Praye Tietia Left his ‘Marriage’ & 4 Kids For Selly-Ghana’s Rep To On-Going Big Brother Africa | The Whole Scoop Inside!

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Selorm and Praye Tietia
Selorm (Selly) and Praye Tietia

I am usually unperturbed when someone wakes up and decides he/she doesn’t want their spouse/partner anymore and decides to move on to someone else.

Afterall, we all fall in and out of love. You cannot blame people for seeking happiness. My problem with Praye Tietia however is, young man, didn’t know you were not in love when you were fathering 1, 2 and 3 and 4 kids with the same woman?

You didn’t have a problem at all with being with her all these years until recently? All of a sudden you ditch her with 4 kids and say you have issues you cannot work through and proceed to get involved with someone you think is more suitable for your class in your opinion?

I was shocked when I sat in a salon and heard people diss Praye Tietia for leaving his wife for a ‘camel-faced’ woman with the whole of Azar paints showroom displayed on her face. LoL!

I was even more shocked when he granted the Delay Show an interview and admitted and stated his situation, and said he was in love with someone else who he would soon marry.

Really Praye? Really?

Anyway, prior to this, not many people spoke about Selly (Selorm Galley)-Ghana’s present female BBA representative. She first put herself in people’s faces when she contested for Miss Goldenwood, during which I am told she was already dating Praye Tietia.

But as you know, the more popular you get, the more dirt people will dig up about you. Although people will fabricate stories, this one is confirmed and true.

Selly has successfully taken Praye Tietia from his wife and kids (12, 10 and 6 years old) and gotten him to fall so much in love he has started talking publicly about marrying her.

Praye Tietia, we are glad you have found love but can you take care of the woman and kids you have left behind so we do not get bombarded with shameful stories of their destitution?

One older woman actually told GhanaCelebrities.Com how she sometimes has to help the woman and kids out with petty living finances.

Praye Tietia who happens to be the only child of his parents, has left this woman and his kids to their fate. He will not even pay the kids school fees, send them feeding money or upkeep. Nothing! Praye does nothing at all for any of his kids, GhanaCelebrities.Com has learned.

An amazing twist to the story after a lot of digging by GhanaCelebrities.Com is that, Praye Tietia is said to have vehemently refused to accept responsibility for the 4th child, claiming he is not the father.

He does not even want to see this woman anymore or have anything to do with her and his 4 children (3 of which he has accepted as his).

In this day of a very difficult economy, this woman has to fend for 4 children all alone while their father gallivants about town parading his Beauty Queen Selly (pictured above).

This just breaks my heart. Why a woman has to have kids with a man and then be faced with bringing them up alone—just makes me sick. Leaving a woman in emotional turmoil is bad enough, do not add financial turmoil!

Please Praye Tietia, do at least take care of your children.

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  1. HIS FIRST CHILD IS 12?!?!?!?!


    1. @koby, no one cares if he has changed but why not take care of the children even if you do not want the woman? Is it right to leave 4 kids on a woman and not even pay fees or upkeep?

      1. @akosuaghana, Thank u for saying that!!! Yes time changes… But your responsibility does not!! U have a choice when it comes to ur ex, but when it comes 2 ur own flesh n blood it’s not a choice!!!! This man gives Black men a bad name… And This Selly shows u that how loose some girls can be!! Koby u are a fool… Karma

    2. @koby, If time changes, that’s fine, but a man should never neglect his duties of taking care of his children. 

  3. as for selly, you have showed us that azar paints is still number one.
    who is that kobby saying what? did you read that he has abandoned his kids too? how some men are so heartless i will never understand. no sense of responsibility or decency. how how how?
    and this kind of man too people are collecting him from someone . this shortingo who is broke on top of it all?
    there is indeed a shortage of men in Ghana. toys like these too can fool women?
    if i were near that praye and he passes with selly, i will call him and bitch slap the shit out of him so bad. what the hell?
    let me stop, the thing has pained me so much I aam just swearing and swearing here.

        1. @akosuaghana, Morning Akos. I don’t even know what to say. the guys is broke and ugly and women are fighting over him? some people do not even qualify to be called men. Just because he has something dangling in his pants he too has the nerve to impregnate and abandon women? Wonders.

          1. @sister girl, It is just too sad what some women will be part of to be done to their fellow women. In Ghana, all these broke stars without any intelligent are being chased by girls like there are no men in this world. If you see the way some of these men mistreat these women who intend feed them, you will bow your head and all in the name of dating a celebrity

  4. This girl is a big punk. and I hear he does not even want to see the face of the humble woman he started life with. He does not even pick her calls and the woman is relying on friends and good wishers to take care of the load of children the two of them made. look at this face treating women like rag all because of what?

    Good morning GC family ! 

  5. this is a lesson to women….you dont need to depend on men ….to be specific celebrities…. you always want men to take care of you…..fight for love not money…..good lesson….

    1. @koby, lol u are such a Big fool… What do u know about Love or for the fact money… Women are and always will be independent! If u have kids with someone u depend on the other part, in this situation the man 2 help tend to the kids! Thats how it is all over the world!!! Being a celebrity does not mean u have money, u fool! I have a feeling ur IQ is very low. U are and will always be a disgrace to black men. U Dog!!

  6. This is so bad…praye honeho advice ur friend to go back to his wife and stop encouraging and supporting all this rubbish..ur wife beverly is looking too stress and old since u got married to her u guys are so broke ….u are just lizard wanting to be like a crocodile….selly miss azar paint ..think twice before you involve urself..u are a woman as well..God will punish you if u accept to marry tietia…cos u know for sure what u doing is not guud…..all those encouraging this relationship God will punish u…how can a man like u ..ugly beast refuse to pay ur kids school fees…hmmmm

  7. this short broom guy really bores me paaaaa…even if the last child isnt his, why doesnt he wanna take care of the other three which he has accepted responsibility for??? When u throw a ball to the wall, it will surely come back to you….

  8. Fatia fata Nkrumah ampa!! See their faces. The nerve of it. You’re abandoning 4 children for this … Ah!! And the oldest of your children is 12? Wise up man. You’re not gettin any younger plus u’re broke too. When was da last time u released a hit song? U for shun ds azonto ghost of a woman and start catering for yo kids. Whatever the woman has done to u, don’t take it out on your innocent kids. After all, no one forced u. I’m really disappointed in u. I thought u were a gentleman.

    1. @isaac owusu ansah…God will punish you for entertaining such a wicked act…luv the one ur heart want so …he should stop been a responsible father huh???? You are so stupid fool …take ur pantang tablets vefore u comment aboa like you tchewwww!!!!

  9. Is this what u call journalism? Ridiculous article. The writer has a personal agenda.who made it ur business to talk about what people do. Why don’t you follow up with the guy to hear his side of the story even if u found it prudent to publish this article. This is disgraceful to Ghana’s journalism.

    1. @kay, shut up ooooo pretending bustard…if u dont take time l willl curse all the women in ur family from generation to generation…what do u know…praye tietia is not responsible all he knows is to smoke weed its a shame !!!!!useless dog and am not suprise u r supporting ooooo shame ur mind is full of germs… aaaaa pls try and drink soup wai ur brains are not working….if what we are saying is not true …then why is he running away from facebook …hahahaha Monkey praye tietia you are also boasting on women hahahaha

  10. aaaahhh…so who is even sayin that pple r fytin over him…..i learnt that selly gal has gotten another guy from BBAi dnt blame her…it serves the guy right…he thinks all that glitters is gold….u left ur wife nd all 4 children somewer widout even takin care of them………aaaaahhhhhhhhh