How To Make Someone Love You? It Doesn’t Happen!

2 min


Whiles reading through a magazine at the clinic’s reception, I came across an article written by a Relationship Expert: How to make him love you and it lists ‘recipes’ and ‘ingredients’ (do’s and don’ts) to achieve that aim.

I thought to myself, these people really do know how to make money. I am not a relationship expert but I can confidently say, YOU CANNOT MAKE ANYBODY LOVE YOU! It is not sold on the market where you can buy. Before you embark on that journey of making that guy or lady love you, first look in the mirror and ask yourself if anyone can make you love them.

Telling someone you love him/her or getting the person to always confirm his/her love verbally is very easy. Getting the person to love you is a different thing altogether. Love grows naturally……It is a natural feeling and you just cannot predict or for see when and with whom you fall in love. It is not an Italian dish you prepare by going through the ingredients and recipes to get that perfect meal.

You cannot demand, force or manipulate Love grows over time and it only/sometimes happen once infatuation has ended (what some people call love at first sight) and unfortunately it even happens that when the infatuation period ends, some people find that they don’t even like each other that much let alone to love them. To seduce someone is very possible and easy but to make them love you is not in your hands. If you’re using money, sex, influence or whatever you have as a bait to get that lady or guy to love you, better stop it because it isn’t going to happen!

If you find it hard to accept that fact, cast your mind back to that area girl who has been laid by all the men in the vicinity and even beyond, have 3 kids with 3 different men and is blissfully married to the very well-to-do man who knows her past history inside out! Ask him why he chose that particular person and he will tell you ‘I don’t know why and not bothered about her past’. Or if you live your life according to movies, remember the prince who is ready to die for the love of a maiden or the house help. That is why love is a funny and strange thing.

There’s no way you can make someone love you, but if you’re bent on making that particular person love you, I suggest you ‘jazz’ them (just kidding)….But even that…

Do you think you can MAKE someone love you?