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WORD ON THE STREET: 3 Things You Love/Know About Africa | Watch What People Had To Say

Nana Abena

For our 3rd episode of WORD ON THE STREET, GhanaCelebrities.Com visited the biggest Shopping Mall in Europe-Stratford Westfield and randomly asked shoppers to share with us 3 things they know/love about Africa.

Hosted by GC Staff-Nana Abena (the last time she was in front of the camera, she had all her hair cut off-in case you are wondering), we managed to convince the busy shoppers to spare us few minutes of their time.

Apart from the fact that we could not escape the loud noise at the mall, we had some interesting answers (You have to pay extra attention to hear some of the answers and we apologise for this).

We will surely not record again at any busy mall….

Check out what the street is saying below


Nana Abena1



 When GC Staff-Abena carried the bald head!

Nana Abena
Nana Abena and John Dumelo

Using the comment box, why don’t you share with us 3 things you love/know about Africa?


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10 thoughts on “WORD ON THE STREET: 3 Things You Love/Know About Africa | Watch What People Had To Say”

  1. Nice one but sound was a bit poor hmmmmm

    – But what do I love about Africa hmmmm first of all lets start with the movie industry where Jackie Appiah is depicted as a poor woman suffering in the village and has to do serious farm work to survive, only for you to see that her fingernails are fixed with long plastic nails and painted crimson

    – Nadia Buari acting a born again village girl,yet has tattoos on her body.hahahaha

    – Someone dies with a low hair cut and his spirit
    comes back wearing afro

    – Urbanism, Architecture, and the Use of Space

    – anybody can be your uncle or aunti better yet your parents will call back home and one of your uncle or auntie will describe you all the way but you don’t have a clue who your talking to neither ace you ever set your eyes on her before

    – football matches and the insult in chop bars

    – Ghanaian girls no one can beat them with their colour blocking hehehe

    – I love being from Ghana. Cause we have soo much to give the world of entertainment!

    – the chat up lines from some boys “Nka wo yɛ McDonaldsfuo Burger, yɛbɛ frɛ wo “AkosMacTrippleAhoɔfɛ”

    “Wo yɛ Karate anaaa? mɛpɛsɛ me chop wo ochina”

    “Amanfuo frɛ me Kojo, but wo nkoaa diɛɛ, wobɛtumi a frɛ me ɛnnɛ anadwo”

    “Oheemaa, yɛ frɛ wo maame Condense Milk anaa? wo yɛ sweet paaa”

  2. What i LOVE about the beautiful Ghana(my Africa) visiting my beautiful family( my very wise grandma)! The african prints, fabric and clothing (shopping), the beaches and nightlife( Inlove the bar at movenpick, great mojitos)!!! Cant wait 2 go back early next year!!!!

  3. Nice but next time try to use noise reduction video …
    But seriously NOO one ask of alingo???
    Well what is alingo ?


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