When You Have Two Beautiful Women Chasing You, You Look Beyond Beauty | The Michael Essien Case Study

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Michael Essien and Akosua Puni-Essien
Michael Essien and Mrs. Akosua Puni-Essien

It is not all the time that a man will have two equally beautiful women (except that one is dark and the other is mixed) chasing him. This only happens in Hollywood movies or if you have some REAL cash—serving as the attracting magnet.

After it emerged last week that Ghanaian football star-Michael Essien has managed to beat us all to the game to marry his Manager/PR & mother of his two kids-Akosua Puni, many have brought back his ex-lover Nadia Buari into the picture.

The common question has been; why did Essien marry Akosua Puni—-I mean the deciding factor.

It surely must have been pretty easy for Michael to move from Nadia Buari to Akosua Puni, after all, he was not losing anything when it comes to beauty. He seems to have moved on well with his new wife and has proved those who expected a come back WRONG!

Apart from fathering two children with Akosua Puni, GhanaCelebrities.Com has learned the two have mega investments together—all around the world.

We sat down to brainstorm to see if from afar we can establish what was the real determining factor for Essien when he was confronted to make a choice—We know this time came!

We looked at the question; when you have two equally beautiful women at your feet and you have to make a choice, what will matter most?

Pretty much and easily, we all agreed that since the two are equally beautiful, the determining factor will not be appearance. Beauty will easily go through the window.

When men are pushed to the corner like this, they look for other things like how the woman can fit in his dreams, help him achieve his dreams and be able to take care of his children and home.

Considering these, Akosua Puni who served as the Manager/PR of Michael Essien in a far away country at the time was at a far advantage, compared to a glamour movie girl who spent time with different individuals on different sets and had no direct effect/interest in Essien’s career and dreams.

We’ve just been wondering about this and we think we’ve cracked it….Essien had to look beyond beauty and in that regard; Akosua Puni was a better choice.

Do you agree?

Nadia Buari And Michael Essien (4)
Michael Essien and Nadia Buari

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  2. buh wat r u saying, i tot they broke up before he hooked up wit akosua puni, so wat has who he chose to marry got to do with anything?

    1. who ever wrote this post should take that nadia bump pad pic down,did u have to use that pic???please take it down its distracting and horrendous lol

  3. when Nadia was busy jumpin from one interview to the other telling those who cared to know that she was dating Essien…Akosua kept her relationship with under d raps…Michael myt look n speak like a dumb person but he’s certainly smart n careful abt chosing a “good n responsible” wife. It was obvious dat Nadia was dating him to add more fame to her then struggling fame cuz she neva hesitated to mention dat she was dating Essien evrywhr she went…she even told Kwame Sefa Kayi on his now cancelled tv show dat she would marry Essien…I guez she didn’t knw wat was goin to hit her…Essien is d one who got away…he dumped Nadia for Akosua…lets see hw it ends. but talk of outer beauty, please Never compare Akosua to Nadia….Nadia is far far prettier…she would av looked better on d outside as Essien’s wife as compared to Akosua…but as the old akan adage “we don’t take beauty to marriage ” lool

    1. @Pershia, hahahaha nadia tot she was victoria beckham mtchewwwwww she was using essien for fame n to show off among her colleagues now look at her,no serious guy even wants to date or marry her n she’s in a thirtys now,well maybe her berry is not sweet enuff bcos the darker the berry the sweeter da taste so perphaps akosua is sweeter in bed n more enterprising in essiens life too.nadia shld learn from akosua n keep her relationships under raps till she gets eengaged

    2. @Pershia, well what’s the big deal if Akosua is compared to Nadia in terms of beauty?Its not like Akosua was the reason y shakazulu was invented.She is beautiful and the only difference is one is light skin.

  4. I personally tink Essien cud nt marry Nadia cus of religion matters……….nd besides he is a big mannd nos wats gud for him

  5. LOL Why’s Amankwa comparing Akosua Puni to Nadia?? Akosua looks older, more like Confidence’s age LOL. Nadia is prettier (hands down) if u talking bout outer beauty. But then again, we don’t acc know why they broke up. & Your theory is that Akosua coulda helped Essien achieve his aims. Ahh well its all speculative. U never know.

  6. I hate to state the obvious but men like smart, confident and above all a freak in bed. Nadia on the other had is none of that.