PHOTO OF THE DAY: Nadia Buari Does It All PINK

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Nadia Buari

Ghanaian actress-Nadia Buari has been silent when it comes to work, but that has not stopped her from sharing her world with her fans…

In her bid to stay in touch with her fans, she continues to share photos—and this is her recent. Rocking it all PINK, the one time most sought out Ghanaian actress looks Fab!

What do you think?

Nadia Buari

Sassy Chic


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    1. @Kdd, Oh the hat is not Pink gosh thanks for pointing that out!! lol come on now ah 😀 I think that much is obvious!

  1. Yeah tell her, like GC does not know it is not pink. they talking about other things. Did she not see her hair is not also pink? Why mention the hat alone?

  2. she is so so pretty  . she even looks more beautiful then some hollywood actresses.thats good because she is based in africa yet she is so beautiful

    1. @KA NE WU, 

      IStead of Uncle Obama. I will help u sing Auntie Nadia

      i like the shape of ur nose
      Can i give it to KA NE WU? Lol

    2. Can’t you all see this girl has done some plastic surgery on her face? She will soon face consequence in years to come. Everybody want to be like american. They going through hell than us kraa po.