OBS: Egypt Stages Coup D’etat!

Egyptian protestors take part in a demon

It’s 2013; an era of political enlightenment around Africa but Egypt did not get the memo!

What started as civil unrest and followed by a massive demonstration by anti-government protesters that has been described as probably the largest in history, Egypt’s unrest has officially been declared a Coup d’état!

The tenure of presidency of President Mohamed Mursi and his Muslim Brotherhood Government has been violently and abruptly ended after just a year in office as the Egyptian army takes over.  The top commander of the Egyptian army has issued a directive suspending the Islamist constitution and declaring the President of the Supreme Constitutional Court as interim Head of State. Earlier, he had been given an ultimatum by the army to meet the demands of the protesters to which he replied asking to share power.

The international community is shocked at how far these protests have gone. The United States has issued a statement saying it is deeply concerned about the reports coming out of Egypt.

Egypt has however declared widely their plans to put forward a quick roadmap back to democratic rule that is all inclusive. The overthrow of Mohamed Mursi’s Islamist tinged Government was supported by a vast majority of political, religious and youth leaders.

Most Egyptians had been angered by economic mismanagement and the drive of the muslim brotherhood government to entrench Islamic rule. The incident is being celebrated on the streets of Egypt as citizens go wild jubilating throughout the country. Egypt’s political front has known unrest since 2011. The world watches in bewilderment as the international commodity market predicts a hike in oil prices as the Egyptian unrests may cause a disruption in supply from the Middle East.

We are hoping there will not be any further bloodshed although we are still sceptical if the disturbances will intensify or subside.


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