BIG BROTHER AFRICA SEASON 8-The Chase Update: Eviction Pain-Selly Has Been EVICTED!

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Selly Big Brother Africa

As the housemates went about their chores and prettying up today, nobody knew exactly who would go home but you could feel the irritation and uncertainty from the fear of the looming eviction. The diamonds packed believing they would all be leaving the Diamond house tonight.

After an eventful week filled with several emotional confrontations it was only normal to wrap up the week with a glittery eviction show hosted by IK as usual. IK revealed that the six fake emerald housemates Eveva, Jazz, JJ, Busi, Sofi and Alusa  from last night’s Channel O party will join both houses for a few days after they get merged on Friday next week to increase the level of action in the house.

It will be fun to see the present housemates lose their wits around the emeralds who have been specially, gorgeously and handsomely selected.

The first evicted housemate was Natasha followed by a surprised Selly.

I wish Selly had stayed longer in the house to let her controversies die down first but it is all good. We still have Elikem in the house. Natasha was asked about her show back in the house which is making waves. And also her crazy quarrel with Elikem.

Selly was questioned about her rotation between the ruby and diamond house, a flash back of her and the talking fish was put on display. Hahaha! It gave her a good laugh.

She was also asked to tell people at home how being in the house affected her decisions and she said housemates need to make a lot of hard decisions. And she had to break a few promises she made to herself before she went into the house—we guess at this stage she was talking about her seks scandal.

Well well, Selly is on her way home. I hope Praye picks her up and goes easy on her.

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  1. Oh Selly.. Really wish she hadnt done anything with nando, she Was a gd player in the bba house..but life goes on.we all make mistakes

  2. now .. haters are happy …..this is what you were expecting ….enemies of progress …. she can now rest in peace ……