity with my girlie BECCA,

    JUST TAKE A LOOK AT HER ,IMAGINE HER NECKED IN YA HEAD  STANDING BESIDE YOUR BED GIVING YOU THE SAME SMILE IN THE PIC ***** warning alert ***** MIYAGI and frog stop licking your lips and stop swallowing your saliva…….

    EVERY THING SUITS HER WHETHER kaba n slit or jalabia ,her hips goes with everything she wears….

    Seriously I admire her lips IT WILL BE USEFULL 

    1. @27cдгibre(Ф_ф), I will go for Becca why because Her lips can show you wonders of the universe in a single Kiss she is the type of girl that can hold my mic and sing my favourite song on it, her soft lips will surely bring stars into my smile having an ebony queen like Becca

      with hips that don’t lie is like bedroom bully, Becca we could play “hide and seek” , catch me if you can, “shoot the black ball into the hole” all you need to do is assume the position and let Dr. Atopahene do all the work duty wine your ass while I try and break your spine but as fir your lips hmmm i would love to see the way you lick that Champagne glass loooo

      Frog And Calibre can wait in the Que. for the next decade by the time you reach your menopause age that’s when my brother Frog and Calibre can take over than after I damage those wonder lips

      1. @Miyagi Atopahene,ewurade kasa is it coup d’état or the strongest survive ….
        Ooo BECCA say something this guys wanna snatch you from me ):

    1. @mensah,dude what is your name again mensah right???
      NOO wonder in every house there is mensah ,and am not soo surprised you are the mensah from your
      Family which makes you F.O.O.L FROM YOUR FAMILY .

  2. eazzys wear is  unique not seen dis particular kind well i will say  eazzys own des it fr me..its not the regula jmpsuit u see in own.

    1. @men are dogs,hey can you change your names,if you don’t have respect for your father some of us here have respect for our FATHERS ….

      AND YOU SAYING men are dogs hit me a lot 

    2. @men are dogs, your kidding me right you will choose Eazzy with her “mushroom wig” her jumpsuit even looks too big for her body she reminds me of mc hammer “you can touch this”