BG: Jay-Z Addresses Illuminati Rumors And Says Religion Is A Destructive Force To The Human Race

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Jay-Z Kisses Beyonce

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Rap Mogul-Jay-Z is hitting back at those who claim he is part of a secret cult-Illuminati. In his new song “Heaven,” Hov raps about his thoughts on religion and the nutty haters tho think he had to sign his soul over the devil to gain power.

On the song, Jay-Z talks about a conspiracy theorist who say he doesn’t believe human beings can work hard to attain wealth, but blame it all on joining the Illuminati and secret shady organizations that run the world.

In the same song, Hov raps about how he thinks religion separates rather then unifies. He adds that people should question certain aspects of religion and God, since some elements of it may cause destruction to the human race and way of life.

Do you think he is just trying to cover his Illuminati tracks? I hope I am not tagged Illuminati after I make my billions from the hard work I am currently doing.

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  1. This camel mouth needs to shut up his wide ass mouth it’s clearly he is trying to cover his tracks

  2. This demonic possessed maggot is insane. who lisins to an insane ugly face? he want to deceive more people with him to hell. he looks and sound stupid at all tym. Beyie Bosam. Yesu sikan wo wu trim wati


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